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WyzAnt.com is the home of WyzAnt, a digital marketplace where tutors of all ages and subjects can connect with new students to earn a supplemental or full time income based on their schedule and client base.

WyzAnt says their digital marketplace benefits tutors because they handle all payment issues, secure communications with new clients, administrative duties, and are one of the most popular websites used by clients to find tutors in the US.

According to the website, 90% of their active tutors say that this marketplace is the best source they have found for reaching out to new customers, and new tutors can register at their site completely for free.

How It Works

New tutors can sign up at WyzAnt for free and create a detailed profile intended to appeal to new clients. These profiles include pictures, biographical information, credentials, tutoring history, and – eventually – client feedback.

Tutors can set their own hourly rate, usually between $30 and $60 per hour, and WyzAnt takes between 20% and 40% of your rate based on the number of hours you have tutored through their marketplace.

The website says this is less than the 60-80% of commission usually taken by other professional tutoring agencies. In addition, WyzAnt says they are more successful than traditional agencies at creating long term tutoring relationships because they don’t arrange tutors – they let clients choose the tutors they believe are the best fit for them.

What to Know

To better facilitate your ability to earn money from their site, WyzAnt offers both in person and online tutoring so their students and tutors can have the most flexibility. Also, though WyzAnt does sometimes provide discounts to the students who purchase tutoring packages, all discounts are taken from WyzAnt commissions and not from your hourly rate.

Though the website says that successful tutors can make over $50,000 a year working with students, they do admit that building this kind of client base is both time consuming and difficult, though not impossible.

In general they recommend that you use this opportunity to make supplemental monthly income, creating a tutoring schedule that works with other jobs or money making opportunities you are using.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " WyzAnt " is 1 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
  • I recently had the unfortunate experience of dealing with this online tutoring company that left me utterly disappointed and frustrated. It is my duty to warn others about this terrible service, marked by abysmal response time, a complete waste of time, unqualified staff, and a company that seems more interested in spamming customers than providing any actual help.
  • I need a local tutor, in person not online, for just a few lessons. The fact that Wyzant wants my credit card and payment upfront before I can verify the tutor is real, available, and speaks adequate English, is absolutely absurd. Why should I hire someone blindly without the ability to communicate with that person beforehand? No thanks.
  • The tutoring cost is Insanely high of most of the tutors. For example there are History Tutors who cost like $150 per hour, but knows nothing other than taking your notes and re-reading.

    Another worst thing is other tutoring sites take time to get the best fit, but here like a supermarket we need to cherry pick the best. Sometimes you can land in worst tutor with some morning odd job.

    Wyzant does not care still they charge from you (10%) from each lesson, and after 3 complaints you make YOUR ACCOUNT IS LOCKED FOR LIFE TIME.

    Pls. stop googling for tutors online, just select the best tutoring site after reading reviews from Non -Wyzant marketing sites.

    You will encounter certain sites listing Wyzant as the top tutoring site, with a comment saying that they do a good vetting of the teacher. Pls. stop reading immediately and switch to a reliable site. As there is no wetting of transcripts or interviews on Wyzant and the first point itself is a fake. Wyzant spends a lot on advertising their site all over the internet with lost of unreliable material to misuse the student.
  • Worst place to work . No Employee Protection, No Consumer Protection. No other company bans an employee from a Company for life time. Pls. take action to this.
  • I am keen to bring to public awareness that the Wyzant platform is maintaining an unethical teacher database with so many customer complaints.

    Some of the sites which list the complaints against unethical actions of Wyzant include:


    I believe this is high time that I bring to customer awareness of the poor vetting of their instructors and next the resultant character defamation of the student through their platform and the instructors. As a business when it comes to handling students and education you need to be more careful and be able to have a proper validation of the teacher qualifications and the experience as Education service is not just another service. It handles youngsters. Wyzant list tutors who are house wives, who perform professional and odd jobs during the day/night. Next they list students who are currently undergraduates and High school students. All what the tutors are expecting from the student is send the assignment/material not the topic name in a standard exam board such as AP Chemistry. If you ask the tutor to explain a section in a standard High school syllabus such as CP US History, CP Latin or AP Chemistry the tutor becomes very rude and scolds you and says that is how he/she has been tutoring on Wyzant with his/her previous students and have collected 2000 hours.Some instructors list their hourly rate as $300-$500. I am not sure on what basis they do this. Next some instructors send a link from Wyzant asking for feedback and forcing to award 5 stars, if we do not do that they keep messaging and troubling the general life.

    We have had the worst experience with this database/platform very recently. I created an account for my daughter to get assistance on clearing Highs school subject doubts time to time. We were so unfortunate that our database search always ended up with this unprofessional /not properly vetted instructor category and i thought that the Best fit for guarantee was correct and got few refunds from the poor teachers and at the same time we found some decent High school teachers who were great and knew what they are doing. We awarded good star ratings and we are in touch with them still through other education platforms like Varsity tutors. The trick here is that the Terms and conditions missed the most important clause like other established education platforms include that you can go on to keep searching the best instructor till you are satisfied and we will guarantee that wee will get you the best teacher for your student. Other unethical thing is that the Wyzant platform says that the student should not ask the teacher to complete the assignment, but the tutor says she/he is only doing answering the Homework. This is a pure academic dishonesty.

    The best part is that when they deactivate the account of the student after deciding that they are unable to obtain the correct profit(after certain number of refunds for poor teaching), they list the student as a black listed consumer and then even if the student create another account with his/her credentials they deactivate your account saying that your account is a duplicate. This happened to me because my account got deactivated due to the 3 refunds from unprofessional teachers, next my daughter created an account under her high school account and they deactivated the account while a lesson was going on and then charged me from pay-pal for the incomplete lesson and the instructor also charged me as she was informed that my daughter's account is deactivated. Other part is that when your account get locked the tutors are messaging and calling my daughter and introducing other platforms and some like to go for reduce fees and some like to go for higher prices and next some called my daughter and called criminal as Wyzant baselessly locked the account for their profit purposes. Right now my daughter is going through a depression due to a character defamation done by one of the instructors from Wyzant after the account being locked. When i send an email asking what information regarding my daughter was sent to the instructor in order to list my daughter as a criminal all they do is sending this email:


    Hello Gayani,

    Personal information about Wyzant users is never shared without the consent of that user. Wyzant will inform tutors if a student account has been closed since we are no longer able to facilitate lessons with that student.

    The accounts containing your information were closed in accordance with our Terms of Use. Wyzant considers this decision to be final and a representative will not be made available for further discussion.


    The Wyzant Team


    Questions? Visit our Help Center!"

    I understand this was my mistake for using this Wyzant database for searching tutors and opening the second account under our daughter as well in order to merely to search a tutor from this database. I believe this is not a criminal activity as my daughter is completely separate individual from me and it's valid that we open two accounts under two different individuals and they tracking the personal messages on the accounts to maintain their business and intruding the privacy of individuals is incorrect. The way the Wyzant robot detected the second account was duplicate was merely through the message and video recorded lesson which is a clear privacy intrusion.

    I advice the public to read the complaints listed under Wyzant and refrain from accessing this database due to the unethical nature of this platform, the resultant character defamation and the way Wyzant washes their hands after inappropriate action take place to your student.

    There are other good platforms that i have started looking in to lately when i googled and found very good tutoring services and I regret over joining a platform that has an average rating of 2.2. Hopefully some more professional tutor databases comes up soon.
  • Wyzant is "legit" but comes with problems. I was a tutor for Wyzant and was scammed by a student who purchased a single lesson (one hour) and wanted me to complete his assignment for him and send it back to him for the small hourly fee I was charging. Wyzant refunds the first hour of the lesson, if you are dissatisfied with a tutor. After doing my best in one hour on a paper wrought with errors, and giving a free ten or fifteen minutes worth of suggestions, I received a 1 star rating. There's the rub. He figured he would get his paper done for him and punished me for not doing it, or else he planned to give me a bad rating no matter what and get the free hour. After complaining to Wyzant in a few phone calls and emails, the only option left to me was to delete the lesson and return the fee! Right! A friend opened an account and his first student was some kind of scam, too, but it was not a student. I think my experience is common. Not that some tutors are having a better time at this, but I wonder if they have deleted lessons and lost money in order to keep a high rating. I think any of these online tutoring services are taking advantage of this trend in plagiarism. I've come across it on craigslist, too. There is a company doing just that, hiring tutors to write papers/college entrance essays for students. This just enables the broken educational system we have in this country. And it's just plain wrong to be doing someone else's schoolwork for them. Tutors can find lots of info online about starting an online tutoring service. To hell with these ripoff companies! Keep all of your fee.
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