YouGov Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 126 reviews Review It is a website that allows anyone to become a panel member for free, in order to collect real peoples’ opinions from across the nation.

YouGov conducts polls and surveys about politics, public affairs, brands, and other topics of general interest. Once you become a member, you will begin receiving invitations for surveys. For every survey you complete, you will earn points.

The points you earn can eventually be exchanged for a variety of different rewards, including T-shirts, tote bags, gift cards, movie tickets, and sometimes even cash.

Not all surveys award points upon completion, however. Some surveys simply enter you into a monthly drawing for cash prizes.

A Different Kind of Market Research

Most market research companies are contracted by major corporations in order to discover what their target market is looking for in product development, advertising, or just general wants or needs., on the other hand, has a decidedly political aspect to their market research. They claim to be a non-partisan organization, whose surveys do not represent either a Republican or Democratic view.

However, YouGov does partner with outside organizations to gather opinions from their members. These surveys are completely confidential, and though your responses will be provided to an outside organization, none of your contact information will be.

When you sign up with YouGov, though, you must provide your accurate home address for two reasons. First, they need to know where to send your prizes once they’ve been redeemed. Second, some of their political surveys are specific to a region or voting population.

YouGov Surveys and Prizes

The average survey at will only take about 5-7 minutes to complete, though surveys can vary in length. YouGov says their longest survey will not run longer than 20 minutes to complete.

As for their rewards and prizes, you must become a member of YouGov before you can see how many points you must accumulate in exchange for a prize. Currently, though, they are giving new members a welcome bonus of 1000 points, so hopefully it won’t be too time consuming to earn a prize.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " YouGov " is 2.12 out of 5 based on 126 reviews.
  • It can take quite a long time to accumulate enough points to get £50 but I've recently claimed mine. It was paid into my bank quite quickly.

    I do find that survey invitations are not as frequent as some other survey sites but, once you are offered one, you don't get screened out, ( an annoying feature of some sites}. Some of the surveys can be quite long and repetitive but I'm prepared to take all that are offered to build up points. You have to be careful at the end of each survey to decline the offer of redeeming points for entry to the prize draw if you want to save the points.
  • It is a slow process to get enough points for a reward but you only have to sit in front of computer for about 10 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. I have redeemed points several times and never had a problem. I have received movie tickets. restaurant vouchers and cash rewards. it takes about 4 weeks to get them.
    • Ironically, since I posted my comment on here, I have now recieved the £50 from You Gov, which went into my acoount recently. WHY it has taken so long is a bit of a mystery though, as I've not actually recieved any explanation at all. Very odd indeed.......
  • I have found th surveys from You-Gov okay but reached the 100,000 point of completed surveys and redeemed the points for the $ 100.00 cash award. I have never received the check and keep sending emails but do not receive a reply. They keep sending me new surveys to complete and I can't believe they would do that after not paying out the prize money they have promised. I would say don't waste your time if you are doing the survey for the eventual cash prize.
    • I have experienced the exact same thing with yougov. I worked for 3 yrs to obtain 100,000 points. Redeemed them for the $100.00 check well over 6 weeks ago and have never received my check. My emails are ignored. I reported them to the BBB in Palo Alto, CA - where their U.S. office is located. I would not recommend yougov surveys to anyone. There are hundreds of complaints online about them. They appear to be a HUGE rip-off.
    • I'm having the same trouble with You Gov at the moment too in the UK, I requested my £50 cash reward way back in November 2012, and am STILL waiting for it to be credited to my account, despite MANY E-Mails to them, as of today, I have not received a sensible reply to explain WHY !!!!......
    • Did you ever recieve the cash prize? because i have did the same as you and haven't received it either, it says it can take 4 to 6 weeks. if i don't see by the sixth week then i think we should look them up on the better business bureau. i am so angry at them and you are right, they keep on sending surveys and the one i just completed was about what happen in ct. which is very sad what had happened.
  • I'm now convinced it's a scam. After way too much time and work to earn the points for the $100 reward to begin with, it's now been 6 months since I placed my redemption request, and I'm not getting any response to my inquiries into the missing redemption check never received. They seem to only be reachable via email - and don't seem to respond to that if it pertains to owed money.....but my inbox is still regularly filled up with all their newly available surveys.
    • Hello L, I am having the exact same problem with You-Gov. I redeemed my 100,000 point level the beginning of October and have been waiting for the $ 100.00 reward check. I have been sending emails to their service department but they NEVER respond or acknowledge them. I tried to call one of their sales offices but was told they are individual companies who work for YouGov and have nothing to do with their policiies or procedures. I worked hard for that money and am very very disappointed all those ssurveys were for nothing! I guess we have been taken!
  • I have been participating in YouGov polls for many years. The quality of their surveys continue to get poorer and poorer. It seems that there isn't a real thinking person constructing their surveys but they seem robo generated lacking any real intelligence or survey best practices. I have never attempted to receive any kind of payment from YouGov as i didn't participate in these surveys for any financial reasons. That said, however however, it would be nice if i could easily divert any financial remuneration i might earn to a charity of choice.
  • There are a lot of flaws with YouGov that I have discovered after many (at least five) years of membership. I am in the US so the point system I refer to is based on that scale.

    1) They will often times notify you about multiple surveys. You can see them under your list of "available surveys" but as soon as you complete one, the others will disappear and you will be notified that there are no surveys waiting. This happens more and more as your point accumulation increases.

    2) Very, very rarely do you ever get anything more than the minimum points for completion. I can only recall three surveys where I was awarded 1000 points, but typically no matter how long or detailed the survey, it's 500 points.

    3) Customer service will respond to any question with "we will look into this and get back to you" but they will never EVER get back to you.

    4) They are very good about redeeming the low level point prizes, but not so good about the big point prizes. And the quality of the prizes has changed. I redeemed for a t-shirt awhile back and it was a cheap flimsy comparison to the shirt a friend of mine had redeemed for a year earlier.

    5) After 5+ years and only one other prize redemption, I am still no closer to the big money prize. I'm determined to stick it out but I would not recommend this particular site because of the amount of time it takes to get the top prize: 100,000 pts at 500 per survey = 200 surveys at 5-20 minutes each. That's a ridiculous amount of time for $100.

    6)Finally, the surveys themselves need work. They will frequently repeat surveys and even repeat questions within the same survey. Quite often they are biased where almost any answer leads to the same idea, but you can't skip questions.

    Other times they just don't make sense. A question will ask you if you've tried a product and you might say no. The next five questions might ask you to choose words to describe or review the same product you just said you never used or heard of. You can't skip the questions so you have to say something you've never tried is "better than other brands because it's good quality" - doesn't seem ethical.

    If you just love taking surveys and don't care what happens to the information next you might enjoy it. I joined thinking I could complete a survey every week and earn some extra cash. Sometimes I go months without getting a survey. Or I get one and it's very long and/or biased.

    Not worth the effort at all.
    • Thank you so much for the heads up! It's much appreciated. I will not be joining now, because I hate wasting my time ;) Do you have any suggestions on sites you've found that really do work, and pay out?
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