Your Career Quiz Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Your Career QuizThe Free Career Test at is a quiz that claims to take all of your background information in combination with your interests and educational qualifications in order to recommend you to certain types of careers or educational programs that will prepare you for new careers.

After completing Your Career Quiz, in general you will simply be recommended to a bunch of general opportunities, like doing surveys or focus groups for market research companies or educational programs run by for profit universities.

The truth is that Your Career Quiz is simply a partner website whose job it is to bring you and other people like you to companies that they partner with.  Whether it is providing your email address and other contact information to companies so that they may contact you with advertisements or other opportunities, or simply redirecting you to certain companies and telling you that Your Career Quiz somehow scientifically decided that you were a good match with that company or program.

Your Career Quiz isn’t doing anything illegal, and since they are not asking you for your credit card information they are not exactly dangerous.  However, if you are actually interested in finding out what new career you may be suitable for, or what educational program you would fit well with, you should not be bothering with a website who’s only interest is giving your information to people who pay them for it.

Also, while it may seem like Your Career Quiz is completely harmless, you may feel a little differently when your email account and home mailbox are overrun with offers and advertisements you’re never going to use.  Better to simply find a different website that is more concerned with helping you than helping the companies who want your information.

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