Your Success Kit Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Your Success Kit, available at, is an at home business training system that says it can teach you how to earn money from the comfort of your home, no matter your age, education, or experience.

In addition they say that their system will allow you to earn money online – even while you sleep – without pressuring your friends and family, cold calling sales leads, or having to “sell” anything.

Customers who are interested in this business kit can order one for a Shipping and Handling charge of $9.95, which will give them a 14 day trial period to view their materials and decide if they want to continue with the business opportunity.

What Is It?

Your Success Kit, also referred to on their website as the Home Business Success Kit and The Online Business Kit, is actually just another name for The Prosperity Team, which is a subset of the Empower Network business opportunity.

The Empower Network is the root business, and it is a Multi Level Marketing, or MLM, business opportunity, which means representatives earn money from selling products and from recruiting new sales representatives.

The Prosperity Team adds to the Empower Network by providing their members with an extra level of training and support. In fact, the Prosperity Team claims that 40 of the Empower Network’s top 100 sales leaders are a part of their community.

The Problem

Though the Empower Network is a very popular online business opportunity which has been rapidly growing over the last few years, it is sold and managed by individually representatives.

And whoever from The Prosperity Team is running Your Success Kit is using many questionable methods to sell their product. They are not explaining the real business opportunity, the type of work, or what it requires from you to be successful until after you provide them with your credit card number.

This is one of the worst ways for companies to offer business opportunities. It is a way of trying to trap the consumer into paying for training materials, even if they would have chosen to not participate in this opportunity if they had been given even partial facts.

This is not an ethical way of creating business partners or offering business opportunities, and there is no reason to go through Your Success Kit if you are interested in working with Empower Network – you can go directly to the source if you are interested in finding out more information about this opportunity.

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