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  • Scam. I did 2 surveys, got paid a few cents for the first and then after the second my account got blocked. When I asked why, I got a copy and paste answer telling me, I had mulstiple accounts, which is just not true. Now I wondered how they came to that conclusion and started worrying, that someone stole personal information of me or was using my network to log onto that site. So I asked them, to find out which personal information of mine was roaming around the internet. I did not even want my account back... All I got, was every time the same copy&paste text, telling me my account was blocked because of multi accounts. So I guess nobody even read my support ticket.

    After reading everything on this site here now, I just think they blocked my account like many others here for some weird reason and now don't want to admit to it. I don't care tbh and I'm just happy to know my personal data is probably safe. Still... Those people are scammers and I don't want many more people making money for them.
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