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ZeekRewards.com is a new and different business opportunity that combines the popularity of penny auction websites with a profit sharing business opportunity.

Unlike traditional auctions, penny auctions charge their users a fee each time they bid on an auction, often between fifty cents and seventy-five cents per bid. Part of these fees pay for the site’s operational costs with the remaining fees being profit.

With hundreds and thousands of bidders each day, the earning potential of a popular penny auction site is impressive. ZeekRewards gives you the opportunity to share in the profits of their penny auction site, Zeekler.com.

How It Works

First, you may not simply choose to join Zeek Rewards. Instead, you must be invited by an existing affiliate to be a member. You may be a free member, and earn commission from selling Retail Bids to Zeekler customers, but then you are not eligible for profit sharing.

In order to be eligible for profit sharing, you must have a Premium Business Center subscription, of which there are three levels: Silver for $10/month, Gold for $50/month, or Diamond for $99/month.

After you have subscribed, you must either purchase VIP bids yourself to give away as samples to prospective Zeekler users, or you must sell Retail Bids to new Zeekler users.

In addition, you must place an ad for Zeekler.com once a day, using the ZeekRewards Back Office. Once you have fulfilled these criteria, you are eligible for profit sharing.

Once you are eligible, your share of the profits is determined by how many VIP ProfitPoints you have in your account, which you earn by selling or distributing VIP bids. 1000 VIP ProfitPoints means that you are qualified to earn 100% of that day’s individual share.

The Bottom Line

ZeekRewards is a new and different business opportunity. It is merging the ideas of affiliate marketing – by having its members place ads and recruit new users to their penny auction site – with a multi-level marketing compensation plan.

One potential problem with ZeekRewards is the complexity of their compensation plan. It may be hard to recruit new affiliates to your downline if you cannot easily explain to them how they will earn their money.

However, there really aren’t any other business opportunities out there similar to this one, so it is difficult to say whether or not it is worth the time, effort, and investment that would be required to make it successful.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Zeek Rewards " is 3.57 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
  • 2019? Why hasn't this post been updated since 2014? A simple web search reveals in 2014, the 850 million dollar fraud details and that the 70 year old founder was sentenced to 3 14 year minimum jail terms.
  • I was introduced to Zeekrewards and fell for all of the hype and even had my own friends join too. We all lost our money. They were shut down and I am sure any others along these same lines will be shut down too. If you deal with this company out of Iceland they technically do not have to pay you. Zeekrewards got away with keeping peoples monies over seas and although I read that before I signed up, they had what seemed to be legit excuses. I didnt get one singe penny of my money back from Zeekrewards. I invested over 1400.00 after paying membership fees. Stay away!!!
  • Zeek rewards was shut down last week by the SEC .
  • There are some awesome information in this article for everyone I'm also very inspired to this blog.

    thanks for sharing informative post,,
  • Zeekrewards is like no other.. You place daily Ads and give Bids away everyday and when the company tallies up its earnings they share the revenue with its affiliates. The company is debt free and growing to be the largest penny auction site..
  • As for those who are trying to make money online, and they just don’t have anything to start with, I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that it takes money to make money. And that is so true. If you want to get into some of the things that pay better money, you have to invest a little bit money to get started. Well, Zeek Rewards is an exception and you can actually sign up free and start building your points. What they are doing is they are running a penny auction online and paying people to go out and place an ad online someplace, once a day, every day. If you miss a day, you just miss getting paid that day. You can still make money the rest of the time.
  • will you get your initial investment back whenever you want or will the company keep it
  • YES!!! I am a zeekrewards affiliate. At first, I wasn't a believer. A year later and I am ALL IN!! IT's just plain AMAZING how this thing works. I am being paid, friends and family members are being paid too! When I first joined the company, I thought it would be extremely hard and take forever to reach the point where I would make 100/day....a year later, and I'm already PAST 100/day!

    Happy Zeeking !!!
  • anybody knows about ZeekRewards?
  • I started with $10,000. After six and a half weeks, I now have $22,058.00. It take's about 4 minutes a day to do. I am now up to $400 per day and will continue to grow. I love it.
    • Pls explain how you got $22,058 is that by introducing others into the diamond level or by buying on auction? Or by placing daily ads a day, I do not understand what ad member put up a day, selling auction or inviting new members in one circle of friends, appreciate our kind response. how were you introduced to it?
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