Zero to Launch System Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Zero to Launch System is a new work at home training opportunity from internet marketing guru Ramit Sethi, who is known for writing books like “I Will Teach You to be Rich” and more. says their goal is to truly teach people how to create a worthwhile and long term base for a successful business, without any of the expensive bells and whistles promoted by other training courses.

Instead, their goal is teach people internet marketing skills while building a future customer base at the same time, then give them all the tools they need to translate their base into a lucrative internet marketing business.

How Does Zero to Launch System Work?

According to their website, other internet marketing training programs will sell their customers a variety of website building tools, marketing tools, email list building resources, lead generation pages, sales conversion pages, and more.

But this is not what the Zero to Launch System is about. Instead, they say that their goal is teach their customers how to use completely free social networking sites to begin building a customer base and earning money before you ever launch your website.

Ramit Sethi says that the most important part of any business’s success is the relationship they build with their customers, so he believes this is the first part of your business that should be established, before marketing or even building a website.

What May Not Work

As mentioned above, Ramit Sethi has published a book about his approach to making money online and has since established his website and training course. The website gives you a brief overview of how his training system will be different in its approach to internet marketing than other similar programs, as well as access to some introductory learning tools.

These tools and articles include their guide to “The 5 Types of Customers Who Will Never Buy from You” as well as their “$10,000 Detour” guide. These free learning tools will give you a good understanding of the type of information you will get from this course and whether or not it may work for you.

The problem with this course doesn’t appear to be its content or approach to internet marketing. The problem seems to be with the cost, with many reviewers of this product saying that the full Zero to Launch System costs $2000, which obviously may not be in reach for many customers.

These customers may want to begin with the other materials provided by Ramit Sethi, as well as by using a combination of free information found online to begin building a base toward an internet marketing business. Most people will not find it necessary to spend this kind of money invested in a training course, but would rather invest it in their own business.

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