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Ziinga.com is a penny auction website that is available to users in over 16 different countries, including Britain, Canada, and the US, and claims to give people the ability to purchase expensive items at serious discounts.

Like most penny auctions, each bid on Ziinga US raises the price of the auction by one penny and each bid resets the auction clock to a longer period of time. The auction clock will reset with shorter times as the auction lasts longer.

All Ziinga auctions start at $0.00 and have no reserve price bidders must meet. The last bidder left wins the right to purchase the item at the final auction price, plus costs of delivery.

Ziinga does have auctions set with “maximum” prices, which means that once the bidding has hit the maximum price, members continue to bid in order to be the last bidder, but these bids will not increase the final item price.

You can only win two auctions at Ziinga within a 14 day rolling period, in order to allow more members to win auctions. To start bidding at Ziinga, you must purchase bids which range from 69 cents to $1.19 depending on the size of the bid package you choose.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Ziinga " is 1.14 out of 5 based on 336 reviews.
  • At first it seemed like a great site with some bargains but they don’t clearly mention a £56 monthly membership charge or £35 fee to leave! I would not recommend this site to anyone, clearly a scam.
  • Few years ago I received a link asking me to bid then I won Nokia phone I paid for the phone and postage. Later they were asking for my I'd and bank card front and back immediately I rang my bank to cancel my card. Went to my bank after few days not receiving my item I open case asking my bank to do charge back as this company is big scam. I got my money they never taken their membership fees. Later I received email from their people saying I'm a manager I with sent bailiff I reply by n lough I asked him how can u sent vailif while the whole world were looking for u scam bag u hide ur self in Malta. Since then he disappeared I guest hr passed away lol..
  • forgot to say,

    in 2012 i was stung by zinga, after consultation with my bank manager

    he strongly advised me to close my account and open a new one.

    no problems since change.

    hope they are caught and made to pay every penny back.
  • Your FRESH DECK POKER GAME , is SOO, irritating ! , I'm currently ranked #3 but just lost over $ 220,000.00 , because of bullshit ! I. Sorry but there's no F%#}{]* way , that beats 3 of a kind , against a pair of aces, with a straight !! , I have made future comments, to your company, and they assured me that your company, is registered , and LEGIT , I delete the program entirely , but when they responded, I gave it another try , and was doing well, but now it's back to the same OL, same OL, , BULLSHIT , , I want to play, but , can't play legit, cause its rigged ! I swear to god ! It's got to be rigged ! And I looked up other comments as well, and ALOT of other people agreed with me ! Sooo. . I don't know, I do love that game , but,,, if I can't win, and am going to be cheated ? Then screw it !

    Sincerely ,

  • This so called company is a scam,keep well away from them,they have owed me a credit of $100 over a year now and they keep telling me i will have the money in my account each week.
  • Whats the probability of all auctions running for 4 weeks 24/7 without any1 winning? Its happening on ziinga right now. The most obvius use of bots I have ever seen on a pennyauction! My godness they aint even discret about it!
  • i " won " a docking station 2 months ago it was only £3.90 still not arrived money had been taken out of my account. next thing they want me to send proof using my passport or driving licence today 17th feb 2013 i was checking my bank accounto only to find another £59.99 has been taken out . I have not bought anything from i bought the docking station tried sending email but came up that info was wrong . gonna try phoning tomorrow and also go to my bank to try anbd get it sorted
    • Brother u just entered a contract with them my advise terminate the contract which will cost money or cancel the direct debit with them they are a scam and the membership is for 4 months
  • This is a SCAM and a complete outrage and I have reported it to the legal authorities. My 11 year old received a text stating that she won an I Pad. The website then asked for 6 euro postage so we duly paid by card. When I got my statement a further €67 was deducted each of the following months forcing me to cancel my credit card. We still have not received an I pad.

  • while looking on ebay i came across this page i was like sweet. so i won and ipod for $4 aus than after reading the term and condition they ask for a drivers licence and passport ok so i left it. last week i check my account and missing $129.95 so im going to cancel my card and get it reverse PEOPLE DO NOT SIGN UP THEY ARE MONEY HUNGRY SCAMS
  • This has happen to me but I have used a prepaid , and just wondering if they still harass me or take any money I put on my prepaid card
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