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Ziinga.com is a penny auction website that is available to users in over 16 different countries, including Britain, Canada, and the US, and claims to give people the ability to purchase expensive items at serious discounts.

Like most penny auctions, each bid on Ziinga US raises the price of the auction by one penny and each bid resets the auction clock to a longer period of time. The auction clock will reset with shorter times as the auction lasts longer.

All Ziinga auctions start at $0.00 and have no reserve price bidders must meet. The last bidder left wins the right to purchase the item at the final auction price, plus costs of delivery.

Ziinga does have auctions set with “maximum” prices, which means that once the bidding has hit the maximum price, members continue to bid in order to be the last bidder, but these bids will not increase the final item price.

You can only win two auctions at Ziinga within a 14 day rolling period, in order to allow more members to win auctions. To start bidding at Ziinga, you must purchase bids which range from 69 cents to $1.19 depending on the size of the bid package you choose.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Ziinga " is 1.14 out of 5 based on 336 reviews.
  • Ive been talking to their online Customer Services representative 'Maggie' for over an hour now, attempting to get the unauthorized membership fee refunded, less the cancellation fee, so everyones a winner, I get my account closed and they get their cancellation fee....what a pain in the backside.

    This is what you may come up against if you are found to be in the same position as myself:

    Maggie: We can process refund but less the cancellation fee of GBP28

    Maggie: I have sent a voluntary unsubscription request to your email address. Please open it and follow the link provided. This will cancel your membership. Let me know if you are done so I can recheck your account.

    **NOTE: No email was received and they proceeded to ignore me for 34 minutes, I then received the following after quoting various statements from my solicitor **

    Maggie: I'm sorry but it is clearly stated on the payment section.

    Maggie: I have already sent the cancellation link to your email.

    you: then do cancell my membership, you can minus the cancellation fee from the UNAUTHORIZED membership fee taken from my account

    you: So, a refund of £31 is required to the account named.

    you: then my account is to be removed from the site

    you: The total refund is the unauthorised membership fee of £59 less the cancellation fee.

    **Again, no email was received and they proceeded to ignore me for a further 27 minutes**

    you: Are you going to acknowledge and deal with the complaint or not?

    You are not currently in a chat session.

    I opened another chat, and was connected to 'Andrea', The conversation went as follows:

    you: I was speaking to 'Maggie' however, she proceeded to close the conversation after ignoring me for a total of 64 minutes

    you: I want my membership refunding into the bank account used on my Ziinga account, less the cancellation fee.

    **16 minutes later**

    Andrea: Thank you. Let me check your account first. Your

    Andrea: patience is appreciated. I will be with you shortly.

    **18 minutes later...**

    you: Is this matter going to be resolved with yourself or am I going to be ignored again?

    **13 minutes later**

    Andrea: I'm checking your account now.

    Andrea: I will be with you shortly.

    **1 hour 16 minutes later.......**

    You are not currently in a chat session.


    Just to let you know, you can cancel any outgoing direct debits from your account, this will stop Ziinga attempting to take any more money from your account without authorization.

    As to refunds?? Im going back to my solicitor as Ziinga seem to disregard everything said to them.

    Note for people new to the site, CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW.

    Before they rip you off!!!
    • yes - i am sure your phone bill was a fortune as well. For anyone else in this situation - bash off an e:mail to Ziinga cancelling account, and at the same time contact your bank and cancel your credit card. They will issue you with a new one. It is almost impossible to purse a refund as they seem to have found a loophole in the terms and conditions that actually make them legal - though dishonest - they know what they are doing in order to take full advantage of your account without getting done for fraud. Once you change your credit card and make the bank aware of the problem, they will be unable to access your account again. Don't waste time and money on the phone because they WILL put you on hold and it will cost you even more.
    • I just was about to pay for a bid on ziinas that I "won" and i didn't see anything in the terms and conditions stating that I had to pay 90.00AUD per month until I was asked to complete the purchase. I only pay for stuff with a paypal account and thankfuly there wasn't anything about using a paypal........they should leave me alone right....... I just found this site after my win.....
  • I signed up for a free seven day trial and read over all the terms and agreements before giving any of my information. After I signed up it took $149 from me and said it wasn't refundable. So I decided 2 make the best of it and @ least win something, but to no avail. Its wouldn't even let me win anything @ all. So I tried 2 call the number oh but it was disconnected(imagine that). Then I tried to chat online with an operator when they finally answered they just said to read over the terms and agreements. Which had changed from the last time I read them before I gave them all my credit info?? Company is a big SCAM!!
  • Hello, I have the same problem! I bid for a camera at £1.96 and after a week they have charged me £59.99!!!! I am so upset and feel after reading this site I am obviously not on my own and would like advice on how to proceed with trying to get my money back and how to get these crooks prosecuted too!!!! I hope to hear from someone as I have spoken to my bank and they cant do much so what can you suggest? I am gobsmacked that this can happen and of course I have never received my camera that I bid for!

    I look forward to any help...

    Thank you,

    • Iveta

      I am sorry you have had this happen to you, it has happened to me also.

      my partner used my card to buy a camera which she paid £3.42 and won this camera, however as you proberbly now unless you send them a copy of your card front and back, also copy of passport or driving licence, and a signed credit card form they won't send you the camera. however

      they have taken another £59,99 from my account, all my bank can do is send their bank a letter telling them not to take anymore money from

      my account, in the meantime all I can do is make sure there is no money in my account so they can't take anymore, and as this i not a direct debit or standing order so long as the account stays empty they can't take anymore. so when any money goes into my account I will remove it straight away. again sorry
  • These people are thieves, my daughter used my debit card to pay for a free auction she won , i then had $119.99 taken out of my account with out my knowledge, on speaking to them i was told that a $57 dollar cancellation fee would apply. There website is a con and they even had a New Zealand telephone number on there which implies that they have a nz office, incorrect, this site is all handled from Malta who have people answering the phone that cant even speak English. BEWARE YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF, THIS SITE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN

    I am yet to see if the funds less the cancellation fee actually get put back into my account
    • hi, i was just about to buy an auction on my mums credit card but then it the fact hit me, im not a idiot so why would i be so stupid and believe this. i suggest 3 things,

      1, sue them 2, report them 3, dont be so gullible and believe your getting high quality iPod cameras for like £3 GET REAL.
  • As with everyone else this is fraud - and I am taking it the full hogg.

    I reported to my bank who are investigating this and it transpires that Ziinga took the membership fee off before the bid price so what happened to the 7day free trial? They have agreed to a partial refund but insist on the £28 cancellation fee which is ridiculous as I never used the site only a free trial. I'll post how I get on.
  • Oh My God I thought I was the only one they fooled, I also won product for 3 pounds then suddenly saw I was bound under contract for 3 months, I emailed numerous times with no luck, did not pass my details for confirmation of ID, that sounded a bit strange to me. They said they would not process my claim. I cancelled my membership and my debit card so they cannot take any further money from me. They told me I will have to pay 28 pounds if I cancelled early. What a rip off. Will check with bank to see how much money they have taken, I am so stressed with this whole experience.
    • Listen do this now!! Cancel your card report it lost or stolen as each card has a different number on the front and security code on the back, when they send you a replacement card the long number on the front will be different and your security code will be different to, anyone trying to collect payment using the card details you signed up with will then be declined as its no longer the card linked to your account!! please reply and let me know how you got along!! dont let these lousy beeps destroy your christmas!! xx
    • the exact same thing happened to me. I wasn't sure whether to cancel my bank account as I do not want them contacting ''collection agencies'' or to damage my credit rating.

      I have tried to take this up legally with the customer service manager aka James Wilson. I spoke to him and begged him to let me off. He said he would and that I would not have to pay the 28.00 GBP cancellation fee. I tried to get it from him in writing and he declined; obvious sign he didnt mean it. Now, every time I e-mail them I mention his name. They do not answer my questions, just quote carefully-selected parts of their T&Cs! Funny what I found when I read them..:'' Please be assured that you may unsubscribe at any time before the free days end. You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time by contacting our Customer Service team.'' Surely this says something?

      This company is scam and enjoy taking your money, DO NOT FALL FOR IT! IF IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS!!
  • These people are thieving, robbing heartless 'pigs'. Nowhere upon registration does it state anywhere about a monthly subscription service of £59.99. The website is appealing, particularly with Christmas fast approaching, in terms of getting good gifts cheaper but its a complete con. You have to purchase bids (very cheap) in order to obtain any items which is where they get your card details.

    Ziinga are getting very rich on all the easily led (me being one) people who have signed up in good faith. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. If anybody comes up with a way of getting their money back - even through they said I could have mine back, I'm still waiting - genuinely, please let me know so I can help spread the word.
  • i win as well and they assking me to send them my info.

    Due to Ziinga's one gift per household policy, users need to confirm their identity by sending the following documents as proof:

    Scanned copy of Credit Card (front and back) Scanned copy of valid ID (passport or driver's license) Scanned copy of signed credit card form. Download and fill up the form from this link: http://www.ziinga.com/uk/pages/creditcard_form

    how someone can trust them.
  • Won an item for a very good price which I paid for but they wouldn't release it as they wanted all my debit card details again which they wanted to pay for hidden charges and further membership subs. No matter how I asked no amicable solution was offered apart from a refund which didn't help me getting the Christmas Present I So wanted for my wonderful daughter and being disabled and on benefits this was the best opportunity to give her the one thing she wanted the Ipod Shuffle - Shame :(
    • DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!! , don't give them any of your details if you already did check your bank account ,, they will charge you at least 60 pound for subscribing that you didn't know about, as they giving you mamership as soon as you pay for that product you won, cancel your account as soon as possible, they already took 180 pound from my account without my authorization as i didnt want any membership, they choose for me without me knowing about it
  • they are trying to scam me and my mrs out of £59 a month each for 3 months trying to say i entered a binding contract. i saw the clause after buying the first bids which puts you onto a platinum scheme so i cancelled the membership which they sent a reply to say my membership is cancelled and will end after the 3 months.

    this is fraud and damn right theft.
    • so have they tried charging your account for membership fee and did you fill out the credit card authorization form and give it to them
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