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Ziinga.com is a penny auction website that is available to users in over 16 different countries, including Britain, Canada, and the US, and claims to give people the ability to purchase expensive items at serious discounts.

Like most penny auctions, each bid on Ziinga US raises the price of the auction by one penny and each bid resets the auction clock to a longer period of time. The auction clock will reset with shorter times as the auction lasts longer.

All Ziinga auctions start at $0.00 and have no reserve price bidders must meet. The last bidder left wins the right to purchase the item at the final auction price, plus costs of delivery.

Ziinga does have auctions set with “maximum” prices, which means that once the bidding has hit the maximum price, members continue to bid in order to be the last bidder, but these bids will not increase the final item price.

You can only win two auctions at Ziinga within a 14 day rolling period, in order to allow more members to win auctions. To start bidding at Ziinga, you must purchase bids which range from 69 cents to $1.19 depending on the size of the bid package you choose.

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