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ZipNadaZilch is a rewards website where members who complete trial offers provided by partner companies will be rewarded by receiving a free gift.

You will be eligible to receive a gift of varying value depending on the number of trial offers that you complete, based on a scale determined by ZipNadaZilch. There is no limit to how many gifts you may qualify for.

In order to earn your free gift, it is very important that you provide all accurate, verifiable information, including name, email address, home address, and phone number. Giving inaccurate information in any of these areas could result in your being unable to receive your gift.

If you decide to stop participating with ZipNadaZilch’s offers, you will not be allowed to delete your account as part of the company’s security measures which protect against IP addresses creating more than one account.

Instead, you simply quit completing trial offers and change your account profile information to indicate you would no longer like to receive emails detailing these offers.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " ZipNadaZilch " is 2.82 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
  • It seems there are a lot of people misinformed

    Zipnadazilch is one of hundreds of Incentivized freebie websites. They are reward sites that gives customers rewards for bringing them referrals. They have been around since 2007 and still paying. This is one of the last networks, over 200 networks have had to shut their doors not because they are fraudulent but because their users have violated their TOS and or committed Fraud.

    These Networks have nothing to do with Capture page systems/Funnes which is where most people are being guided nowadays since it is the popular way of generating referrals.

    The downside to these systems is that they violate the TOS of The Reward Networks and this is the reason y'all don't hear about them too much because they Shut their doors down due to Excessive Fraud from the Members.

    Here's the simplest way to Explain; The Incentivized freebie Websites are on their own a Referral Funnel System which Showcases a Considerable amount of Companies where many of these companies will offer Trial Offers in the hopes that you become a customer.

    They agree to pay these Incentivized freebie websites a certain amount of money per Referral aka Customer or Potential Customer.

    Follow me as I give you the simplistic Reality. These Networks sole purpose for being created was to drum up business in the form of customers for their Sponsors/ Company Clients. They knew that in order to satisfy their clients, they had to come up with a quick way to get genuine referrals.

    So they created these systems that showcases Fortune 500 Companies and Incentivized it by offering Consumers a Free Gift. These gifts initially we're prizes and quickly escalated to include monetary rewards.

    Here's the catch, in order for these networks not to violate their contract of finding genuine referrals they have you come in as a customer or a potential customer who comes in through their website and buys or checks out a product or service through the Trial offers.

    Remember all them old Ads asking you if you want a free PlayStation, iPod, iPad etc.?

    Well here's what they did for those legitimate buyers who purchased or tried items through their website. They provided them a lifetime membership at their site with the opportunity to win all types of gifts including lucrative ones with the option of a "cash out" everytime they bring in a customer or potential customer through their very own Affiliate Link.

    It was very easy and simple, how would you like to win a free "PRIZE"! YOU can get an I Pad just for doing some free Trial offers.

    You see these networks main Focus was to keep everyone happy. They needed to fulfill their obligation to their client and they needed to do it without violating the TOS which means that they cannot "Directly" give a Lead a Gift or Money for checking out Offers.

    So by creating a recruiting system within their website they were able to fulfill their contractual obligations to their clients because they provided their members an opportunity to win FREE PRIZES in Appreciation for Members bringing in Genuine Referrals who Tried out Offers through their Referral Link just like they did. You can make $10-$100 per Referral by PayPal or Check and best of all is that you get paid within the week. The fabulous part is that it can be a Few days or just a Few Hours when you receive your Reward.

    So you see your rewards come from you bringing in Genuine Referrals, not people Predisposed to cancelling offers. That is the MAIN REASON most Incentivized freebie Websites had to close their Doors because their Clients backed out. You see these Systems were created to generate customers, real genuine people that would want to come in and Try their Products or Services.

    What happened? What I've been seeing for a Decade now, referral agents motivating referrals by telling them to cancel or that they can. There is not supposed to be an open conversation about cancelling offers because that is FRAUD, Members are telling Referrals the wrong information and they are doing it to make it easier on themselves because they find it hard to get Referrals but You must not tell your Referrals to cancel. That is against the TOS and will get your account Banned but more Importantly it's the Reason this Legitimate and wonderful Industry that has put Food on the Table to hundreds of thousands of Families is Disappearing.

    The only thing people need to know is that if they could get free gifts and money to supplement their income for bringing referrals, would they do it?

    If you could see results in your account within days or hours, we would you be interested?

    Are you ready to start now?
  • I have only worked with Znz a short time but I have gotten paid for every referal I have completed
  • Big scam. There is always an excuse for not getting your credit. Horrible!
  • I'm speaking to some girl named Tammy about this..shes trying to get me to sign I googled these reviews...a lot of the responses seems legit and then some of you guys seem like your trying to cover it I'm confused over this...and would rather not be scammed. I've done the inboxdollar surveys online and never got paid...and now I can't get a million of companies to stop emailing It kind of seems like junk...and Its not work an Ipad if you even get one or whatever
    • Inbox dollars will pay as long as you get to at least 30$. I have made about 150$ from them and got paid but it takes forever to get to 30$ sometimes. I have tons of payment proof for them, ipoll is a really good app for surveys too. They pay to paypal
  • I'm not going to say anything negative about this program.On the other hand the webinar is misleading as far as having to do trial offers to even set up an account yourself, instead of getting others to sign up.That's just the way the program works. He says he is doing it for free to help you but he makes money when you start an account.I'm not going to waste my time filling out trial offers otherwise I would of worked with the programe
  • I followed up to "Step 4", and was not surprised to learn that they want you to "PURCHASE THEIR BLOG SYSTEM (or blog something)..."FOR ONLY...$25 SMACKAROOS!!! OOOOhhh! I thought there was "NO BUYING INTO A SYSTEM"!!! TRY AGAIN, YOU SCAMMERS!!!!!!! This was only AFTER they had me sign up for their chosen "free trial offers", that, mind you, will be billed to your credit card if you forget to cancel your subscription after the allotted trial period! So, go figure...legit, or "SSSCCCAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM!" My advise: Go to your local employment facility!!!
    • "Im sure the blog system they may have been talking about is through Empower Network!"

      This is not a job and don't look for it to save you from not doing any work. It's not really that the company is a scam because people are actually getting paid. I am not spending money on offers to make money. I refer people to do a free trail offer for a free credit offer. Don't listen to these people that try to tell you buy a system and things like that. Those are SCAM ARTIST, not the company. These are FREE TRIALS.. SERIOUSLY WAKE UP! Don't you know what a free trail is??? I refer my people and I also let them know to cancel their trail before a period of time so that they don't get charged. I never got charged.. probably because I'm smart enough to read the fine print lol. But for anyone that's interested check out my site which I also created myself, I even put you onto free training also to get everyone started on the right path!
    • yep...Scam me once shame on me. Scam me twice well Meet Buba, He'll be your room mate for a few years.
  • I have been on znz for months and have done everything I have been told, watched the videos what seems like 10 million times, personally talked to Martin Wilson who did not seem very happy or helpful to me but aggitated just because I had a question. I would personally like to know what in the world to do because I need to start making money and am tired of getting scammed. I have advertised my link a million times and get people to sign up to my page but I cannot get any referrals to start getting paid. Can someone help me out here?! I do not want to call Martin back with the same question because all he told me a long time ago was to go back and watch the video, I did I watched all of them and im soooo frustrated!!!!
  • As Pam said above, don't do this is you are short on cash or have a credit card. But who would do anything without any of the above.

    It is a great system, just give it a chance, has worked incredible for me......who would be online without cash or credit. Oh yeah, someone using the internet in the library, I get it....Mark
  • RP, have you seen any money in your account, have you spent any money, how many hours a day do you work it and approxamately what is your pay scale. I'm interested but would like some of these questions answered. Thanks
    • I checked Facebook. You don't exist.
    • Tony, you can look me up on Facebook if you haven't already got the information you are seeking. My full name on there is Christina JoAnn Danner Snellgrove. I would be more than happy to give you more information!
  • This is a "Online Telemarketing Job", that tells you all exactly what the others have posted online. Those who had made money would not share their secrets..... but this is what it is....

    And as for the trials.... well watch your bank account for unseen charges and when you return any items get some kind of "RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization or Conformation number, and then send it back with a tracking number!

    Don't get caught with this mess when those business says that they did not receive the return shipment.
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