Any Lucky Day Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Any Lucky Day is a product promotion website that helps companies advertise their products and services, while at the same gives their customers a chance to win great prizes on a daily basis.

Every day of the year, a different contest is run on Any Lucky Day. Companies purchase a calendar date to run their promotion, and Any Lucky Day will help them design a contest.

On that day, Any Lucky Day will be all about that sponsor company and their contest. The website will offer information about the company, have an informative video about the product or service, and will direct their members to the company website for more information.

For Contestants

For Any Lucky Day visitors who would like to enter the contests, all you have to do is read the rules, watch the video, visit the sponsor’s website, and comment on their website about the contest.

Once you have successfully added your comment, you are officially entered in the contest. If you are not interested in entering the contest, but like the product or service being offered, you can simply buy it at a reduced price offered to Any Lucky Day visitors.

The company can choose to give away as many prizes as they like, so there may be one winner or five winners depending on the contest. The contests give prizes ranging from pajamas to jewelry to mystery prizes.

Visitor Benefits

If you visit Any Lucky Day on a day when the contest doesn’t apply to you or doesn’t interest you, you can go to their Calendar feature to see what contests are coming up.

You can also look at what contests have been featured on Any Lucky Day in the past, as companies who have used their services once tend to use them again.

Even if you don’t win a contest, Any Lucky Day has benefits for visitors to their website. The Mall is an area where companies who have purchased promotions through Any Lucky Day before offer coupons for their products or services.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Any Lucky Day " is 3.71 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
  • Lucky Day is 100% real, and our winners have won a total of more than $5 million in cash and other prizes so far! We give out over $500,000 a month and have 30,000 winners every week.

    Like all games of chance, winning cards are randomly selected, and raffle odds depend on the number of people who enter. The only way to win is to test your luck and play!
  • I won $12.50 and ca$hed out!!! Win some money by logging in for a few minutes a day.
  • lucky day is a scam I received two messages the eye one and tea deposits were going to be put into my account one was for $92 and the other one was $44 they never put the money in my account I contacted customer service both times they told me they needed 3 days to review it and they never called me back they did not pay unless you win a $2 scratch off it is a waste of time I would not even give them a one-star rating
  • I won $7.25 so far!!
    • The best way to increase your odds of winning is to play all your games every day! We send out hundreds of scratch cards with cash prizes and award cash to a raffle winner every day!

      The easiest way to start winning is collecting tokens and redeeming them in the Redeem Rewards section. Tokens are rewarded generously and add up quickly!

      Here are more tips on how to win:

      Scratch all of your daily cards. They refresh 3x every day!

      Enter the daily lotto

      Exchange tokens for more raffle tickets

      Earn more tokens through the Free Tokens section
    • Laketta everyone wins low money. You can't cash out until you reach $10. That rarely happens . They are making money not us. They get rich through ads we click. They are scammers
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