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Evaluating Work from Home Opportunities: The Work from Home Video

When evaluating websites that sell work at home opportunities, there are generally a few things that you can look for to tell whether or not that site is genuine and trustworthy. Here at, we often reference these telltale signs in our reviews of websites and products.

Frequently, one of the things we look for is how a site is advertised. Often, if a site is advertised through unethical means, that is a sign that the website may not be trustworthy and possibly should be avoided.

One of the biggest warning signs is whether or not a product is advertised by a fake news site. A fake news site

Online Career Journal Reviews – Legit or Scam?

The Online Career Journal is a fake news website template used to promote a host of make money online opportunities. This site uses many deceptive tricks and sales tactics to convince unsuspecting customers to click through and purchase their recommended programs.

For starters the site is designed to mimic a real online news site like CNN or MSNBC, however if you actually take the time to explore it you’ll quickly realize that it’s nothing more than a one page advertorial.

There are no news stories, none of the links in the navigation work, and the “comments” section is completely fabricated. On top of that they use an IP reading script

News Daily 7 Reviews – Legit or Scam?

News Daily 7 ( is a web advertisement meant to look and seem like a legitimate news report. This fake news site, and other sites like it, are generally promoting a work at home business opportunity.

Sites like News Daily 7 usually tell the story of a work at home mother, often times named Kelly Richards, who was having trouble making ends meet until she came across a particular work at home opportunity. But this opportunity gave her the ability to work from home making just as much money, if not more, than she would have made at a traditional job.

These fake news sites often have an IP

Kelly Richards Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Kelly RichardsFirst of all, my sympathies go out to anyone actually named Kelly Richards.  It is not your fault that your name has become entwined with a series of scams that have been sweeping the internet recently.

Kelly Richards is a fake persona being used in a variety of scams.  Possibly the most well known and often seen use of Kelly Richards is in the fake news articles.

I’ve tried to do my best at to expose the use of fake news articles.  Fake news sites follow a basic template in which the site poses itself as a local online paper running a feature story on a successful work at

Home Cash Flow Solution Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Home Cash Flow is a new website by Jason Hall that claims to be able to give you the necessary tools and training to make money from home.  For a one time fee of $97.00, they promise you a set of ten pre-made, fully automated websites ready to go live and begin making you money within minutes of signing up.

While you will own the ten pre-made websites, Home Cash Flow Solution will set them up with ten different products to be promoted and sold from your individual sites.  These products will all be download ready – eBooks, Scripts, Software, ect – so there is no need for you to purchase, carry,