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Point and Click Profit System Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Point and Click Profit System, found online at, is a new money making opportunity presented by spokeswoman Amy Jensen, who promises that anyone can supplement their income or even possibly replace their day job.

Jensen describes this earning opportunity as a “certified, proven, and guaranteed” way to earn money from home. In addition, they promise that you can get your business up and running “immediately” and receive your first payments within 3 to 7 days.

Visitors who are interested in using this program will need to fill out a short application, and if their application is accepted, they will need to pay the purchase cost of $99 in order

Prime Power Incomes Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Prime Power Incomes, found online at, is a new work at home opportunity that promises people a “cash positive” business that they can successfully do from the comfort of their living rooms.

According to the website, their business opportunity is one where you will “never have to take money out of your own pocket” in order to participate, which also means you will not require any business loans or lines of credit.

Signing up for Prime Power Incomes gives you a free 7 day trial of their Success Kit, which is described as giving you instant access to all the tools and knowledge you will need to establish a

Insider Online Secrets Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Insider Online Secrets, found online at, is a new money making opportunity presented by entrepreneur Chris Bowser, who promises that anyone can replace their day job with just one to two hours of work per day.

Bowser says this opportunity is “certified, proven, and guaranteed” to give anyone the ability to earn money from their kitchen table, even during a recession. He also says it is possible to get your brand new business up and running within one day.

In order to get started with this new business opportunity, you can pay $47 to join the Video Training Group, or you can take the current discounted package of Video

Work at Home University Reviews – Legit or Scam?

The Work At Home University, or WAH University for short, located at, is a new training program for those looking to earn money with their own home business.

Their website claims that with just 60 minutes a day to spare, you can have a proven, certified, and guaranteed way to earn money with your own online business. No prior experience or skills are required, and it is a simple step by step program that anyone can follow.

If you are interested in purchasing the WAH University training program, there is a one time fee of $97.00, but their payment page claims that once you purchase, they have a 365

Online Suppliers Club Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Sheryl’s Blog, located at, is a webpage from work at home mom Sheryl Lewis where she explains to others how they can also earn up to $75 an hour working from home.

Sheryl claims that she purchases items at 50% off of the retail price and then resells them online for twice what she paid for them – or really, any price you choose – on websites such as eBay, Amazon, or Facebook.

If you are interested in the opportunity that Sheryl is promoting, simply click on any of the links shown on her blog and you’ll be taken to the Online Suppliers Club webpage, where you can sign