Point and Click Profit System Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Point and Click Profit System, found online at PointAndClickProfit.com, is a new money making opportunity presented by spokeswoman Amy Jensen, who promises that anyone can supplement their income or even possibly replace their day job.

Jensen describes this earning opportunity as a “certified, proven, and guaranteed” way to earn money from home. In addition, they promise that you can get your business up and running “immediately” and receive your first payments within 3 to 7 days.

Visitors who are interested in using this program will need to fill out a short application, and if their application is accepted, they will need to pay the purchase cost of $99 in order to get started.

The Opportunity

The Point and Click Profit System opportunity is actually an “Auction Listing Agent” opportunity. The sales page of this opportunity describes this job as the person who partners with major retailers to list their products for them on eBay.

The website goes on to say that for each product you list and sell on eBay, you will earn an average profit of $5, while some products have the ability to provide up to $100 in profit for the listing agent.

Using these numbers, Point and Click Profit System says that their members can easily earn $195 a day, and some hardworking members can even earn $195 per hour or more, depending on the effort they are willing to put it.

What to Know about Auction Listing

The job opportunity of “Auction Listing Agent” is extremely poorly represented by the Point and Click Profit System webpage and their partner, The Suppliers Club.

When they say that you partner with major retailers, this isn’t true. Instead you partner with something called a dropship company – in this case Doba – which is a large warehouse that stores a wide variety of products.

In exchange for a monthly membership fee that you will pay, the dropshipper allows you to post items from their warehouse on eBay. They handle all inventory and when an item sells, they are responsible for shipping them.

On top of the monthly fee you pay, you must also pay a set price for each individual item you list. The difference between the price of the item and what it auctions for will be the money you earn.

The $99 fee you pay to the Point and Click Profit System is for training related to Auction Listing strategies. However, people should know that there is actually a lot of free information available online, and even on eBay itself, regarding this topic. In addition, you do not need a third party to partner with a dropshipper like Doba – you can go directly to their website and partner with them if you choose.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Point and Click Profit System " is 2.44 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
  • I paid and ask for cancellation because everytime they ask you to paid this and pay that.The next day, somebody from Nevada called me and he was so rude saying that I am not listening and I have to call the number that he gave..such a dumbass!!! do not do that fake business, you lose you time and your money
  • This phishing ad appeared on a job listing yesterday right among all the $15 p/hr available 'fork lift' driver warehouse jobs. I guess they thought being on a real job listing board gives them automatic legitimacy. BBB gives "F" rating, hmmmm? "Earn $400 by end of tomorrow" posting $15 ads for large internet companies. Yes, that would be nice. I have been 'bit' before, however. I then run into the inevitable up-front $$ grab (oops, don't have the spare $97 ) And as usual before you leave the site there pops up some gal offering 'use-it-or-lose-it-now' $30 off the $97. Blah,blah...Then my common sense kicks in this morning as I contemplate making the extra $77 this weekend on the rideshare gig. IF THESE SLICK OUTFITS ARE SO SURE FOLKS CAN MAKE $75 PER HOUR AFTER WATCHING A FEW SHORT VIDEOS THEN WHY DON'T THEY PROVE IT BY LETTING FOLKS TRY OUT THEIR 'SYSTEM' FOR A FEW DAYS FOR FREE. THAT WAY THEY CAN SEE IF THEY ACTUALLY CAN MAKE THAT 3 OR $400 WITHIN THE TIME THEY CLAIM. THEN ONCE A 'TRAINEE' MAKES THAT SPECIFIED AMOUNT, THEN --AND ONLY THEN --WOULD THE COMPANY BE ENTITLED TO DEDUCT THEIR 'ONE TIME $97 FEE'. No doubt, it is just too easy for them to make more money up front.
  • I was going to buy it and I found this website. It is the one that costs $47. Can anyone tell me why is this a scam? Thanks
  • Charles said on his video he can help you for free and you can be millioner overnight. What indication is that to you???? So unbelievable...
  • Total scam! In another write up about point to click profits.. the people In the testimonials (pictures not videos) were stock photos. Also once you sign up the up-sell the crap out of you.. they know they have you hook line and cinder block. They are the ones making the profits selling this made up black box which by the way doesn’t exist either.
  • Is this a scam?
  • Can you tell me why you think it's a scam I'm very much interested you can save me a lot of time and money
  • Is the $7 charge a one time payment or a recurring monthly payment plan?
  • Sounds like mush to me !#$%
  • This is a scam! I wish you're website would reflect that!
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