The Side Hustle Bible Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Why do you need a side hustle? With the economy in a state of constant change, more people from all over the country are feeling the need to earn a few extra bucks – and provide financial stability – via a side hustle. There are thousands of names for side hustles, from side jobs to moonlighting to gigs, but what they all have in common is that they allow people to earn a little extra cash without having to quit or otherwise jeopardize their existing jobs or careers.

Side hustles allow people to provide for their increasing living expenses and provide a bit of a financial cushion. Because what’s better than making money? Making money on your own terms.

What is the Side Hustle Bible?

The Side Hustle Bible is a book by bestselling author and millionaire James Altucher. Altucher started 20 businesses by turning $143 into a multimillion dollar fortune. This author reveals nearly 200 different six-figure income opportunities you can start on the side to earn a ton of money for the rest of your life. These opportunities have minimal financial risk and don’t require any special connections.

To get started with these side hustles, you don’t have to have any overhead cash, and there’s no risk involved. You can get started on just a few hours a week, without jeopardizing your regular paycheck or health insurance. You can build a real company that utilizes your talents while still working full time.

This book won’t make you rich, but reading it very well could. It tells readers how to make more money than 95 percent of CEOs in America, and how to provide a recession-proof income for organized people. You can learn what over 200 ordinary people are doing to make money online, as well as legal ways to make over $2,000 in 48 hours.

What’s nice about these jobs is that they are designed for people who are introverted and want to earn a good amount of money. You can learn about hot online businesses that can be started from scratch, with no business know-how, expertise, or even marketable skills. You can get paid for your hobbies or set up a passive income stream that will support you for life.

Cost and Price Plans

If you purchase the Side Hustle Bible in the hardcover format, you get five free gifts. Purchasers receive a copy of “The Bestseller Blueprint: How to Write and Sell the Next Harry Potter”, which trains readers in how to write and publish bestselling books. You also get “The Five Best ‘Retirement’ Jobs in America,” in which you hear about five lucrative part-time gigs that can generate extra income every month.

The third free gift is “Your Side Hustle Quick-Start Guide and Workbook.” This planner helps take readers from the first stage of planning to the first income check. You also get free tickets to see The Altucher Show live in person, as well as a free question and answer Skype call with Altucher and two special guests in the spring.

You can only get these opportunities by purchasing The Side Hustle Bible, which costs $49 plus shipping and handling. When you purchase, you receive all of the products listed above, as well as special members-only email updates, access to a Facebook community, and access to the Altucher Report Support Team.

Competitors and Alternatives

Altucher operates under the auspices of Choose Yourself Financial, a company that sells numerous products including the Altucher Alliance (a membership program to help you make money and network with other billionaire insiders), the Altucher Report, Profit Line Alert, Altucher’s Crypto Trader, and Altucher’s Secret Income.

Customer Service

If you are not satisfied with The Side Hustle Bible, Altucher has your back. He allows you try the book (as well as all of the other included free products) for a full year – absolutely free. You just have to provide your email address to receive a copy of this book.

You can contact the Altucher Report Support Team between 9am and 5pm on Mondays through Fridays. You can message via email or call by phone. Emails can be directed to [email protected], while calls can be dialed at 1844-449-6520.

Purchases are processed within 3-5 business days from the date on which they were placed. You can cancel an order or a subscription by emailing [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints

While it’s difficult to find reviews for The Side Hustle Bible anywhere but the company’s website, those that are there are very much in favor of this book’s techniques. Employees of Forbes, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, and more, have weighed in on the benefits of reading this book. They claim that reading this book can “Change your life” and allow you to “make a lot of money, no matter what your age.”

Is the Side Hustle Bible Legit?

This book is legit, packed with 372 pages of tricks and techniques to grow your income. You can learn how to navigate every aspect of the side hustle game, without having to worry about how to carry out a certain recommendation in the book. This book is not overwhelming, because you can use it no matter where you are or what stage you are at in life.

Where to Buy?

You can only purchase The Side Hustle Bible through Altucher’s website. You can also find it on Amazon.

Is the Side Hustle Bible Worth It?

While there’s not a lot of information out there about people who have read The Side Hustle Bible and been successful in generating a steady side income – besides those listed on Altucher’s website and Amazon page, of course. While it is a short read, it is something you might find valuable in building your income stream, particularly if you don’t have a ton of extra side cash or time to spare.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Side Hustle Bible " is 3 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • SCAM!!!! You are promised a copy for submitting an email address, but can't get the download unless you buy a membership package,,, Liars.
  • The Side Hustle Bible on Amazon is not written by James Altucher. It's written by Jacob Wallace. So it's not the same!!

    <img src="" alt="The Side Hustle Bible: 150+ Side Hustle Ideas and How to Start Making Money Right Away - Make Money Online and Offline"/

  • I am hoping you can help me I want to purchase The Side Hustle Bible written by James Altucher either print or digital copy. I have tried to purchase through James Altucher's site but cannot because I live in Australia and Australia is not in the country drop down list so I could not complete the order.

    I sent a support ticket to them and got the reply that they cannot send to Australia because of GST Tax in Australia. I have brought books and courses from the USA in the past with no problems or tax to pay here for my purchases. Please help me all I want to do is read the book.
  • So, now what to beleive? The information on the "Side Hustle Bible" 'sales/landing' page or the 'comments' above? This 300+ page is a "short read"? Who is Domenico Salvatore? Is the book $49 or $79? Is the book hardback or a downloadable eBook? Sorry for all the questions, but this offer sounds almost 'too good to be true', but I think I would REALLY like to purchase this book (and I will!) So, I'm hoping for some satisfying answers to my questions!! Thank you,

    Bob Kelly
    • That other author, D.S., he just so happened to name his book the same title as James Altucher's, but it is NOT the same book. There are a few other books titled "The Side Hustle Bible" on Amazon. In fact, Altucher's book is Not available to purchase on Amazon at all, only from his website. Just thought you should know! I honestly will be purchasing it myself very very soon!
  • I just ordered James’ whole package plus the Side-Hustle Bible for $79. Now I find out all those extra 5 items are included in the price of the Bible for $49. All the info was supposed to be available digitally immediately but I can’t find it on my phone anywhere? Can someone help me? My email is [email protected]
  • The Side Hustle Bible on Amazon is not written by James Altucher. It's written by Domenico Salvatore. So it's not the same.
  • Thanks for your help.
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