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Cruise Planners Franchise – Legit or Scam?

Cruise Planners Franchise, found online at, is a franchise opportunity for people who are interested in running their own independent travel agency business out of their home.

A franchise is an independently owned business opportunity where the owner pays fees for using the knowledge, business practices, and other proprietary information of an already established business.

The Cruise Planners Franchise website says that they are one of the most successful, affordable franchises currently available on the market, with just an initial investment of $10,495 required.

The Promises

The Cruise Planners website says that their opportunity is perfect for people with no travel agency experience, because they offer you a six

Watch Out for Web Fortune Master Comment Spam

Marketers of the new work at home opportunity, web fortune master, have taken to comment spam as a means of promotion. You may have noticed these odd comments on some of your favorite online news and gossip sites.

The comments vary but essentially all claim that they’ve found a method that you can use to start making hundreds of dollars an hour online. They include a website link, which also constantly changes, most likely oddly spelled – depending on the news site’s spam settings.

Here’s an example of one taken off

web fortune master spam

So what are These Guys Trying to Sell You?

If you click through the comment spam

Online Income Builder Program Reviews – Legit or Scam?

The main advertisement for this new business opportunity can be found on this site, This web page tells the story of Ivan and Alicia Levine and their rise to success using the Online Income Builder Program.

They claim that by using this resource they were able to build a thriving eCommerce business focusing on educational children’s toys.

The rest of the website is a sales pitch for the program trying to convince you to purchase the product and try your own hand at building an online business.

This whole thing is a Robert Allen venture – real estate author turned make money online guru. This is his second product

Empower Network Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Empower Network is a Multi-Level Marketing company who claims their first priority is to help your business become successful and show you that anyone can achieve personal success.

This company offers educational training, products, and other specialized services – from targeted marketing systems and potential customer databases to website hosting and maintenance – that are intended to help you build your business online and become an internet network marketer.

How Do They Work?

One of the main themes addressed throughout their marketing concept is generating a steady number of leads. Leads are the primary source to the path of success. In traditional lead generation, there are multiple ways to generate