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Marketers of the new work at home opportunity, web fortune master, have taken to comment spam as a means of promotion. You may have noticed these odd comments on some of your favorite online news and gossip sites.

The comments vary but essentially all claim that they’ve found a method that you can use to start making hundreds of dollars an hour online. They include a website link, which also constantly changes, most likely oddly spelled – depending on the news site’s spam settings.

Here’s an example of one taken off

web fortune master spam

So what are These Guys Trying to Sell You?

If you click through the comment spam link you’ll be taken to a landing page that looks like a legitimate news site. However it’s not, it’s purely a fabricated advertisement designed to further lure you into the sales pitch.

These fake news sites are a great sales technique and have been aggressively used over the last 5 years. Again with some slight variations in their content but overall the same concept. In the one used for this example the “news” story reads, “Single Mom Makes $89,844/Yr in Her Spare Time on The Computer without Selling Anything.”

The single mom, Kelly Richards, has been covered in depth on our website as her story has been used to promote countless work at home opportunities. Moreover, the more savvy promoters use ip reading scripts on their fake news sites to uniquely tailor Kelly’s home town to that of yours. So no matter who’s reading the article it will appear that Kelly resides in their neighborhood.

On To Web Fortune Master…

After you click on one of the links on the news site you’ll be taken to the home page for Here you’ll also be presented with a long sales pitch delivered by the spokesperson Angela Bussio.

It’s a drawn out sales pitch but at its crux the opportunity being presented is link posting online for profits. This concept has also been heavily covered on In short this is simply a novel term for affiliate marketing.

The biggest misconception here, and the reason why all these programs get negative reviews on our site, is the notion that you get paid for every link you post online. This is simply not the case.

When you sign up for their program you will be taught the basics of affiliate marketing – using tracking links to promote products online for commissions, and taught various marketing strategies. Through the web fortune master program you will also be directed to purchase an eCommerce website.

This is where many of the complaints stem from, the promotional materials paint a picture of easy riches simply posting links online. When the reality is that you need to become familiar with online marketing, promote products online, learn to advertise your website, and much more.

The cost of the program is a onetime fee of $97, after 30 days there will be a monthly fee of $8.78. There are also several additional income streams and training manuals that you can pay for.

If you have signed up for Web Fortune Master and need their contact information they can be reached by phone at 877-387-1585 or email: [email protected]

So Does it Really Work?

The question that is on most people’s minds when they first come across this seemingly too good to be true opportunity. In theory affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, and many of your favorite bloggers partake in various affiliate programs when they choose to recommend products to their readers.

However this is not an easy way to make a living, the success of your affiliate business will depend on either one of two things. Building a successful website that attracts lots of visitors, or developing a way to directly advertise your promotional offers to online browsers, i.e facebook or Google’s Adwords advertising platforms.

The basic concept to understand is this: even if making money was as simple as getting people to click a link, the real challenge is getting the people to see that link.

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