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Insider Online Secrets, found online at, is a new money making opportunity presented by entrepreneur Chris Bowser, who promises that anyone can replace their day job with just one to two hours of work per day.

Bowser says this opportunity is “certified, proven, and guaranteed” to give anyone the ability to earn money from their kitchen table, even during a recession. He also says it is possible to get your brand new business up and running within one day.

In order to get started with this new business opportunity, you can pay $47 to join the Video Training Group, or you can take the current discounted package of Video Training in addition to phone access to startup specialists as well as a personal action plan also for $47, instead of the normal price of $197.

The Work Opportunity

According to the Insider Online Secrets Portal sales page, the job being promoted is that of an “Auction Listing Agent.” The website describes this opportunity as you partnering up with a major company, such as Apple or Compaq, to list their products on eBay.

After the product you list sells, the website says the company will take their manufacturing, packaging, and shipping costs out of the overall price that was paid, and then whatever is left over will be your profit.

Bowser says that the average person who begins working with him as an Auction Listing Agent earns $195 a day, can get their business up and running within one day, and can earn their first paycheck within one week.

The Reality of Auction Listing

Auction Listing Agents don’t really partner with individual companies to list their products on eBay. Instead, they usually partner with something called a “dropship company.”

A dropship company is a large warehouse that houses a wide variety of products and, for a monthly membership fee, they will allow you to list their products on auction websites. They will handle the inventory and then ship the products to those who purchase them.

There will be set prices you have to pay for each item on top of your monthly fee, however, and the difference between the set price of the item and what it auctions for will be the money you earn.

With the Insider Online Secrets Group, you are paying to be trained in the Auction Listing business; however, there is tons of free information available online, and even on eBay itself. People who purchase their training program and then have complaints about what they receive are said to have a 30 Day money back guarantee, though you should familiarize yourself with the details of this guarantee before you rely on it.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Insider Online Secrets " is 2.17 out of 5 based on 53 reviews.
  • I’m so thankful I read all these reviews in FBA stores. I listen to Chris Browser and was so sold. Thank goodness I had not purchased anything.
  • * Scam, they are forcing you to drink their drugged coffee so you will buy the program.

    * Their major audience is old people that are easy to scam.

    * Eye contact psychology, messing with your mind by picking on your income. Telling you that you are in a horrible financial condition.

    * The speaker constantly changes the topic to his friends (coaches') to show what expensive items they have.

    * Some of the coaches are wearing a lot of jewelry and gold (probably fake gold) to show how rich they are so that they can easily manipulate your behavior.

    * Coaches are constantly watching you from all four angles.

    * Forcing you to buy FBA (Not fulfilled by amazon, but Fulfilled by Adam), telling you that their program is better because they can put stickers on boxes of large quantities) - LIE, Amazon does it everything.

    *All of them have fake names and temporary phone number. No, you will not get anything you pay for.

    I will leave you with one phrase here - "psychological pressure."

    W A T C H O U T!
  • As a an amazon myself I know a good scam. Ask Chris Bowser or any of the instructors to log into their amazon account and show you their sales. All their money is made selling over priced coaching programs. Do you own research. Beware. File a chargeback if you spent money.
    • Unfortunately you can not always depend on reviews for honest feedback when deciding on a company. This is a prime example. If Tyson Ellis can provide some sort of identifier that he is in fact Tyson Ellis this comment may have legitimacy. After contacting FBA Stores they let me know that there was only 1 Tyson Ellis in the system and that is me. I am the Only Tyson Ellis that has a right to comment on the company and my experience has been positive. Amazon is a great platform to build a credible online business. The guidance that is provided at FBA Stores has lead to successful businesses despite what you read. My hunch is that this fraudulent comment was left by a competing company to FBA Stores in hopes to slander. To whomever used my name to comment. How can you question someones integrity when you fraudulently hide behind my name to accomplish your purpose. Grow up! If you are a real "Tyson Ellis" and have proof then I apologize and will delete this comment with my tail between my legs.

      -The Real Tyson Ellis
  • FBA Stores is a big time scammer. Please please please don't fall into their persuasive sales pitch. They make their presentation look enticing but once they get your money they will leave you in the dark. I hope these scammers get investigated and imprisoned.
  • I have read alot of the pissed of people here and would like to ask if someone has ANYTHING at all organized OR inquired about a refund from FBA Stores??
    • Tim this is your lucky day. I can tell you from experience how it is to try to get a refund from FBA Stores.

      I tried arbitration with FBA Stores and lost. The ruling in the arbitration was: I was responsible for reading and understanding the terms and conditions before I signed the contract. Refund claim denied. See yah!

      Like you, I signed up for a Diamond coaching package based on the promises FBA Stores’ presented in the Workshop. The terms and conditions in the contract we signed disclaimed/denied anything that is not in the contract. This basically says that anything FBA Stores said in the Workshop is denied as alleged communication.

      In my opinion, FBA Stores business practices are despicable at best; however, not against the law.

      This post is for people trying to get their money back from FBA Stores for a Diamond coaching package.

      Please like and share this post on all websites where people are complaining about FBA Stores and on the Facebook pages of people that are in the same boat as we.

      The great news in that I have not given up.

      I have been reviewing the contract terms and conditions about Bonus #3 (getting a 2nd Amazon store).

      I am NOT a lawyer, but I think Bonus #3 (2nd Amazon store) is NOT deliverable and MAY/MIGHT/COULD BE/POSSIBLE grounds for breach of contract. If you are a lawyer, have a lawyer or contact one, please ask them to review the reasons shown below in the email.

      Don't get too excited yet. We still have to ask FBA Stores to clarify the aspects of Bonus #3.

      You can do this by sending an innocent clarification email to FBA Stores and ask them to answer a simple question.

      Please send the following in an email to Ron Dunn (FBA Stores General Manger) at [email protected] and Kailla Walls (FBA Stores "Student" Manager) at [email protected]

      Don't modify the email body. This is about getting an answer from FBA Stores and NOT ranting or making demands.

      [ start email] Subject: Amazon Insider Network Bonus #3 - Deliverability Clarification

      Dear Mr. Dunn and Ms. Walls,

      I have been reviewing the Amazon Insider Network contract terms and conditions about Bonus #3 (2nd Amazon store) and I need a clarification.

      I have a simple Yes or No question: Is Bonus #3, in its entirety, a deliverable, contracted benefit that I paid for?

      I don't think Bonus #3 is deliverable by FBA Stores for these reasons: It is unethical: Creating a 2nd Amazon store is forbidden in the Amazon agreement It could do harm to my business (Amazon store): Amazon can shut me down It would force me to violate my agreement with Amazon to have only 1 store

      When can I expect your answer to my simple Yes or No question?

      This is the description of Bonus #3 for your easy reference: Bonus #3: 2nd Store setup in Boston with fully loaded laptop and MiFi. We create your 2nd Amazon Store so that you can double your income and sell your product twice as fast. We provide you with the 2nd computer to run and manage your business from so that you don’t link both accounts together. We show you to how to keep everything separate so Amazon will never link your accounts.

      Sincerely, Your Name

      [end email]
  • Do not pay for any "coaching" packages from FBA Stores. They do not deliver on the promises given in the 3 day workshop. I am in the midst of arbitration to get my money back. I wish I could put 0 stars on this review.
    • I just attended the $995 three day seminar and although after about 2 hours I realized what it was all about, buying into their packaged deals. Turnkey business if you will. I didn't see these reviews until today, Monday. I gave them a deposit and am now working on getting a loan for the other $30K. I am now scared to death after reading these reviews. Honestly, should I get out now?!?! I'm unemployed and was hoping to start my own business. Nervous as hell!
    • Yes get out now!
  • Is there free food at the workshop?
    • Coffee that tastes drugged. And water that smelled rancid. I felt disgusted that lots of people bought the nonsense he was selling.
    • scam they got me for 35k! NO profit model, minimal support, liars.
    • Please do not attend the workshop. The customer service is really bad. Please think before you pay $995 for 3 days work shop
  • I recently received two tickets to attend some workshops in LA from Adam Bowser. I'm doing my research to see what it's about and I really don't have interest in it. If you're someone that is interested in these workshops and don't want to spend your big money, I have two tickets of $147 value but I'll drop it down. You can message me (323)594-8488
    • The event is free. The price on the ticket is a random value. They give them away so you feel you get something for nothing. Hope you didn't pay for them.
  • I attended the FBA store seminar and found it very convincing. A quick way to get started selling on Amazon. They premised a money back guarantee if you do not like the course. I did not believe that they would return my money and decided to check a little more. I am glad that I did, when I went on line to get the free gifts that I was promised for attending the seminar I could not figure out how to get them. I and went to their chat icon several times and each time I was told that there were no operators to help. I called the phone number and they told me to go to the chat on their web site. I got the run around but I am sure glad I did not give them any of my money.
  • The FBA system provides a great foundation for a successful Amazon business.
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