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The Work At Home University, or WAH University for short, located at, is a new training program for those looking to earn money with their own home business.

Their website claims that with just 60 minutes a day to spare, you can have a proven, certified, and guaranteed way to earn money with your own online business. No prior experience or skills are required, and it is a simple step by step program that anyone can follow.

If you are interested in purchasing the WAH University training program, there is a one time fee of $97.00, but their payment page claims that once you purchase, they have a 365 Day Make Money Guaranteed refund policy.

The Concerns

The first and most problematic concern with the Work at Home University is that they never say exactly what you’ll be trained to do. They ask you to pay almost $100 for a “proven method” but they never explain what that method is.

There are many different legitimate online business systems that people use to earn money every day. However, just because a business gives you the ability to earn money, does not mean that you will enjoy it or that it will be a good fit for you, and that will limit your success.

In addition, WAH University does not actually offer a 365 refund policy, their Terms & Conditions state that they only offer a 60 day refund policy, and that this policy will only be honored if you can proved that you followed their system perfectly and still failed to earn even $1. If you cannot do this, your refund will not be honored.

Simply Click to Profit

Reading the Terms and Conditions also reveals that the Work at Home University is a division of Simply Click to Profit, another work at home business opportunity that trains people how to be an Auction Listing Agent.

An Auction Listing Agent is someone who uses a dropship company to list items on auction websites or online stores. They pay wholesale prices for the items, attempt to sell them at retail, and then keep the profits for themselves.

If being an Auction Listing Agent appeals to you, there are many free resources available online that will walk you through the particulars of that job, including resources on eBay itself, or at the major dropship companies, like Doba.

And please keep in mind that when you provide your contact information to, you are giving them and their partner companies permission to contact you, even if you are registered on the National Do Not Call list.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " WAH University " is 1.35 out of 5 based on 48 reviews.
  • While I was reading the information concerning this program, things looked legit because of the "approvals" from different news stations and such. When I tried to leave the webpage, it offered me a refund down to $47 from the original 97$

    This should have been a red flag for me, but unfortunately I fell for the offer. Even after going over the info provided it didn't make sense and was very confusing concerning how things worked. Don't fall for this SCAM.
  • At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal court entered a temporary restraining order halting a deceptive work-at-home scheme. The defendants allegedly lured consumers into buying an online system, falsely promising that they would earn thousands of dollars in their spare time working from home.

    According to the FTC, the defendants operated under various brand names, including Work At Home EDU, Work At Home Program, Work At Home Ecademy, Work At Home University, Work At Home Revenue and Work at Home Institute. They routinely claimed people could earn “hundreds of dollars per hour from home, without any special skills or experience.”

    The defendants used online “native” advertising – promotional content that resembles the non-advertising material beside it – to reach consumers who were researching work-at-home opportunities on the internet. For example, they placed a link to their Work At Home EDU website near an article about working from home on the website

    Bobby J. Robinson, Michael Sirois, Bob Robinson LLC, Mega Export 2005 Inc., Mega Export USA Inc. and Netcore Solutions LLC are charged with violating the FTC Act and the FTC’s Business Opportunity Rule. The Rule requires business opportunity sellers to make certain disclosures to help consumers evaluate the opportunity, and prohibits such sellers from making earnings claims without adequate substantiation.

    The Commission vote authorizing the staff to file the complaint was 2-0. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, entered a temporary restraining order against the defendants on August 8, 2017. The FTC has requested the entry of a preliminary injunction that would halt the scheme until trial. An evidentiary hearing on the request is set for August 24, 2017.

    NOTE: The Commission files a complaint when it has “reason to believe” that the law has been or is being violated and it appears to the Commission that a proceeding is in the public interest. The case will be decided by the court.

    The Federal Trade Commission works to promote competition, and protect and educate consumers. You can learn more about consumer topics, including business opportunity scams and what you need to know before starting your own business, and file a consumer complaint online or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357). Small business owners can also learn more at Like the FTC on Facebook (link is external), follow us on Twitter (link is external), read our blogs and subscribe to press releases for the latest FTC news and resources.
  • Its a scam and a rip off all they do is pass the buck and one can never start the program because there is no program
  • Wow thank goodness I researched this out before signing up! My mother in law who was a paralegal for many years told me to look into this prior to making a commitment; she was so right. Sorry you all got scammed into this. Its sad how these people take advantage of those in need and desperate for work. However, Mom says if there are on line jobs most likely they do not make you pay into them, you would be on a probationary period at first. Wishing you all the best of luck and hope you find something soon.
  • Wow! They've been doing this for over 3 years?

    Where is the Sheriff....Is this not a criminal activity!!!

    Can't someone get them out of town.
  • I was 2 minutes from signing up...............found this site and did not. I am so happy I did. Thanks to you all for the info!!!!
  • I am so relieved to have found this website just a few minutes away from sending in the money. I am also on disability and am desperate to find an at home job to get back into the work force. I hate being on Disability, but I hate scam artist who take advantage of people. That rip off people who want to do something else with their lives that would better themselves. I pray each of you find your dream jobs and a better future for yourselves and your families. I also pray God's forgiveness on these people and wake them up to what they are really doing to people's lives. They are truly hurtful and deceitful, there is no excuse for that. Thank you for sharing and preventing me from making a BIG mistake which I so cannot afford! God Bless . . .
  • Oh Boy, I signed up for $97. When Jason Powell asked about my income, I became uncomfortable so I asked for a website and he gave me Encompass University which led me to this Review site. Oh gosh, where do I call now to get a refund? I know it's gonna be hard but I will try.
    • Even though I am certainly old enough to know better, I did sign up. Got to thinking about it and just felt I had been scammed. Called to cancel, got hung up on. Called again - sales talk. Called my credit card, they handled it beautifully, and I got my refund.

      Stay away from this outfit. I got lucky.
  • I was foolish enough to pay them the $97. I was also foolish for not having checked them out more thoroughly before I did that. I don't expect to get my money back. I became very concerned when they insisted that I call my credit card company to determine how much of a credit line I had available and what my interest rate on that account was. They told me they needed this information so they could "customize" a program specifically for me based upon what I could invest. They also wanted to know how much cash I had available to invest and how soon I could get my hands on that money. They had originally told me there would be no investment cost. I asked them why they needed to know what I was willing to invest, rather than just telling me what it would cost me to invest. Again - the story of needing that info in order to build a program specifically for me. When they started asking about available credit, I did not give them that information and decided it was time to get out. Fortunately, I did not give them any of my financial information and they certainly did not like it when I started asking them why they needed that info. I'm just glad I got out before I spent any more $.
    • I called my card and the money was put on hold, I then called the wah customer service number..if it doesn't go back on I have to call my card company and they'll file against them and I'll get it back.
  • This is definitely a scam. I purchased a "membership" for the $97.00 and decided 2 weeks later to get a refund. I have gotten nothing but lies day after day. Marie promised me she would return my call twice and I never heard from her, after calling again and had to leave a message she called but not on the phone number that I left. She then told me my case was escalated to the accounting department and they were investigating the situation. She then told me the problem was with my account number and she needed a card number that they could refund the $97.00 to immediately, still no refund. I have contacted Lifelock to make sure my account will not be violated. I will call tomorrow and will be told another lie and then I will contact the BBB, which is all I can do. Do not under any circumstance enter into any agreement with this fraudulent company.


    Tom Fry
    • Tom Fry, can you tell me the telephone number to call to get a refund? I'm sure it's gonna be hell but I'll try. Will appreciate your reply.
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