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Prime Power Incomes, found online at, is a new work at home opportunity that promises people a “cash positive” business that they can successfully do from the comfort of their living rooms.

According to the website, their business opportunity is one where you will “never have to take money out of your own pocket” in order to participate, which also means you will not require any business loans or lines of credit.

Signing up for Prime Power Incomes gives you a free 7 day trial of their Success Kit, which is described as giving you instant access to all the tools and knowledge you will need to establish a successful business.

How Does Prime Power Incomes Work?

Prime Power Incomes will teach you how to earn money selling items on eBay, the world’s most popular auction site, but you will never be required to keep inventory of products or to purchase them up front.

Instead you will partner with a drop ship company who will maintain your entire inventory for you, and you will only pay for your items once they have already been purchased by a customer and need to be shipped.

The drop ship company that you will partner with is called Doba, and is one of the best known drop ship companies available in the United States, as well as having a long established working relationship with eBay.

The Problems

Prime Power Incomes seriously misleads, if not blatantly deceives, their potential customers when they describe the drop shipping business as one where you “never have to take money out of your own pocket.”

The Success Kit you will receive when signing up with Prime Power Incomes is not free. There is a free 7 day trial, after which you will be required to pay $49.95 a month to continue getting access to their informational materials.

In addition, while it is true that will never have to pay for an item up front, in order to partner with a drop ship company, you must be a member of that company. At Doba, the least expensive annual membership costs $599.50, or you can sign up for a monthly membership of $59.95.

Prime Power Incomes claims that people who sign up for their service will get a “free starter account” with your membership so that you can try the business for yourself. Doba also offers a free trial directly to their members, with no obligation to pay $49.95 a month for Prime Power Incomes’ informational sources.

Luckily for people who are interested in this business, there are many different free resources available online which provide strategies, information, and knowledge about how to best work with the drop ship business. In addition, you can sign up with Doba directly – there is no need for a middle man.

A Word About Drop Shipping

Drop shipping and auction listing are actually very controversial businesses, the positives and negatives of which are well documented within the free eBay Community forums as well as the free eBay Pages which offer information to their buyers and sellers.

Auction listing is what is commonly thought of as “a race to the bottom.” There is a set wholesale price you must pay for the item you are listing on eBay, because that is the price Doba demands no matter what. But the whole point of an auction is that the buyer purchases that item at a discount compared to what they find elsewhere.

With such a large volume of people offering wholesale and drop ship items on eBay already, the competition for sales means that sellers have to be willing to sell at the lowest possible price in order to successfully make the sale. This is a brutal way to earn money in sales profits.

So before you decide to get your information about drop shipping and auction listing from Prime Power Incomes, whose goal is keep you enrolled in the $49.95 a month training program as well as to eventually enroll you in a paid monthly Doba subscription, it would be smart to research the pros and cons of this well documented subject online for free.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Prime Power Incomes " is 4.67 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
  • Things with Prime Power Incomes are going really well so far! Ive actually sold a few products and am starting to get the hang of it now. EBay is a great place to sell items since there is so many people buying on there. I like that doba is connected to EBay which makes it that much easier to get the products up and list them for sale on the site. Thanks Prime Power Incomes!

  • I did a little research before purchasing a membership to Prime Power Incomes too. As a member for several weeks now, I'm actually very pleased with the product. They had easy to follow video guides so I was able to get up and running pretty quickly.

    Its really nice that they are linked with Doba because you have access to thousands of products right away after you sign up for the program. I've been selling products on Ebay which is really easy to do. They even showed me how to setup my facebook store so I can sell to my friends and family too!

    I've really enjoyed the program so far. Thanks!
  • I came across this review site when looking up Prime Power Incomes. The reviews on this site use the context "legit or scam" so I was really interested to see what they said about Prime Power Incomes since I've been using the program for the last few weeks. I was happy to see the generally positive reviews above, as well as what appears to be a responsible reply from the company.

    Anyways, my 2 cents:

    The program has done what it says so far. Its super easy to launch auctions from their drop-shipping software; i'll give them that, and there ARE some really good deals in there that you can sell for a profit. So thats all legit and stuff... I've already made a few hundred bucks and I think if I give it some actual time I could probably make it into a "real" income source. If I had one knock of the program that's preventing it from getting a 5 out of 5, I have to weed through a lot of products to find the ones that will be most profitable. That takes a little time...but it pays off I guess. Just wish there was a way to automate that research a bit more.

    Anyways, if you're interested in ebay and don't wanna hold inventory, its worth a look....
  • I just bought my Prime Power Incomes kit a few days ago and haven't spent too much time with it yet, but what I have seen looks great! The product materials are really well written so its easy to understand. I can't wait to start applying what I'm learning to my new ebay store!
  • Hey, I've been a member of Prime Power Incomes for almost two whole weeks now, and I've very much appreciated the program so far.

    Since joining, I've already viewed some of the getting started tutorials and have set up my Ebay store. It's great that they work so closely with Doba as their drop-shipping company. And no, there is no separate membership for the Doba part. When you join Prime Power Incomes, you get a free Doba membership right away!

    Anyway, I like the program so far!


  • Hello,

    I am writing on behalf of Prime Power Incomes. While parts of this review highlight some true and really good things about our program, I think other parts are very unfair.

    It is true that our program is partnered with DOBA. It is true that DOBA is one of the biggest and most well known drop shipping companies in the US. And it is true that they work very closely with EBAY. This is exactly why we chose them as a partner on this venture :-)

    However, one thing this reviewer states is that you have to pay for a DOBA membership to get started using our program. This is 100% false! One of the biggest value components of our program is that we are providing a completely FREE DOBA Starter account with your Prime Power Incomes membership. FREE as in you pay NOTHING additional. It has 50,000 products available. And with an opportunity to try the program, this is a great sample to see if this is a business you want to run with. If you do, THEN YES, there are larger packages available from DOBA that may open up your available drop shipping catalog to over 1.4M products.

    Overall, we think our product is a great introduction to starting a drop shipping business. We definitely help people learn all the basics concepts behind such a business model. And most of all we LISTEN to our members and update our content based on questions being commonly asked.
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