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Work From Home Video


When evaluating websites that sell work at home opportunities, there are generally a few things that you can look for to tell whether or not that site is genuine and trustworthy. Here at Reviewopedia.com, we often reference these telltale signs in our reviews of websites and products.

Frequently, one of the things we look for is how a site is advertised. Often, if a site is advertised through unethical means, that is a sign that the website may not be trustworthy and possibly should be avoided.

One of the biggest warning signs is whether or not a product is advertised by a fake news site. A fake news site is an advertisement that is intended to fool people into thinking it is an honest, objective online news article advocating for a certain work at home job.

But there is another form of false site advertisement that you should look for.

“Working from Home is Big…”

Her name is Tracy Davidson, and she’s an actual news anchor for NBC 10 Philadelphia. A few years ago, she did a real story on work at home opportunities that were legitimate and had worked for people that she personally interviewed.

Unfortunately, Davidson’s story was taken by someone who edited out all the details of the actual job she was reviewing, and was remade to look as though it is advertising a variety of other work at home jobs, often from a news source called News Daily 7.

Now many websites are using this doctored version of the NBC 10 video, to fool their visitors into thinking their work at home opportunity has been investigated and is being endorsed by a legitimate news source.

Who is Responsible?

Tracy Davidson did a follow up investigation on the edited version of her video, and found that many of the work at home programs using this illegally altered video were products of ICM Websites, or Internet Cash Machine Websites.

Internet Cash Machine Websites is a company that produces many work at home programs, and according to the Davidson story, they have a failing rate with the California Better Business Bureau due to customer complaints of unknown charges to their accounts.

But ICM is not the only company using this video. Many others do as well, and while they may not be responsible for altering the content of the video, they are using it while knowing it does not represent their company or opportunity.

So if you see this video promoting a work at home program, pay close attention to their Terms & Conditions. You may not like what you find.

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