Arrow Outlet Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Arrow is a new penny auction site.  A penny auction, if you haven’t heard of one before, is a type of auction where you purchase bids – priced at $.50 each at Arrow Outlet – to use in attempt to win brand new, popular items at extremely discounted prices.

Unlike regular auctions, you are not given the ability to bid your own price.  Instead, you simply make a bid, which raises the “cost” of the item by a few cents.  Once the clock has run out and someone has won the auction, the winner must pay the final price of the item, despite whatever costs they have already paid in bids.

In addition, the clock functions differently at a penny auction website than at traditional auction websites.  Here, every time someone bids, the clock is reset, meaning that the auction can go on indefinitely as long as people are actively bidding.  Like most other penny auction websites, if you lose your auction, you have the Buy It Now option of simply purchasing the item at full retail cost, less part of the costs of the bids you already spent during the auction.

So is Arrow Outlet Legit?

Arrow Outlet is what would happen if you crossbred a casino and a standard penny auction site.  They have so many things going on, it’s hard to know where to begin.

First, all penny auctions are heavily criticized for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the most well known and popular criticism stems from the fact that penny auction sites are both the seller and the auctioneer, which means that the sites themselves benefit greatly from having the auctions continue as long as possible.  This tends to create many bad feelings between the buyers and the site, especially if there are ever technical or clock glitches.

But, beyond the standard criticisms of penny auction sites, Arrow Outlet has some issues that are unique to them.  First and foremost, they have the Bid-O-Matic, which is a bot they encourage their users to utilize.  The Bid-O-Matic places bids for you, and you don’t even have to be at home.  It starts and stops and bids as often as you program it to.

In addition, the more you bid, the more you “Level Up,” and each time you “Level Up,” you are given a grab bag prize which you can either accept or exchange for further bids.

Both of these features are obviously meant to encourage frequent and potentially mindless bidding, keeping in mind that each bid costs $.50.

But perhaps the biggest red flag at Arrow Outlet is their Buy It Now feature.  Unlike the way Buy It Now works at other sites, here it only takes $.10 of each bid into account when you buy the item at retail price.  For example, say you are bidding on a $50 item and use $40 in bids (which is already a bad idea).

If you lose the auction and would then like to Buy It Now, you will only be given credit for $8 toward your Buy It Now item.  So you spent $40 on bidding and $42 on the item, meaning you just paid $82 for an item that retails for $50.  It seems that there are better ways to spend your money.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Arrow Outlet " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • is CLOSED and out of business! I checked today but who knows how long they've been gone. Good riddance to another penny auction! Spend your time and money on better things people!!!
  • I have never been to this site and never used it. But I was shocked when my bank card was declined at two stores. Turns out there was a hold put on my card for fraudulent activity. They found a charge from ARROWOUTLET THAT DIDN'T FIT MY USAGE. I never gave them my card numbers so how did they get them? Watchout!
  • Mathematicians at the University of California, San Diego discovered that uses robots and wins 70% of their own auctions. Collected data shows that each month, ArrowOutlet fools 1,000 real users and takes $130,000.00 from them.
  • Complete Scam...............they tried charging my credit card also and the card company reported it as a fraudulent activity..

  • I promise you will lose every penny at this site. The site tempts you with high end electronics but they have shill bidders everywhere, just check out the BBB rating that the few people who took the time out to complain. Quibids is the most legit site out there. If you don't believe me just try Arrowoutlet and you'll see what a waste of money.

    I hope the government comes down hard on these criminals.
  • Personally I invested $50.00 and won $15.00 Amazon gift cards in level up and one $10.00. If you intend on going here READ all documentation on and review websites like this one in the future. Also, bid agressively with people of your statuer not advancewd players lie Dutchess 63, M-Flat, and E2yanci and others. Don't think you will win $1500.00 computers each time either and go online late at night. Look at the vulnerable fish that are obvious beginners and crush them like flies are my best advice to you guys. I agree the deck is stacked against us but with great risk is great gains true in capitalism and in lottery no different on penny websites.
  • I stumbled onto ArrowOutlet a couple of weeks ago. Can't remember how now, but it probably was a banner ad that attracted to the place. Normally, I wouldn't be interested in spending any money on such a site, because my common sense tells me that it's really a waste of money. But, I saw an item- a Cuisinart Cookware Set- that I have wanted for a long time but couldn't afford it at Amazon prices. So, I decided to give it a try. I purchased a bidpack for $20 and set my eyes on the item. Over the next 10-12 hours, I tried to win some bidpacks, and the item, but never succeeded. $40 later, I decided to cut my losses and vowed to never try another Penny Auction site. I think you're just wasting your money. There are a few observations I made that echo the comments of others here that I would like to share.

    1. It seemed that a few bidders were consistently winning all the bids that I participated in. It was amazing how one bidder (whose ID I didn't record) kept winning bidpacks one after another. Whenever I saw the bidder bidding on an item, it was almost a given that the bidder would eventually prevail. And the same bidder would be active on multiple bids at once. I didn't understand that could be possible when I was struggling to keep my grasp on one bid. There were a numbers of bidders like that.

    2. A dozen times or more, I was sure I had won a bid only to see it go to someone else. It was almost like my keystroke wasn't recorded. I noticed the same momentary "pause" that others have mentioned here many times. It came an instant before the clock ran out. So I happened that I would place a bid a split-second before the clock ran out, sure that I got it right, but the bid went to someone else.

    3. Now the big one: I got a call from my Bank this morning saying that there were suspicious activities on my account. There were 4 charges on my card that they thought were suspicious and they wanted to confirm if I had made those charges, or if I lost my card. The charges added up to over a thousand dollars. The charges were denied and the card was deactivated. Of course, I can't really say that this had anything to do with ArrowOutlet, but it's an odd coincidence. I do a lot of online shopping; have done so for years. But, this was the first time I got caught up in an online fraud.

    My parting words would be: Don't waste a penny on these Penny Auction sites, in the hope of finding a great deal. Save your money instead, find a good sale, and buy that thing that you want.

    Finally, I totally agree that all these penny auction sites should be thoroughly investigated, prosecuted if necessary, and strictly regulated.

  • YOU CAN'T GIVE THEM A ZERO HERE? WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? THESE PEOPLE. THE Arrogance. it's disgusting. Then they have the gal to have these robot stooges post these b.s. positive reviews.
  • I just saw this huge banner ad while reading my Yahoo Mail. It was a large banner (approx. 200x600) for Arrow Outlet. I'm an information provider and I have blog, etc. and list members... I'm always on the look out for, either a potential quality affiliate partner or some quality information I can pass on to my members.

    Seeing this ad and the good potential buys there, I thought it would be a great resource for my members, with the economy being the way it is and all... However, I am real particular about making any kind of recommendations to my members. I will only recommend something if I truly believe it would be of value to someone. With that in mind, I did a quick search to check out the site first (search engine).

    I haven't even been to their site yet and 99.9% of the time, no matter how many negative review I see, I am one who has to evaluate the product for myself. However, time is of the essence and this is one of those .1% of the times that I won't invest the time to further evaluate the product.

    One of the reasons I take this approach is, for example, I recommend a free product to my members (and it is an absolute free business) but before doing so, I checked it out just as I'm doing this product. When I read the reviews and read what the site says, I realized all the negative reviews (every last one of them) were biased in some way and each one of them failed to read the site thoroughly as the site owner provided the information upfront. Basically, it was a way to make money from a free business. I signed up and did it and it worked exactly as the site described but you had to do your part.

    However, in this case, I will not be investigating this potential business further. All my inherent alarms, bells and whistles are going off and blaring like something crazy... Yeah, in this case, I'm going to trust my instincts (remember that tool that everyone one gets when they enter into this world)... Instincts now, not paranoia... that and the overwhelming negative reviews!

    Oh and I did take a quick peek at their affiliate offer, which is somewhat attractive. However, even if I gave them the greatest benefit of doubt and if I thought they were an ok company and perhaps misunderstood (no I'm not saying that) there is still the fact of all these negative reviews, and that's troublesome at best. So in closing, regardless to me what this company is or isn't, it definitely is not worth the effort for me and mine!

    Thanks everyone for your views opinions and may I offer a suggestion... If you have any doubt, check it out!!!


    1. Okay just like ebay when your registering you have to provide your name, email, bank information etc.

    2.Next thing you know they take an unauthorized $99 from you bank acount claiming you purchased a large bidpack.

    3. I know for fact i did not purchase this bidpack this charge happened as soon as i finished registering. I did not even know what a bidpack was, i was just looking for a site similiar to ebay then i ran into this SCAM.

    4. I did some research and their contact information is completely FALSE. No phone number and address is most definetly made up.

    5. So finally ive found them on BBB review website and found a phone number to call. So i call and the first time it goes to answer machine . Even on their answer machine they explain for customers not to call them with problems like they already know their going to receive complains. Ignoring that, i call a second and somebody picks up the phone TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL. I state who i am and explain my problem with the site and this guy keeps talking over me, doesnt want to listen to what i have to say, keeps telling me not to call this number, keeps telling me to go to bogus customer support on the site,and ends up hanging up on me when i talk about complaining to higher authority.

    6. For anybody that this have happened to this is the correct way to get your money back.

    Step 1 : Call your bank, Speak to a customer service rep and explain to her/him what happen. Step 2 : They will assist you with options on how to handle this and they will tell you to file a claim . Step 3: File the claim so they can investigate the website, they will see that its a bogus website, and the money will credited back into your account. Step 4: Also, so this wont happen again. You can actually make a seperate account made for online selling / buying such as ebay. Therefore, These websites wont access to your direct funds or money.

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