BidCactus Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 6 reviews Review It is a penny auction site where users have a chance to win brand new items at extremely discounted prices by participating in auctions where bids raise the price in increments of 1 cent.

Each bid at BidCactus is priced at 75 cents and comes in packs as small as 30 and as large as 250. When you place a bid during an auction, you will extend the clock by between 3 and 30 seconds, depending on the particular auction.

In the spirit of fairness, BidCactus limits the number of auction wins any one user can have. In a 24 hour period, users are limited to 3 item wins and 3 bid pack wins. In 30 days, users are limited to 25 total auction wins.

Unlike other penny auctions, however, BidCactus offers the Rewards Store. For every bid you place in a regular auction, you earn 2 reward points. You can redeem your rewards points at the store for items as small as gift cards and as expensive as laptops.

Also unlike many penny auction sites, BidCactus does offer a refund policy on unused bids that were originally purchased at full price.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " BidCactus " is 1 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
  • la mierda mas grande del mundo es una trampa ni se les ocurra gastar s dinero en esto,es una basura supuestamente te venden las cosas baratas pero sabes cuantas apuestas tienes q comprar para ganarte una mentira

    worst scam of life!!! you have to waste too much money its not even worth it, dont fall for it!! and the auctions suckkk the only good things on their i would say are the gift cards for 5 $ and you waste more than that bidding on it!! its stupid!!! DO NOT RECOMEND!!!
  • I should have read reviews about this site before buying any bids , but now I want to make sure to warn anybody who even thinks of participating in those "penny auctions". For the record, I have a very high speed internet with Fios, have had the service for more than 2 years , never had any problems with it "freezing:" on me. I went and bid on an iphone 5 on Saturday February 16th, 2013. I waited for the last 10 seconds to start bidding. I sat there for 3 hours bidding, NOT using the autobidder, so I was in control of the bid, not some stupid autobidder.

    Throughout the whole bid , the screen would freeze on let's say 10 seconds, then the next thing u know, it's 3 seconds. I was determined on getting that phone simce I had already put in around $300, out of the bloom, while the bid was on 28 seconds, in a fraction of a second, it said"going" then "gone". I contacted customer service, she said :"nop, I checked it and the bid went down all the way to 0 seconds." and then she said: "you must a have had a frozen screen". Listen to that crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a fast internet, a 3 months old Acer laptop, and according to her, my screen must have frozen (which was happening frequently during the bid, around 40 times) Another thing to mention, the bidder who won the bid had put in what was worth $500!!!!!!!! plus the item's cost which was around $24 PLUS shipping and handling, I mean seriously is it worth it????????????

    I watched bidder on other items, and here's the suspicious part: A BIDDER PLACED 1200 BIDS ON AN ITEM(every bid is 0.75 cents) TO GET AN IPAD 2 VALUED @ $399.ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I mean he's either a very low IQ person, or there's some foul play right there, dahhhhhhhhh! Anyways, it's a shame companies like BidCactus are licensed, and operating protected by law. Those bluffers are making tons of money out of people, totally protected by law, and in a word, SCREWING people UP!

    If you are not totally convinced, be my guest and try it
  • This company is a scam.

    Simply put $99 bid pack buys you 270 bids. That is 2.7 bids for $1 or 37cents a bid. Items such as a $100 amex card on bid cactus goes for $20 (100 one cent bids * 20 = 2000 bids. 2000 bids * .37 cents a bid is = $740). So in effect all the bidders combined are paying 7.5 times the price of the item being bid on!

    To add to this they will charge you shipping for the product. The shipping is usually 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase (I suspect that they use the cash flow to buy the product at market rate and send it to you). In my case they are 4 weeks past the shipping date and I still don't have my gift cards! Stay away from this company. You never know if there are robot bidders jacking up the price.
  • I agree 100% with Marc, don't waste your money run while you can. I made the mistake of "playing theregame" spent hundreds of dollars and "won" a $20 gift card that I never received, sent 6-8 emails to them got 1 reply they credited my account 25 bids. Please what an insult, how about crediting me back all my money. I am contacting the BBB and my lawyer. This site is nothing but a scam and I swear they have robots bidding for them!!! Same names everyday bidding, yeah ok if you have that much money to just blow then you can afford to buy a new Ipad not bid on one, get real!
  • Power bidders almost seem like bots working for bidcactus. An iphone4s started bidding 2 hours ago, right now it's at 15$ and still counting. I've watched bidcactus for a few days and noticed it's ALWAYS the same bidders. Now either they don't have lives and have tons of money their willing to throw around or... there bots designed to act as people in order to manipulate the public eye trying to make their "site" seem as legit as possible. Well i don't know about anyone else but i'm not going to spend a cent at this site.
  • Charges $14.90 to MAIL a $50.00 gift card to Alaska & Hawaii.
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