Bidrack Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is a new penny auction site growing in popularity. Penny auction websites claim users can win items that are usually expensive and in demand for extremely low prices.

Like all penny auctions, Bidrack requires you to purchase your bids upfront in a bid pack. The larger the bid pack you buy, the cheaper the individual bids are. If you buy a bid pack that costs $60 or more, you get the Bidrack Guarantee.

Bidrack guarantees that anyone who purchases a bid pack worth $60 or more will win an auction on additional bid packs. If you do not win a bid pack auction, you may email the company and they will return all your lost bids to your account.

In addition, Bidrack has the BidWheel. Every time you spin the BidWheel, you receive a surprise number of free bids. You get to spin the bid wheel for a variety of reasons, but when you register you will automatically receive a BidWheel spin.

Unused bids or bid packs are non-refundable, and all bids expire 6 months after purchase.

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