Daily Trade Alert Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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The Daily Trade Alert, www.DailyTradeAlert.com, claims to provide its members with the top picks from “today’s leading advisors,” specifically providing the “10 Best Divided Stocks to Own Right Now” report.

The publishers of the Daily Trade Alert claim that after looking through the recommendations of dozens of the nation’s leading investment advisors, they personally have selected the 10 best stock recommendations.

The stocks they are recommending will be, according to the Daily Trade Alert, “safe and steady, through good times and bad, for decades to come.” Some of these stocks include investors like Warren Buffet, some have a history of high yields, and some are predicted to be high yield earnings in the near future.

What to Know about Financial Newsletters

Financial newsletters, like the Daily Trade Alert, often warn their subscribers to not purchase any stock they recommend without doing their own individual research or without speaking to a professional broker or investment advisor.

The Daily Trade Alert is not compiled of professional brokers or investment advisors; instead, they look at the public information provided by these people in their own newsletters, books, or other publically available information, and then they choose which stocks to recommend in their newsletter.

In addition, they always recommend that you never invest more money than you can afford to lose comfortably, and always keep in mind that as a public newsletter service, they are not liable or responsible for any investing you choose to do or money you lose.


Daily Trade Alert offers you their newsletter and their report on the “10 Best Dividend Stocks to Own Right Now” completely for free. In addition, they promise they will never sell your information to any third party sources.

However, from time to time, they will send you offers from their sponsors and partners. If you find these offers intrusive you always have the option to unsubscribe, so consider this when providing them with an email address.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Daily Trade Alert " is 3.57 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
  • This site is not really for beginners, you need to do your part and LOOK at the stocks and financials. You don't have to be a pro or anything, if you have common sense you can get a lot of stock ideas. I will look at 8-10 to find one that fits me. Do NOT blindly go by any recemmendation from anyone.
  • I know nothing about Trading stocks but would like to learn. This site has some good reviews. I have looked at motley but I'm skeptical. Does this subscription show a person, like me, how to go about starting up?
  • Been following Daily Trade Alert for about 2 years. It's really just a front for a few stock newsletters that comes to you as a daily email. But, the research is very good, thorough and readable. If you click through to the writers newsletter links, you are someplace else, just like when you click on any link that takes you someplace else. They don't but you incessantly like motley fool, there is no money grab. I've made money on 80 pc of my picks from their picks. It's research people, do your own after you read theirs. Use it as a first filter. Good luck!!!
  • thank god there are people like you that let those you might invest here what others say.
  • I only use this as a platform to identify overlooked dividend stocks. They have an article undervalue dividend stock of the week for me it puts a security on my list to review. I go to my discount brokerage account and research the stock , I make sure we have earning to support dividends, review trending trading patterns I look for DGR dividend growth rate and probability of future increase. I find their newsletter helpful and unintrusive not like many other soliciting subscription. Recognize they have advertiser to support the sight so where is the problem. I can see what Buffet owns what Bill Gates owns, I see an interest story of 33 young guy Jason Fieber an active investor and guy who write above and teach fundamentals if dividend investing. I must be missing something. This is one site beside seeking alpha that I enjoy reading. Happy investing do your homework and learn to be self sufficient is my advise

  • I’ve been following with daily trades Alert and have read there disclosure. Have YOU. They inform you every thing in the disclosure. You should have done this first.

    The information they suggest should not be taken lightly however the information they suggest should be researched by you. I have found 3 company's that they have suggested and after I did my homework, Have taken me from a negative to a great positive. DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY <DQW

    FACEBOOK INC CLASS A <FB and MICRON TECHNOLOGY <MU Check them out. Do your homework. PS. I have paid no money
  • It looks I have been scammed so i am going to follow closely to see the next move thanks for the good information.
  • I am a bit surprised by all the bad comments i am seeing about Daily-Trades because i have to say that i am not agreeing with that. I have been scammed by a few companies but this is not the case with my current broker, Michael Fisher.

    He is very professional, gives good analysis of the market and knows how to build up an investing plan. I invested over 250K and my broker told me that in 1 year i will make 4 times my investment and i will be receiving a monthly withdrawal and it all happend. Now i am going to open more accounts for my family members and my friends and they are giving very nice commissions on that too.
  • HI

    is this the same as daily trades? www.daily-trades.com?

  • i dont know what you pepole talking about , i invest my money in this company , my broker Mikel Fisher , very honest broker , helped me alot , i get my withdraw easaly , but its under company conditations , and pepole think that they can do what ever they want , when ever they want
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