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Hound.com is a job search database that only displays jobs taken directly from employer website listings. The hope is that this will cut out duplicate job listings and that Hound will offer opportunities not seen at other job boards.

Hound offers daily alerts when preferred jobs go live, as well as tracks your job search history for you. The hope is that you will be able to apply early for jobs that others simply don’t know about, because they are not posted other places online.

All new members to Hound receive a free 3 day trial, and then you are able to choose what subscription period you’d like. Subscriptions range from one month at $39.95 to one full year at $290.00. Their most popular option is three months at $96.50.

You may cancel your service at Hound.com at any time, but membership fees will be considered non-refundable. However, Hound claims these fees are tax deductable and has more information about this on their website.

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Average Rating for " Hound " is 1 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
  • I was in job search and signed up for a free trial. For a software engineer, the job postings I got was for truck driver, administrator etc. I quickly lost interest in looking at their emails. The only way to cancel is to call them. I felt cheated because of the least value provided for the money they sucked off me. I
  • Thank you.

    I am now in the habit of checking for reviews especially when they want a credit card at the free sign up. That's a red flag. There are so many parasites looking to feed off people who are going through bad times. It looks like hound.com is among them.

    See sitejabber.com/reviews/www.hound.com for some more reviews.
  • This company is absolutely dreadful because there is no way to cancel your membership. I have tried numerous times to call and speak to them (Yes, they require you to call in to cancel not on a web form). And when you call no one picks up the phone despite the repeating message that says that they will help you as quickly as possible."
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