Illumibrite Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam?

IllumibriteIllumibrite is a new teeth whitening product that keeps popping up all over the internet.  Ads for it appear on popular websites like Facebook, and they even have a famous spokesperson in Joanna Krupa, a former contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

Illumibrite claims that their system has professional whitening results.  Their system actually has two parts, an “on the go” system, and a more involved system for when you have time at home.  The on the go system includes two whitening pens and an optional LED light while the at home system includes two syringes of whitening gel and two trays.  You must use one of these options at least once a day until you achieve your desired results.

The Illumibrite system costs $9.97 for shipping and handling and a 14 day free trial.  After 14 days, you will be charged $97.97 for the product and for enrollment into the Unlimited Illumibrite Club, which allows you to reorder the product at any time for a discounted rate of $27.97.

So is Illumibrite a Scam?

As a tooth whitening product, it’s likely that Illumibrite works, but that’s irrelevant.  There are many over the counter tooth whitening products that work wonders that are cheaper, faster, and safer than Illumibrite.

First of all, the Illumibrite on the go system requires you to use the pen to paint the whitening gel onto your teeth, and then you must remain “smiling” for at least 15 minutes without allowing your lips to touch the gel.  That’s not only inconvenient, it can be painful.  If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.  15 minutes will suddenly seem like a million years.

Secondly, the active whitening ingredient is 35% carbimide peroxide.  This is an incredibly strong whitening agent, strong enough, actually, that almost everything you read about it says that carbimide peroxide is likely to cause chemical burns to your gums.  The Illumibrite instructions actually tell you to consult your dentist before you use their product because the carbimide peroxide is so strong it can affect dental work you’ve had done, like veneers, caps, and even fillings.

Finally, even though the Illumibrite webpage says that if you cancel the trial within 14 days you will not be charged, many customers complained that no matter how many times they called to cancel, they were never able to get past the automated answering service.  Without being able to speak to a real person, they were unable to cancel, and were charged anyway.

Those customers that were able to get through to a real person were still unable to cancel because the sales associates either talked them out of it, or told them their reasons for canceling were not appropriate.

There are so many decent over the counter products, like Crest Whitestrips or Rembrandt, and so many other legitimate whitening systems like Go Smile that there is zero reason to take your chances with a product like Illumibrite.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • This product and marketing strategy is a scam... beware unless you want to be charged 95.13$ every single month... kicker is i got charger twice in July... product is shitty ... i returned it and still keep getting charged...
  • I wish I read this before buying I am so mad at my self this people totally rip me off also same complaint but when I call Alex was rude and told me that trump deport me Ian American and that was a big disrespect I hope others look here before buying from illumiwhite it does work
  • Illumi-Brite is a total scam, nothing more than to pile up charges on your credit card number. Only remedy is to cancel your credit card and have your card issuer send you a new numbered card. Stay away!
  • Total scam, the 14 days starts the day you order, and I received the trial product 8 days later right before leaving on a business trip. I recieved an email from a 3rd party company about being billed the day after Thanksgiving. I did speak to a lady in Customer Service the following Monday who could only tell me I went past the 14 day trial. She would not transfer me to anyone else when I asked to speak with someone of authority. I was told that someone would call me back and that never happened. I must have used my one phone call because every time I tried to call back i would select an option and it would disconnect. REGARDLESS TO SAY - BIG SCAM,STAY AWAY,GO TO THE DRUGSTORE.
  • The free trial IS A SCAM! They get you to buy in for the trial for about $5, but then THEY WILL CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD! They charged my credit card $98. When I called, they nicely said they will return the money, but it has been a month and no return! I can't believe that such things happen so bluntly in a 1st world country and they get away with it!
  • I had ordered the trial, which also was shipped out late to be able to do a "trial" but was still in the 14-day grace to cancel. I called them and was given the run-a-round at first until I was persistent. The rep talked w/her superisor and said they would return $50.00. I then told them I was not pleased w/the way this is going down and asked for their business license, L&I info and told them I was calling the BBB. I then asked for her supervisor and she told me they would reverse the whole charges within 7 days. I was given a confirmation #. I have given them more than 7 days and have been repeatedly calling the number they gave me because the charge HAS NOT been reversed AND no one is answering at the two numbers I have. I have picked all their number options and it rings and rings then hangs up. I am embarrassed that I was SCAMMED by this nonlegal company. Where did they go? Who has my banking info? Why are they not answering their numbers? Why was I so stupid? I even offered to send back the trial as I told them it was the same thing I had from my dentist and they said no, you can keep it; which I can say the product is great but works as well as other store and dentist kits. I am not sure what my next step is but would like to hear if anyone has had contact w/this company recently and if they have different numbers besides 888-491-0328 or 702-824-9652.
  • Okay, I have to take back a little of what I said in my earlier post. I was really mad at the customer service rep I talked to this morning about my situation. It seemed they didn't care, and didn't want to give me the time of day. I actually got to talk to a manager this afternoon, and she was rather nice. She realized that my product had taken a long time to ship, so she said she was giving me a credit on my account. I have to wait to see if the credit goes through, but if she does what she says, then I feel much better about the situation and don't want to talk bad. I just want fair treatment. That is all I am asking for! Again, I don't treat my customers poorly, and want the same treatment when I am the customer....I still think we have to be cautious especially when companies have our credit card numbers.
  • I totally agree with allan. It took forever for my trial to get here; no time to really try product to know if even like it. This all in the midst of the holidays, and they won't even refund the full price to an unhappy customer. I think that is poor business. $90 something dollars is a pure ripoff for the membership. It doesn't even cover the cost of refills. They say it will make the cost lower. Whoopi! I don't even want to ask what that would cost. Pure stupidity trying this company's product on my part. I should have known when other companies will send you a free trial without a trial period that will just end up with you being charged out the butt for a bogus membership. All this company wants is your money!! I am a business owner and I would NEVER treat my customers this way!! Illumibrite, you should be ashamed for taking hardworking people's money like this!!
  • got charged $94.97 after 14 day trial period starting on date of order! But they did not ship until 9 days after I ordered! delivery time took a few more days and then YOU ONLY GET 3-4 DAY TRIAL PERIOD BEFORE THEY CHARGE THE FULL PRICE $97.94, FOR THE TRIAL PRODUCT YOU HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED. TOTAL RIPOFF!!!
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