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Institute of Individual Investors
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Institute of Individual Investors


The Hyperinflation Survival Guide is a new report by the Institute of Individual Investors on what the average family needs to do in the event the United States enters a period of hyperinflation.

The Institute of Individual Investors says they believe the US is headed for hyperinflation due to the economic theories of Dr. Peter Bernholz, who has studied instances of hyperinflation in the past.

Dr. Bernholz’s research has showed that when a country borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends, they have historically encountered hyperinflation. The US currently borrows 42 cents of every dollar it spends.

But the Institute of Individual Investors claims they can help the average family survive, and even thrive, during a period of extreme inflation with the financial advice offered in their guide.

Are We Really at Risk?

Hyperinflation occurs when a country’s cost of living remains the same, but the value of their currency rapidly drops. Germany may be the most famous example, when, after World War I, a wheelbarrow of money could not buy a loaf of bread.

Most economists believe that the United States is at low risk for hyperinflation. Currently, the rate of inflation the US is experiencing is lower than it has been in recent years, though still within the range economists advise for having an “adaptable” economy.

If you are still interested in the Hyperinflation Survival Guide, you can have it for free, as long as you become a subscriber to the Tycoon Report, which is the financial newsletter offered by the Institute of Individual Investors.

Who is the Institute of Individual Investors?

The Institute of Individual Investors is a group of people who used to work on Wall Street and now produce a free newsletter on economic and financial issues, mostly specific to the world of investing.

Their newsletter, the Tycoon Report, can be subscribed to for free. In addition, once you subscribe to their newsletter, you will also be eligible for products and services from their affiliate companies.

The Institute of Individual Investors says that it will never sell anyone’s information, but rather they will send you information and offers they believe will interest you.

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