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LivePerson ( is a company which claims to provide meaningful “customer connections” in order to help your company increase sales and improve your customer service.

LivePerson says they specialize in creating “connected customers,” which they define as being customers who buy more often, spend more, and promote your brand to others because of their brand loyalty.

In order to help you create a base of connected customers, LivePerson offers a wide variety of products and services that they say will allow you to connect to your customers in real time, at every stage of their lives.

What is a Connected Customer?

Essentially, a “connected customer” is one that has access to live customer service from your website whenever they need it. This can be done with LivePerson in a variety of ways.

First, they offer Live Chat software, which allows customers to have a “live chat” with a customer service representative while browsing the site. This chat takes place via the internet.

They also offer Live Voice, which allows customers to request that a real customer service rep call them to discuss an issue person-to-person.

Once they input their phone number and service issue, they will be contacted by a real customer service rep who not only can deal with them in real time, but also will have the necessary experience to handle their specific question or concern.

Why is This Important?

LivePerson says that creating and maintaining “connected customers” increases your percentage of customers who will buy, as well as increasing the amount of money they spend, and decreases cancellations.

In addition to their connection services, they also offer LivePerson Analytics, where they will provide you with suggestions for improving your customers’ experience and customer service based on their analysis of monitored customer conversations.

If you are interested in more information, LivePerson offers Live Chat on their own website to address any questions you may have about how their products and services could address your specific company needs.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " LivePerson " is 2 out of 5 based on 13 reviews.
  • The bad reviews are for the "psychics" not the counselors, who are licensed ;professionals. Anyone can say they are a psychic. As was suggested above by a reviewer, read wikipedia entry on psychics and then decide whether to use them for anything but entertainment.
  • There is a difference between professional counselors, who have licenses that reflect formal education and training and psychics. I think you are confusing reviews of "psychics' with those of counselors.
  • My knowledge of the site is mixed, but based on a lot of knowledge from clients and those who used to work there. The counseling section is totally professional. There are undoubtedly scam artists on some of the other sections. Those who work there have occasionally been suspicious that they were not paid even though the company collected. Others have had no problem. It is hard to evaluate. The company itself is part of a huge multinational and highly regarded, but this subsidiary is very much in the gray zone.
  • LivePerson is probably one of the oldest live chat solution on the market - you could also say it's an 'old' solution. A classic desktop application, only available on a specific device and not automatically up to date.

    I think that nowadays there are better chat providers than LivePerson. For example, the one I use, Visitlead, is more user friendly and it comes with better extra features. Definitely a better alternative.
  • Just got off of a Live chat with someone named Jamie. It felt as she was trying to rush me through the conversation and pushing for my personal information. I simply had a question about College. Once I asked her for her rep ID or Supervisor, the walls came straight up. If it would have been a phone call then I would have been hung up on. I did not at any point behave anything but professionally, as I thought she would provide me some useful info... Beware.
  • I am writting this report/testimonial as a true reflection of excatly what happened on my my personal experience with Live person aka Kasamba and I would like to share my story to prepare and warn others who are emotionaly vunerable and constatly seeking reassurance in order to find light at the end of the tunel . Should anyone contact me or the media to ask questions and provide evidence I am happy to do so.

    I have used LP for quiet some time and other sites such as psychic today, best mediums and the circle and I am sick and tired, it's disgraceful to find unsculptured "experts" out there telling you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. I noticed that on LP there are a lot of psychis who are definitely not native English speakers not for making spelling mistakes like me but one can tell the grammar and wording and some people may have dificulties understanding them sometimes. some of them are rude and unkind when they don't know the answer to some of your questions or chose to ignore instead of honestly say I am sorry I don't know the anwrer to your question. Some are jelous of you and tell you negative things to divert your mind oh yes! in this community there's all sort of things under the sun and I've expirienced pretty much all in the past

    I feel that some of these "experts" need thereapy and development themselves or get another job in a diferent field.

    However not every reader on the internet is like that there are some honest and straight forward people operating in this industry making a living, whilest I apreciate that no one is 100% accurate and like everyone else psychics have good and bad days. We all work hard so we expect value for our money.

    you should only have readings every 6-12 months unless otherwise needed. There are more valuable and pruductive things to do with your money such as: sort yourself out, write down your goals, go to the sales, learn a new language or skill whether it's in lectures or online which may even be free , watch tv, reaserch a subject of your interest on the internet or on in the library clean your home, cook a tasty meal and try to socialize with nice people if you can.

    I would like warn about 2 "experts" on LP which are "Spiritual Master Psychic" and "Honest Readings by Maryia" just be aware that they can change they usernames at any time and even reply to this report with a bunch of excuses. These people took advantage of my situation to scam me.

    Unfortunately due to certain reasons I am not going to disclose on here the reasons why I contacted them but I can tell you that at the time I was under stress and emotionally run down."Spiritual Master Psychic" has all 5* which is unsuall what happens is that this "expert" feeds the clients with sweet stories telling you what you would like to hear and then customers get too excited to give them 5* straight away insted of wait and see you should consider this very carefully because once you submit a rate and comment you can't change.There may also be a chance that the "expert" get friends to give fake reviews and twist things around.

    I contacted this "expert" and explained my situation and I was told a load of lies and I also asked to do some healing on me and my situation which the "expert" claimed to be "powerful" sent an initial fee to start with and promised that would return and never did every day was asking me to contact on chat and was asking for money evey day to "buy things" eventually I ignored the emails sent as I saw no results whatsoever and not even a shifting energy. I also remember reading a review of someone that said that "she"("spiritual master psychic") lied and he was about to be eviceted from his apartment and apparently "spiritual master psychic" previously said that everything would be fine.

    I also think that at the time I used to contact this "expert" there was also someone recieving works which was probably a con as well.

    Then I noticed that "spiritual master psychic" wasn't logging in for about a month and the gap of one month in between the reviews suggests that.

    I read some of this "expert" past reviews and he used to go by the name of "Alan" or" Aaron", and has a profile picture of a female or transvety to target more vunerable people but I can defnitly tell you that this "expert" is male because men read difrently.

    and on his profile he claims " I have helped people all over the world and have even worked with royalty in other countries and government officials"

    LOL when a psychic says that "is international well known" read for "celebreties" or "royals" why are they working on such sites on the internet surely most of us would have heard of them if that were true and a simply google search can tell you that.

    watch out for these two

    Later I contacted "Honest Readings by Maryia" she seemed honest and accurate to begin with quoted a few prices, I agreed and as soon as she got my money she stoped answering my calls and never replied to my emails. She seems to be currently inactive and no longer has a profile picture and as per 24th of December 2013 her last review was on the 20th of july 2013 These people are both charlatans they are good at conning people specially when one is emotionally vunerable they take advantage of the situation and when a customer complains about the service they come up with excuses like: "It takes time" , "it doesn't always work", "some people don't have the ability to feel the healing" whilist I understand that in some cases is true the patritioner should refund all or part of the money or redo the work free of charge and make sure the correct and/or approriate procedure is taken accordingly. At least that's how reputable healers and spiritualist work and they won't do a job that's not worth doing such as: making the person you're obcessed with fall in love with you or marry you, make you win the lottery, make you a CEO when you don't have the qualities in the first place, get your child in a top school etc , etc it does not work like that at all. A lot of these business say that readings are for entertainment purpouses to cover themselves but a custumer doesn't see it that way. I can understand refusing to answer questions on health including pregnancy, legal or finances (not to be confused with work). because things can turn either way. A google search can save you loads of money and you'll be amazed at some of what you can find, and I also suggest anyone to do careful research before considering a reading with a psychic or healing works but in the other hand someone has to give the newbie a chance. You wouldn't put your health in the hands of a doctor without knowing his qualifications or turst the organasation he works for would you?

    So don't put your situation to be read by a psychic until you are confortably sure it's a reputable one and the same with a healer spiritualist try one for free on group healings and see first. I could go on for hours but I think I have shared and advised enough and I am sure a lot of people can relate to this.
    • I agree with the previous comment. Psychic abilities do not exist under controlled scientific evaluation. There are all sort of reasons why people can be fooled, even highly educated people, into believing the opposite. The "honest" ones simply falsely believe they have powers they do not have.
    • Caveat emptor... Anyone stupid enough to hire a psychic in the first place can hardly expect not to be taken advantage of by these obvious charlatans. Think about how dumb the basic idea is of soliciting the business of someone claiming supernatural powers and then multiply that by the sheer idiocy of contacting them on the Internet. I'm shocked that you are able to operate a computer in the first place.
  • Beware Its a Scam

    This site is horrible. Most of the computer professionals are from India most of them lie about there experience. They submit incorrect work back to you and its hard to get a hold of Liveperson to dispute. There corporate office don't have a telephone number. They have a New York address but I think there located in India only respond to email at night US time.
  • I have had some experiences with psychics where they are is sad for those who have genuine gifts because there are frauds too and people rate too quickly with those who are not talented...

    I have found that some times the newer people can be more honest and haven't been part of the system. Psychic Bright Blessings is very good and very fast. Pure Clarity knocked my socks off with details and timing.

    Good luck and be cautious with those who don't seem to get it right.
  • Hi LP team,

    I used your website to connect with psychics and i have been charged almost 200 $ extra on my two bank accounts via two email accounts.

    This is really not expected from a company as big as live person.

    Your customer service person Maxine F has been really unsupportive and has not being agreeing with extra charges been brought on my cards.

    I expect all the extra amount charged to be refunded to my respective accounts at earliest.

    Guys, show some professionalism, you people have a great business model, but don't con people like this !
    • Your bigger mistake, sadly, is that you believe psychics exist.

      Do yourself and your bank account a favor and read the Wikipedia entry on psychics or psychic phenomenon. If you have personal problems go to a professional counselor.
  • i love the counselors on I don't see why everyone thinks its a scam... They've really helped me out and have been very understanding of the issues. they don't know my personal info as to what my name is or my address or anything like that, btu they've been able to help and asisst with the issues I've been having. :)
    • Some villian has to enter the thread and negate everyone's claims. The Liveperson has horrible customer relations. It locked me for nothing. The Customer Service is rude and is in with the experts. And the Computer Programmer experts are fraudster and send me incorrect work but demand payment.
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