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PeoplePerHour is a website that connects small businesses with freelance workers from across the internet to help them complete small projects quickly and affordably.

According to, thousands of small businesses use them to hire remote, freelance workers to complete small projects, or just to work for a few hours a week. They claim this allows small businesses to stay flexible.

PeoplePerHour says this benefits small businesses because they can create virtual teams of people across the country – or even internationally – “without the red tape, cost, and bureaucracy of traditional employment.”

They have seven main categories of projects: IT/Programming, Marketing/Sales, Design, Admin/Secretarial, Writing/Translation, Accounting/Legal, or Other. Each category is broken into smaller, more specific categories so workers can something that works for them.

Both businesses and workers can register at for free. The website does take a small fee from workers, however, when they successfully book a job.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " People Per Hour " is 1.71 out of 5 based on 117 reviews.
  • This platform seems like a great opportunity however


    I am a recruiter and know the hiring process, I am currently messaging someone claiming to have a virtual assistant position with "Sun Parma" or Sun Pharmaceuticals for $35/hr lol Right!

    It goes like this: (red flag one) You are sent an invitation to submit offer, you submit, your sent instructions (FROM PEOPLE PER HOUR) that this client requests you to download the "Wire secure message" app to communicate RED FLAG ONE

    An employer should never request you download additional app to communicate when you are already communicating on a platform.

    RED FLAG TWO: I downloaded the app just to learn their way and it goes like this, they message you in this case I got "Jason Michaels". Always some basic "American" name (these are foreigners who think they are smarter than you). Jason instructs me to answer, in text, some questions as part of the "interview" process, ..... Very basic interview questions but its totally irrelevant so dont deep dive its just a distraction. They don't ask for personal info upfront as to not be a giveaway. after the "interview" that he said I must answer the questions in 45 mins, I was told to send my info to [email protected]

    First name/address/email/phone- super basic

    I intercepted to ask why, he said they would be sending me a check for equipment....They did some research and learned about recruiting software like Five9 and other softwares they mention that you will need to purchase to make this sound familiar and legit, mainly an employer gives you credentials not asks you to literally purchase they software.


    #No foreign company is paying 35/hr for a virtual assistant that takes a text interview process # No company has a text interview process

    # Only scammers will ask you to download additional software/apps for communication

    # Names like "John Anderson" are as golden as John Doe on a cloudy day!

    So I asked will I be asked to send a portion of this check back (as many scams entail that scheme) HE said no I actually can get it sent to my credit card. And I wouldn't have to send anything back but I would have to only buy products from their vendor


    Its a scam.

    He is trying to get me to give my account info, they will send funds and I will basically forward those funds. Totally Illegal. What happens is they do send something but theres a hold or something to it and you dont know this and you go to "buy equipment" that is really going to come out of your money, the check or however they send funds is going to bounce.

    I followed up and asked how I would pay the vendor, He replied BITCOIN or ZELLE. Going to reach out to PPH (people per hour)about this as Im sure this is rampant on the platform which is why Im labeling the whole thing a scam, and fyi this is the second attempt of this type. It seems any "invite" is actually a scam, usually replying within the hour.

    I am messaging this fool as we speak to learn their methods and spread the word!

    OBVIOUS SCAM at this point.

    I asked and he said $2500 is what I will be sent. The he said I have the option of sending payment and being reimbursed lol When asked who I would send payment to I was told "Ciondria Webb". I am baiting for the Zelle information now. Hopefully can find and cancel this crap!


    Update: he is telling me I will need to purchase time tracking software for my hours lol these people are all over the place. If they put this much energy into working a job they may go somewhere in life besides off my line! But I am really aiming for that payment info. I told him I only have 1000 I can spare for now.

    First he says send it to a zelle via an email. I asked if there was an alternate to try and get the payment details and was told I could also send cashapp.

    $Cicibaby7 is the cashapp name. I was instructed to send a screen capture to prove I have sent it.

    [email protected]

    Its funny I'm actually having him provide his information...or her. Lastly I am attempting to get the phone number...


    VOILA! Not as smart as they think they are!

    Jason Michaels!!!! Also pro-tip, dont hesitate to check credentials and validate:

    There is a Sun Pharma, On LinkedIn, noone is named any of these names in any HR position, took it a step further to call the number listed when you google -they say they get these calls all the time but they are pretty clueless and just say she forwards the calls to the hiring managers for more info and the actual folks at sun pharma have no clue what your talking about! BECAUSE ITS A SCAM
  • THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was emailed by a business looking for an online office manager. At first, they seemed legit but there were many red flags. They had me message them through a locked conversation on skype where I couldn't delete any messages that were sent. First, I was briefed on the job which made it seem legit. The next morning I was hired with no interview and no questions asked about myself. After speaking to this lady on skype I asked to speak on the phone in person and she said no. She then asked for my bank and credit card information and said I would have to purchase the software for the company and would be refunded. I didn't send my information because by then I caught on. It was too good to be true. They said they would pay 35 dollars an hour PLUS ALL BENEFITS. BE CAREFUL AND STAY ON GAURD
  • I have been ripped off by "My 360 PA". They took my money after we agreed on a price and the job perimeters. After I paid them, they disappeared. They sounded legit but after 60 days of nothing, it is obvious I was ripped off. Do not use "MY 360 PA". They are supposedly located in the UK. Krystal web designed was also a part of this scam.
  • I was a contractor for a short time and was constantly sent email work assignment notifications to bid for jobs that had jack all to do with my profile skills and experience keywords... the support team told me to be patient the algorithms will eventually take note and only email me what was relevant.

    That never happened > I decided to close my account and since 20 Dec 2018 I have been emailing the team I was told to ([email protected]) to remove my details and even though I'm chasing daily... I'm getting no response.

    Hence I have just referred this matter to the Information Commissioner's Office!!

    Based on my experience I would not recommend!
  • PPH is a scam!!! AVOID. Has ANYONE who has fallen victim to their activities informed the police?
    • Please contact me-I was scammed by them and want to gather people for a class action lawsuit against the company.

      I’m legit, I promise. Using a generic email here, dedicated to receiving replies:

      [email protected]

      Please put people per hour scam in subject line.

      Anyone that’s been ripped off-please email me and I’ll coordinate a lawyer for the class action.
  • SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will never use again they have sat on my funds supposedly in ESCROW for over six months, after poor customer support, neither myself (buyer) or seller have the funds, and doesn't look like either of us will, so where are they PEOPLEPERHOUR!! ????????????????????
  • I used the PPH in the past, but I was not fully satisfied because of many issues and a bad support. Currently I use the . You should always try out couple of platforms to come up with the best for You.
  • They Deactivated My Account too, i sent them My Original NIC ( National Identity Card) And Passport with Utility Bill But They Said PPH either says that the user has violated terms and conditions but refuses to explain which terms and conditions exactly have been violated, or they say that the user has failed security checks
  • PEOPLE PER HOUR ! aka nightmare ! waste of time money and energy and get abused by their seller. I hired someone for names Ammad Z for my resume. its copy pasted and at times someones else's. PPH decided without my knowledge or consent pay the seller for a resume that mediocre, third class and false. I repeated asked for review and requested the job be cancelled and given to some one else PPH will still make the money but now I know there is no one in customer service reading messages, its all automated. and the Fb messenger is also automated. THEY ARE UNETHICAL, UNPROFESSIONAL AND EXTREMELY MEDIOCRE SERVICE PROVIDERS.
  • Avoid. I was a customer, we had some translating done. I left some money in the account for next time we needed someone, they emptied my account with out warning. Avoid, avoid, avoid!
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