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Plimus ( is an all in one, online marketplace for sellers, affiliates, and shoppers to find each other. Similar to ClickBank, Plimus offers vendors and affiliates an area in which to meet and partner up, as well as offering vendors and shoppers a sense of security in doing business with a third party payment processor.

Plimus has over 50,000 affiliates registered on their site, so vendors can easily find a long list of people out there willing to partner with them. In addition, they charge 0% affiliate fees, so they are a good source for affiliates attempting to find vendors.

What Benefit Do Shoppers Get From Using Plimus?

Well, Plimus does offer a guaranteed secure server, which is no laughing matter. These days, many vendors just use their own “secure” servers, and depending on the level of security they’re actually employing, you could find yourself open to credit card fraud or identity theft.

Secondly, since Plimus is a respectable third party payment processor, they also serve as secure backup if you find yourself in need of a refund for any reason. If the company is being difficult or not honoring their refund policy, you can appeal to Plimus to apply the refund themselves.

However, unlike ClickBank who offers a 60 day no questions asked guaranteed refund, Plimus has more of a 60 day “questions asked” refund policy. What this means is that if you request a refund within 30 days of your purchase, Plimus will ask that you state why you need a refund.

After reviewing your reason, Plimus will then appeal to the vendor and see if the vendor will honor the refund or if they will offer you something instead of a refund. Generally, however, Plimus indicates that refund requests made within the first 30 days will be honored.

But if you request a refund in between 31-60 days, Plimus will ask that you provide a reason for both why you are requesting this refund and why you did not request the refund earlier. And again, they will confer about your reasons with the vendor before they determine whether or not to provide you with a refund.

So, while Plimus does offer their shoppers much security in the sense that they provide a respectable, secure payment processor, you should keep in mind when requesting a refund from them that you need to be able to lay out your reasons in a clear manner and be willing to explain them further if questioned.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Plimus " is 2.19 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
  • I tried to purchase software online for $99.95. The software company used Plimus to process its payments. However, Plimus processes its payments through a bank located in Cyprus, whose economy, government and banking system is in a state of chaos.

    Because of this, American banks have put a block on all charges through these Cypriot banks. Since it was only $99.95, I instructed my bank to approve the charge, which they did. The purchase went through, and I began using the software and investing my time into it.

    Four days later, Plimus declined the purchase and my license was cancelled, resulting in my losing data and, of course, my time.

    After numerous calls to both Plimus and the software company, multiple promises that they would fix the problem and unreturned phone calls, it is obvious to me that Plimus is a complete scam.

  • I am in New Zealand-and forced to use paypal.

    Beneath the layer of banking complexity,-all paths lead to same place-The World Bank. So my bank (Westpac-my local branch)allow me to dig my grave with a plastic spoon. So West pac-will do the same service as paypal.Or Plimus.

    The product I purchased arrived tidily relatively soon after doing the deal with paypal. But I wouldn't go near plimus or paypal - any twisted hacker can turn your deal into cash. I may use Western Union-but I bet that is also scam laden.

    I went underground and realised that money and e-commerce were arbitrage banking in wolf dress-up. Real money is in Forex.

    If you think that's your thing-you are mostly over 25 -- for some folk -its just enough to get good food on the table--get the kids through college and out of trouble.

    Plimus-in my experience as a one stop shop were fine. But the click-bank comparison is an entirely separate set of tools.

    Most Yankee dollars are printed in the trillions to fund war.Simple. That's life-and death 2012 style.
  • In my view Plimus' practises are a scam.

    I tried to buy some software listed at US$99.

    At checkout I noticed something peculiar.

    Since I'm in Canada at the moment, the currency was listed in $CAD

    and came to C$124. What? A 25% surcharge?

    Totally obscene since at this time of writing ,the C$ is actually

    higher by about 2 cts.

    So the purchase would have come to about C$97 NOT C$124

    Either they don't track exchange rates at all or this is a deliberate

    rip-off. I believe the latter is the case.

    Nobody can tell me that a company that deals with finances is oblivious of exchange rates.

    What a bunch of scum.
  • my only question to this is simple: HOW CAN THIS SITE STILL BE ONLINE WITH SO MANY COMPLAINTS? What can we do to make a criminal complaint to these bunch of a-holes?

    P.S: I too have made a payment didn't get the license key for a software program and no replies to all emails...
  • These people sold me a software package on-line "Web Easy Professional 9". The download didn't work ( 3 attempts), told them to ship CD, which they did. Installing from CD didn't work as a ***2.CAB file wouldn't download. Called Plimus: yadda...yadda...yadda. Nothing! I would caution ANYONE not to purchase through this reseller.
  • Most of the complaints here are having to do with vendors (businesses) that use Plimus as their payment processing gateway. Outside of the actual processing itself, all the various payment pages and links are set up by the vendor, not Plimus. So, if you are not getting what you paid for, or are sent dead URL links, etc... it is the vendor's fault. I have used Plimus for years and have found their service reasonable and their support good also. Although I understand the logic in contacting the payment processor as another avenue to resolve a complaint, please research the vendor before making purchases. Most of the complaints here are misdirected in my opinion.
  • Plimus is excellent. An example of a much better version then Paypal, and more simple to use then LinkPoint or one of the advanced merchant accounts. Strongly recommended.

    PS. The guy whose pissed at them is a Vikings fan!? That's too bad.. GO VIKINGS!!!
  • Plimus and its vendor Music Crawler – long story short - STAY AWAY!!
    • This issue has been resolved and a full refund promised, so good on Plimus. But be aware of third party links to Music Crawler, such as Israbox and Music Boom, for they don’t deliver the tracks they advertise.
  • Just adding my 2 cents. I purchased a product through Plimus which I never recieved. I had sent numerous emails to the vendor, and have recieved no answers. I have sent three emails to Plimus through their "customer service" site and have recieved no reply at all. Obviously not an online marketplace you would want to ever use either as an affiliate or a shopper.
  • I am experiencing the same issue with Plimus/Music Crawler. They charged me for a full version when I only purchased the trial version (a three day trial). After two and a half days they charged me for the full version stating that I never cancelled and I should have read the TOS. This is a load of crap. How many people actually read TOS? On the purchase page of the website you are offered two choices, trial version or full version. I chose trial version and that is what I should get. I will dispute the charge with AMEX and hopefully get my money back.
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