Real Work at Home Jobs – Part Three

All right, part three of my series of posts concerning real work at home jobs.  Like I’ve said before, it’s easy to get discouraged because of all the scams and con artists out there, but there are real work at home jobs available if you simply know the right places to look. In this post I want to introduce you to some jobs you can do online that you probably never would have thought of on your own.

First, mystery shopper!  While mystery shopping won’t help you pay off your mortgage, it is a nice way to get some free meals and products – in addition to a moderate supplemental income – in exchange for reporting back to corporate headquarters one the type of service you received or the level of cleanliness you encountered. Remember to follow the golden rule – you should never have to pay anyone to hire you.  Instead check out to get more information about opportunities in your area.

Or you could become an online concierge.  That’s right, the personal concierge business is booming and if you have experience in high-end customer service, travel, or hospitality, then this may be a job for you.  You can apply online at, a company who is pioneering this booming industry, or if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, there may be a niche in your community for you to start your own personal business.  If you work near large corporations or hospitals, look into advertising your services with them.  When employees have to work long days during the holiday season, they may pay to have someone else arrange their doctor’s appointments or run basic errands.

Or, if your previous experience or education is in the field of communications or public relations, maybe you’d be interested in becoming a virtual publicist.  Many companies have realized that they can break their budgets wide open if they get rid of their brick and mortar headquarters and operate instead using the Internet.  Some of the companies who have done this successfully are PerkettPR, Bisbee and Co, and Wasabi Publicity.

But if your area of expertise is in something else all together, don’t worry.  Working as an online tutor is a great option.  You can make $5-$10 an hour as an “online guide” for, a website working to make information easily accessible to everyone.  Or, you can use your college degree to become a traditional tutor helping students from fourth grade through college at

Finally, if foreign language is your thing, you can become an online translator.  You’ll need to be considered fluent in at least one other language, and have precision and accuracy in translating written documents, but if that sounds like something you can do, then there are companies out there hiring people to translate documents for their international markets.  Companies like,, and are a good place to start if this sounds like something for you.

Don’t worry if none of these latest jobs seem like they are the ones for you.  I have even more jobs you won’t believe you can do from home coming up in my next post, so remember to check back at!

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