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from 232 reviews Review It is a new website/app that’s putting a unique twist on coupon grocery shopping in the digital age. The idea is to consolidate the source of coupons and allow shoppers easy access to offers without having to physically print out and carry around paper coupons.

The company has been growing rapidly, quickly reaching over 1 million registered users and partnering with over 100 retail chains and countless brands to offer their users savings and a wide variety of shopping locations.

So How Does SavingStar Work?

The technology behind is based on the founders eCoupon work at First off and most importantly the service is free to use, all you have to do is logon to the site and create a profile.

The next step is to register your grocery and retail store loyalty cards with SavingStar. This allows them to digitally link those cards with their coupon offers. Simply enter your zip code to see a list of participating stores in your area.

Once you have registered your loyalty cards you’re ready to shop. Any eCoupon that you select from the site is automatically loaded onto the loyalty card so you don’t have to bring anything extra to the store with you.

How do you Redeem Your Savings?

It is important to note that your discounts will not show up instantly at the checkout counter or be visible on your receipt. Instead all your savings will be accumulated in your SavingStar account. This can take anywhere from 2-30 days.

Once you reach five dollars in savings you can choose one several ways to cash out. Your options are a direct deposit into your bank account, PayPal, Amazon giftcard, or charity donation.

Is SavingStar Right for You?

If you’re someone who consistently uses coupons to save money at the grocery or drug store then this is definitely a service you can try out. There’s some setup involved in the beginning but once all your loyalty cards (i.e. CVS card) are registered the coupons link directly to those cards so you can save directly at the store with no paper coupons to worry about.

You can also use their IPhone/Android app to activate eCoupons while you’re at the star which is helpful in case you’ve forgotten to do so ahead of time or have forgotten which coupons you’ve already selected.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Does SavingStar Really Work " is 3.38 out of 5 based on 232 reviews.
  • Do not waste your time! Poor customer service! I started Ibotta and Saving Star at the same time. I have had 0 problems with Ibotta and am up to $47.75. Saving Star I am up to $2.50. I purchased $15.50 worth of Ortega products to receive a $4 cash back (I had to spend $15) I uploaded the receipt and they said I was like $4 away from what I needed. I sent a message to customer support and never heard back from them so I uploaded my receipt again and underlined the Ortega Products to show I had $15.50. Today I get a response saying the receipt I submitted did not qualify for savings because I had already submitted it before. Very dissatisfied with Saving star and they do not have very much to choose from.
    • You can clearly tell that Josh did not read my complaint/review entirely. The SavingStar CS team *had responded* to my inquiry -- but did not resolve the matter. All Josh says is for me/us to wait for team to respond to emails. *SHAKES HEAD*.

      The same goes for these "human" responses by SavingStar on Reviewopedia.

      Stay away.… far far away in a different galaxy.
    • Hi Krista,

      I'm sorry to hear you experienced an issue. Our system automatically rejects receipts if they are submitted a second time. Please note that our customer service team responds to all emails. Currently they are responding to emails within about 4 business days and will be able to help you out when they process your email.


  • I'm still fairly new to SavingsStar and so far I like it a lot. I appreciate it's concept as I look forward to the day paper coupons are thing of the past. I believe SavingsStar will continue to grow to better serve how we save today. I definitely plan to continue to use this great service.
  • Like it so far...Earn money from the shopping you are already doing.
  • So easy to use! Love it!
  • This site is Terrible for uploading receipts for the products you need to purchase more than once to meet the guidelines.
  • Great rebates and easy to use.
  • I have probs everytime i submit a receipt all different reasons but now the scanner is not working and i can not scan the upc to redeem an offer. Unfortunately customer service takes 5-8 days to reply to emails that is too long for customers to wait. Im staying positive but i have better success with other saving apps and its easier.
    • Hi Danielle, I'm sorry to hear you had trouble scanning. Our customer service team will be happy to help you out when they reply to your email. We're working hard to reduce the wait time. Thanks, Josh
  • My Account was just blocked. What was the reason and why did Saving star not notify me. Does anyone know anything why this happens and can you get your funds back. Please advise
  • I love the app,,,,, but I can't find anywhere How Long it takes to get a credit to your Paypal account?
  • Love it so far. I've used SavingStar for a few months now and find it easy to use.
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