Tips for Working at Home Success

When looking for legitimate work at home opportunities it is easy to become discouraged.  Even a quick look through this blog shows you that many of the “opportunities” out there aren’t really opportunities for you to make money – they’re opportunities for the people selling opportunities to make money.

But the truth is there are real work at home jobs available, in a variety of areas that will best use your skills and interests.  However, before you start applying for these jobs, there are some things you should know about working from home.  While you probably can already name the benefits of working from home that you’re looking forward to – not having to commute to an office, having more control over your schedule, perhaps saving money on daycare – there are many difficulties you may encounter when working from home.  Your home telephone ringing, the television nearby, the dog barking – any number of distractions that you never consider when at an office.

Here are some basic rules to being successful in a work at home job.  Read these and consider them carefully before making the decision to pursue a work at home position.

1) Being your own boss. Yes, it sounds fantastic, but consider what that really means. There is no one looking over your shoulder, double checking your work, or dictating projects that you must complete. It’s up to you to be at your workstation on time, every day. Creating a schedule that you can realistically stick to is very important.  When working on this schedule, keep in mind all those things that you’ll need to take time for – lunch breaks, emails, phone calls, etc.  Many employers will want you to propose the schedule that you can work on – know in advance what that schedule is so that you don’t end up seeming like an irresponsible employee later on.

2) Creating a home office. Don’t assume that you can just work in your dining room or living room. First of all, even though you’ll be working from home, you’ll still be working, and you’ll want to go to a non-work area after you’re done with your day.  Secondly, you’ll need an area for all your work equipment, papers, etc, and you’ll need your other family members to know those things are off limits. Make sure the place you choose can easily be made free of distractions, so you can work uninterrupted.

3) Keeping track of your projects. Know in advance what projects you need to complete in a given time frame and work hard to accomplish those goals. As you discover difficulties or obstacles to achieving these goals, spend time figuring out what you can do to make those things easier to deal with. Working from home can be tough at first, but so can any new job. Don’t assume that it’s not for you because it takes awhile to settle in.

Hopefully considering these issues before you take on the challenge of working at home will help you to be more successful and satisfied. Also, keep checking on – I’ll be posting websites and companies that offer real work at home opportunities.

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