VolunteerMatch: Help Others While Helping Yourself


Today is “Black Friday,” the official beginning of the Yuletide season, which means that we’re soon to be inundated by sales, commercials, and gimmicks at your local mall (if you aren’t already).

But if you’re more interested in the Giving Spirit of the Holidays, as opposed to this year’s newest version of Tickle Me Elmo or the “It” Playstation game, there’s a website out there that makes it easy to get involved.

VolunteerMatch.org is a website that allows you to search for volunteer opportunities using specific guidelines.  You fill in the area you in which you want to volunteer, how far you’re willing to travel outside of that area, and the type of activities you’re interested in doing, and VolunteerMatch will show you pages of options that fill your criteria.  All you have to do is email whatever organizations seem to work for you and let them know that you’re interested.

VolunteerMatch allows you to search for volunteer options in 29 different categories, ranging from the classics, like helping the hungry or senior citizens, to volunteer opportunities that receive less attention, like working with disabled adults or with conservation groups.

VolunteerMatch may not seem relevant to the people who come across this blog because they are looking for Work at Home opportunities, but the truth is that in these tough economic times, VolunteerMatch can not only be a good deed, it can also be a resume builder.  You can teach classes on using various computer programs, work at free legal clinics, or even volunteer at places that specialize in broadcasting and advertising.

You could use VolunteerMatch to work with an organization that could make good use of the talents you already have, or you could become involved with an organization that could provide you with new experiences and new skills.  In addition, many of these organizations are compromised of volunteers that work within your local community.  You could not only make new friends, you could make new business contacts.  VolunteerMatch could easily give you a chance to help yourself while taking the time to help others.

Happy Holidays!

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