0MLM.com Reviews – Is 0 MLM Legit or a Scam?

0MLM0MLM.com is an interesting new company that is switching up the traditional multi level marketing model.  For those of you unfamiliar with MLM, the basic premise is that you sign up to become an associate selling a particular product and you make a commission on each product you sell.  In addition, you also make money for each new associate you sign up to sell products, as well as a particular percentage of the sales commissions they make.

In traditional MLM companies, associates pay the company a discounted rate for the products they then turn around and sell to customers.  Generally, there is some sort of company rule that dictates how often you must buy products.  In this way, the company makes continual revenue regardless of whether or not you manage to sell out of your product on a regular basis.

o MLM claims to be complete different from the traditional MLM company in that they do not require their associates to pay them anything to join their company.  Their theory is that if it does not cost an MLM associate money to continue being a part of the MLM program, then they are less likely to quit, and therefore it is easier for each associate to build a downline.

When you join 0MLM you will be given 5 different websites from which to sell 5 different themes of digital products: entertainment, dating, finance, gaming, and literature. These websites are completely free to you; free website, hosting, maintenance, and domain name.

These websites will make you money from pay per click advertising, affiliate links, and commissions from the digital products. For every member you recruit, you will make a specific percentage of their sales.

So What’s the Deal with 0MLM?

Since 0MLM is free to join and free to use, it’s hard to say much negative about it, but there are a couple concerns that come to mind.

First of all, 0MLM is in pre-launch mode right now with a scheduled launch of July 4 , 2011. Because they are currently in pre-launch, they don’t give you a tour of the websites and products you will be expected to sell, so even though you have an idea of the product you’ll be working with, it’s vague at best.

Secondly, 0MLM will provide you with 5 pre-made websites that you will be unable to change or customize in any way, according to their Terms & Conditions.  The reason they give for this, is that they know the best way to recruit new people to the program.  However, if every single member of 0MLM has the exact same websites selling the exact same products that means you have zero ability to stand out from the crowd.

Now, 0MLM has a sort of plan to address this, and that is that you will also be making money with affiliate links and pay per click.  However, as far as your downline is concerned, they say you only get money from the “sales” of the downline, and your downline isn’t likely to be making a lot of sales with basic, cookie cutter websites.

Finally, they claim to be willing to pay $1000 to the person who doesn’t make “any” money using their program.  But if you go to their Terms & Conditions, they say you must have active websites for 365 days after the launch, and in addition they must have at least 100 unique visitors a day for 365 days.  If you meet that criteria and somehow make $0, then they will pay you $1000.

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  • i did't think its not a scam site...bczzz it does't need any money payment to join
  • Yeah it's not only sounding great but it is not scam either because you do not have to pay money to become member. Magic trick website is awesome i myself have checked all of them its exciting.
  • This sounds great plus I don't think its a scam. I cant wait until they launch, the magic trick website is

    a great idea!
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