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100PercentProfitBot.com is a new binary options trading software bot which promises to be the only binary options bot on the market that is “not a scam” and will actually earn its users profits.

According to their website and video presentation, all other binary options bots on today’s market are “scams” designed simply to get you to deposit your money into a specific trading platform, where they will then earn affiliate fees while you make essentially no profits.

In addition to being the only bot available that will actually earn you profits, 100PercentProfitBot.com promises that their bot is completely free of charge for you and that they earn no money from the trading platforms.

How Does 100PercentProfitBot.com Work?

The difference between TheProfitBot and other available binary options trading bots is that TheProfitBot is the first ever multi-broker bot. This is an important distinction from other bots, because their website says only a multi-broker bot is able to use the “martingale” trading tactic.

The martingale tactic is described as being the strategic plan of “doubling down” each time you lose money in an investment, so that a single win will result in you making your lost money back and set you up for profiting from that moment forward.

Single broker bots cannot follow this strategy because there is a limit on the amount of money you can invest, which quickly limits the martingale tactic, while a multi-broker bot can break the investment over multiple platforms so it can be successfully carried out.

The Big Questions

There are many, many big questions. The first is how exactly 100PercentProfitBot.com is earning money, because they swear they are not taking money from their users nor are they taking money from the trading platforms, but they are paying many, many different affiliates to promote their product so their money has to be coming from somewhere.

But if you feel as though you don’t care at all where their money comes from (even though you should) the other major problem with their bot is their strategy. While the martingale tactic is a popular betting strategy – not an investment strategy – there are some clear issues with it.

The most significant factor with this strategy is the amount of money you have to invest. Though the website says that you must be able to begin with $1000 in order to use this bot, if you lost your first five investments in a row your money would be completely gone. The martingale tactic only works if you have significantly large pool of money for investment – enough to weather a loser streak.

The number of unanswered questions left by this website combined with the dangerous and extremely risky strategy they are using means that people should avoid this bot at all costs.

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