20/20 Panel Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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The 20/20 Panel, found online at 2020Plan.com, is a new market research company which promises their members a way to simply and easily earn money from home just by giving their opinion.

People who are interested in being members of the 20/20 Panel and taking part in their paid research opportunities are welcome to do so just by signing up and filling out their questionnaire and profile.

Though members are not asked to pay any fees to become a member of this company, they are asked to provide as much information and detail in their profiles as possible, because this makes it easier to match you with the appropriate opportunities.

How Does the 20/20 Panel Work?

According to their website, the 20/20 Panel works like most other market research companies, in that they partner with large corporations that are interested in hearing what you have to say about the products and services you use every day.

These companies pay 20/20 to create the surveys and other research opportunities, like focus groups, product testing, and more, and to implement this research, collect and analyze the data, and provide it back to them.

In exchange for you actually taking the time to participate in and complete these research opportunities, 20/20 Panel says that their members could be paid between $50 and $150 “just for sharing your opinion.”

The Concerns

The fact that this company does not charge their members a membership fee is incredibly important, because no market research company should ever charge fees in exchange for their customers’ work. However, there are some other concerns which should be addressed.

First, this company makes ridiculous and unrealistic earnings claims, saying that their members should expect to be paid between $50 and $150 per project, when the truth is that online surveys usually pay less than $5 per survey, and product testing doesn’t pay much more. An in-person focus study will often pay more, because you are required to come in and be dedicated to a task for part of your day, but this company only provides in-person studies for people that live in the Nashville, Charlotte, or Miami areas.

In addition, this company provides no information about how they compensate their members, whether in actual cash or gift cards or in “prizes,” nor do they offer any information on how much you will have to accumulate in your account before you can withdraw your rewards. This is important, because companies that require high withdrawal minimums are generally trying to get their members to provide them with market research that they will never actually pay them for.

The bottom line is that, because this company does not charge their members any fees, people should feel comfortable trying this opportunity for themselves, but they should understand up front that they are not going to earn the large sums of money promised by their sales page.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " 20/20 Panel Reviews " is 1.88 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.
  • Participated in an in-person study for nearly two hours and was never paid.
  • 20/20 Panel seems to work by offering it's members a "chance" to qualify for a paid survey, by first screening them with numerous unpaid surveys that almost always go nowhere. The pre-screen qualifying surveys are very long, and you provide a lot of valuable information to them before being told, "Sorry, You Do Not Qualify." This feels like a scam, where they are dangling a carrot infront of you with the promise of one day actually making it into one of their studies. In the meantime, you are no doubt providing them with valuable information each time you sit down to complete these marathon screening questionares, but get nothing to show for it.
  • I have been registered for about 2 years and have not qualified for one marketing search. I find that very difficult to believe when they are sending they are sending the interest email based on my profile.
  • I have had no problems with the company and for the record they DO have online focus groups now because I have been in them and paid well for what I had to do. So far so good!!
  • I did a 1HOUR online chat study that promised to pay $30 cash 2-3 weeks after completion. It's been 3 months I still haven't gotten paid. I contacted them with the study number and everything. never got a reply. SCAMMERS
  • Ive been apart of this "company" for almost 2 years & I qualify like 20% of the time, when I do qualify No one ever calls me then I get the email saying thanks but all participating has been recorded. Well I recently did one on the 13th and got called Monday January 23rd. Got excited, web cam meeting was set up for the 2 days & everything! Well this Morning a hr before the meeting it got cancelled! I called "Matt" to see what happened but no answer. I also still attended , As I type im still in my meeting with a NO SHOW Tech & my meeting was for 12:15 CST. I got all hype because FINALLY I get selected just for them to cancel out of nowhere & after reading other reviews im not the only one! Eff This research group. What Waste of time!!
  • Same thing happen to me. I was setup to be apart of the study. The canceled through email stating, they may reschedule--but they don't know when.
  • They are legit and they will call you and invite you to participate. But then at least for me they call back and say the company changed qualifications or it was cancelled. i registered last month and have been called for 5 surveys and each one gets cancelled or they changed the qualifications and I'm in 'line' hatEver that means. If you need money get a second job because you can't rely on this company to make any money.
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