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30 Minute Money Methods is an online program for making money offered by Shelly West. According to West’s promotional video, this program can help people earn around $50,000 each month just by working 30 minutes per day.

Even people who don’t have special skills can do this, West claims, as long as they have a means of working online and an internet connection.


The money making program that West promotes can boost a person’s income even with minimal work each day.

The way that she promotes it makes it seem that you will continually earn at least $500 a day as long as you follow the 30 minute money methods that are included in the package.

All that is needed is an internet connection, a means to work online from home and a website for which Shelly recommends a hosting service via an affiliate link. The offer is available on her website, which requires purchase before access to the elite members’ page is granted.

The page contains four sections in which the 30 minute money methods are distributed. These four methods are: doing online voiceovers, stock photography, playing online games and freelancing online.

There are also two other bonus methods like being a middleman and social media management; these materials are available in PDF form. Each PDF is an introduction to these methods, although there is no content on how to do them.

How Does It Work?

Shelly West’s claims state that these 30 minute money making methods will help anyone earn a stable income of at least $500 a day.

As long as they follow the said methods, the money will come in on a regular basis with practically minimal working required and from the comfort of home too.

Once the package is purchased from her website, you will be given access to the exclusive members only page where the training materials are available. As mentioned, these materials are PDF files explaining Shelly’s methods.

Cost and Price Plans

The training package is initially offered for $100 because these methods are a secret that help Shelly West earn around $35,000 per week. However, a 52% discount is soon given, which makes it available for $47 and then lower by another $10 later.

If you choose to close the page, you are given one last upsell of $27 as the final price for the training package.

An option to automate the profit earning is also available on the website. This process is said to be 100% autopilot and all you’ll have to do is wait for the profits to come in.

Customer Service

Shelly West’s 30 Minute Money Making Methods training package has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee that is totally risk free. If you don’t find yourself satisfied with the methods that West has to share, then you can get a full refund of what you paid to get the materials.

You can also contact them at [email protected] for any customer service needs. Shelly and her team are available 24/7 for any support needs and queries that you may have.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Positive reviews on the website of 30 Minute Money Methods indicate that this new money-making program is not like others that were simply scams.

Other reviewers also mentioned that the methods presented and the data were right, except for the fact that West’s material fails to explain to people how exactly these methods can be done.

Instead, they are simply introductions and descriptions of the method, with no follow-up means on how someone can get started with them.

The promotional video also features several testimonials of people who claim to have experienced and reaped the benefits of these training methods for themselves. However, it has since been proven that the people in these testimonials are hired actors.

Because of that, their testimonials are most likely fake. Other reviews also claim that the contents of the materials are severely lacking.

In fact, that people who pay for it expecting a quick and easy means of earning that much money in no time (and automatically) will be sorely disappointed. Fortunately, the refund system works, as it is on Clickbank.

Competitors and Alternatives

$200 in 20 minutes is another money-making program that boasts of getting people to earn around $80,000 within a few months. It is an affiliate link program, which offers high amounts of EPC and cash prizes for users.

Earn Money also offers users the chance to earn passive income from home. Signing up on their site is quick and you earn by utilizing the idle processing power of your computer. Payments are made every 24 hours on PayPal.

Finally, My Cashware offers users a similar means of earning money passively, simply by leaving your computer on and running their software on it.

Where to Buy?

The promotional video and the purchase of the 30 Minute Money Making Methods are available at http://www.30minutemoneymethods.com.


30 Minute Money Making Methods is a money-earning program that allows people to earn money passively and boost their income in no time. Its owner, Shelly West, claims that these methods have changed her own life and income.

Like other similar programs, it may be all bark and no bite, or at the very least seriously lacking and failing to help people achieve the big promises that it claims it can do. That is why if you’re interested in this program, you must tread lightly.

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