3StepProfitSite.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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The 3 Step Profit Site, found online at 3StepProfitSite.com, says you can get access to what is described as the “highest converting sales funnel” that earns more than $1,700 a day on “complete auto pilot.”

According to the presentation on the website, it is a “waste of time” for people to attempt to make their way into internet based business alone when they can simply plug into a proven system that will make them money.

And the presentation goes on to further say that plugging into this system is actually completely free.

The System

The presentation on 3StepProfitSite.com says that their system provides products and services which are in huge demand and has already located a customer base who is interested in them.

All you have to do is sign up to receive an affiliate link from their program and then promote this link on a website and throughout the internet. Whenever your link results in a sale, you will earn a commission.

And if you aren’t even interested in doing the promotion you would need to get people to your affiliate link, you can use their Done4YouAdvertising broker system to generate web visitors and ultimately members to join your system.

Ultimately, 3StepProfitSite.com wants to sign you up as an affiliate for GetResponse, which is an email marketing company for which people can pay a monthly membership fee and get access to a large number of tools to assist in marketing their business online.


You should always be suspicious when a company is offering to do everything for you. They are claiming to provide the products, the services, and the basic necessities of your business, and all you need to do is get customers.

However, if getting customers is too difficult for you, they’ll do that for you as well with their advertising broker program. And they claim to do all of this with no money from you.

Customers who look closer, though, will see that they say this system is free to “set up.” There are no promises that the system is free to maintain or keep long term, so if you are interested in trying this system, you will want to be cautious when moving forward to make sure there are no hidden fees or built in costs as you go.

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