Academy of Online Success Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Academy of Online Success, found at, describes itself as an all-in-one, turnkey internet business system which can give anyone the ability to make up to six figures each month.

According to spokesperson Paul Birdsall, his system for making money online has already earned $15 million dollars, and has mentored over 100,000 people on how to successfully make money online.

In the past he says that he has charged up to $997 for personal coaching, but new members can sign up for his system currently with just a $25 start up fee, which becomes a monthly fee if you choose to stay enrolled.

How It Works

The presentation for the Academy of Online Success says that their system works “like clockwork” to automatically acquire customers and create a predictable and growing income “even when you’re goofing off with the kids.”

All you are expected to do is put in 5-10 hours each week on their action plan, and the presentation says you will be able to earn six figures a month with no selling or cold calling your friends and family.

Once you pay your start up fee, you’ll login to their member center and immediately have access to a private traffic generating video library that will teach you how to get Instant Web Traffic so you can make money as soon as possible.

Each video lasts no longer than 15 minutes, and will give you a task to complete that should take no longer than a half hour. In just two to three days, they say you’ll begin to understand the business.

What You Need to Know

The Academy of Online Success is a part of the Six Figure Society, a member’s only online business opportunity, which teaches you to email market. Unfortunately you can’t get access to the details of their compensation plan until you become a member.

Working with any company who claims that they will do everything for you is usually a scary prospect that you should avoid. It’s the type of promise made with online business that often turns out not only to be deceiving, but also to be the sign of a scam opportunity.

Luckily your initial set up cost will go through Clickbank, a digital marketplace which guarantees unsatisfied customers a 60 day window to get a refund. However, this initial fee is the only one that is guaranteed – other investments and purchases you make once you’ve begun the program are not necessarily ensured the same way, so proceed with caution.

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