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AdCash, found online at, is a company that says that everything their company does is driven by a single goal at all times: to make your company more successful.

All website owners and operators know and understand that the most important obstacle you must cross is getting people to your website to begin with. The best quality content, photos, and features don’t benefit you unless you have an audience to view them.

The promise of AdCash is that they offer their customers powerful ad campaign creation, optimization, and reporting tools that are simple to use and guaranteed to increase your website’s traffic and viewership.

What They Do

This website provides websites with a system of advertising that they promise will greatly increase your website’s traffic and number of unique visitors. They say this is because they don’t simply concentrate on giving websites exposure, but rather the right exposure to the right audience.

They do this through precise targeting and a selection of different advertising formats, which means that they are able to tailor your ad campaigns specifically to your market and then successfully get them in front of that market.

To meet these promises, AdCash says they use Predictive Algorithms to ensure maximum relevance, AdBlock Prevention software which has the ability to bypass adblock software, and Hyper-Granular Targeting which helps them reach their audiences in an “elegant and simple” way.

The Concerns

Unfortunately this company has a variety of negative reviews that all stem from the same criticism, which is a criticism that follows many different companies who claim to increase traffic and visitors to websites, and that is that the increase in traffic you see is actually fake.

These claims have not been verified, and it is not out of the question that a company which has decided to spend money on professional help increasing their traffic might get very frustrated if they don’t see a quick turnaround in their volume of business. This frustration could lead them to believe that a company has taken advantage of them, when this might not actually be the case.

But it is very concerning when multiple people report that they saw their numbers go up, but they personally did not see any improvement in their business. This is a strong indicator that a company might be using questionable methods to make customers believe that they are seeing an impressive increase in traffic when they really are not.

Customers who are concerned about these kinds of practices will want to discuss with the company refund or cancellation policies that benefit the customer when they are unhappy, and may want to consider working with a different partner if this company is unwilling to have that discussion.

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