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AdClickXpress is a new online home business opportunity which describes themselves as providing “simple yet powerful products and services to the online community as well as rock solid income solutions to millions of affiliates.”

According to their website, most home based business commission plans only really work for the top 2% of earners within their company, but AdClickXpress claims to have created a program which works for the 98% who have traditionally struggled with online business.

Their sales page describes their opportunity as an “ad viewing” business, which you can sign up for as either an affiliate of their program or as an advertiser with no affiliation.

What They Say

AdClickXpress says that their products and services will assist business owners in building their businesses, drive more visitors to their website, and offer “unique and state of the art tools.”

For members who sign up as an affiliate, a $10 ad package will give you 200 ad credits, daily sales commissions from viewing websites, referral commissions from sharing this opportunity with others, and a “free online success product.”

Advertisers, on the other hand, will get 600 credits from a $10 ad package, with high traffic for new business growth, marketing campaigns for a “huge network” of global online entrepreneurs, as well as the “free online success product.” However, you can make no earnings from sales or referrals.

What You Should Know

According to the online forums as well as information from current members, AdClickXpress is just the newest evolution of ProfitClicking, which at one point was another business called JustBeenPaid.

Both ProfitClicking and JustBeenPaid were investment opportunities which claimed they could “guarantee” certain returns in very specific time periods. According to former members, these payouts lasted for a short period of time before members began to have serious difficulty withdrawing any money from their accounts.

Because this business is still very new there are not many first person reviews, but due to its association with these other two businesses, most people are already wary of AdClickXpress. Any current customers with personal experience of this company should leave their reviews below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " AdClickXpress " is 1.4 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
  • The salesman of ACX has been a clever deceiver !
  • I just requested a withdraw tonight and they had another balance adjustment tonight this 3 times in a month my withdraws get paid. But I was close to $60.00 a day now $21.00 a day they said they couldn't cover withdraws so they did a adjustment yesterday they sent out emails want people to buy more 2% packs then tonight they do a adjustment that knock down your daily earnings.
  • Ware have you been living under a rock, Adclix has been around for years, If it was exactly like JBP it would been dead by now. I would know I used to work with JBD and ACX it does not have restarts and take half your earnings like JBD used to or did you not know that.
  • It' a scam, adclickxpress only pay 50% of whatever investment you made. After that they started reduce your earning and break promises.
  • Stay clear of this one they don't pay, they owe me about $7000, don't think I ever got a payment from them, every time I asked they just drummed up a re start.
  • All I can say is dont do it dont do it dont do it...It will collapse and they will make up all kinds of Lies to keep your funds. I know ...I was making over 500.00 a day..
  • ( 2018)You can make money with ACX...but don't use any money you can't afford to lose. Your house payment , food money, etc.

    It seems to be part investment and part ponzi ish. They do crypto trading to help pay members, if they have a bad day, they have to rely on some of the new money coming in. So, in the past they could only run for so long before they had to "re-set". With the crypto profits they only have to resort to the new money if the crypto trading doesn't cover the payouts for that day.

    The question is... can they keep ahead of the payouts and cover all the compounding interest?

    I have money in ACX and will find out. I pull out money ever so often.

    If you put in any money, be able to walk away. High risk high reward.

    One last thing...I didn't count the ad click revenue side, because that only could cover a small amount per user.
  • I was a JustBeenPaid member n lost a couple of thousands when it closed. I recently went back after being told I can recover my money..... They are not paying withdrawals, I've had my withdrawal pending for over a month. When you write to them they say we working on it. STAY AWAY FROM ADCLICK EXPRESS..
  • It is simply the same old people running ACX as was JBP and Profitclicking. ACX is now in the typical late year throes just like JBP and ProfitcClicking were at same time of year. So that means by 1st quarter 2014 it should change names again with new ownership claims but same old staff as has been....Trends are the same- no withdraws, then only $50 w/d (while claiming you can earn over $3,000 a day), triple xpress shifts almost back to back and other changes...I know people who are having up to $50,000 (from Profitclicking) locked up in ACX with no sign of getting that out except to put more money in and use a small piece of that. In one word? Sucks
  • Do yourself a favor and avoid these scammers. The owners of AdClickXpress hide their identity (Strike #1). They have no physical address (Strike #2) They have no land line phone number (Strike #3). This is a ponzi/pyramid scheme and they don't pay what they promise. When the money from new members slows down, they shut down the program and open a new one to start the whole process again like they did with JustBeenPaid and Profit Clicking.
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