Alen’s Success Plan Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Alen’s Success Plan, found online at, is an opportunity that promises anyway can have a chance to not only make money from the comfort of their home but to get rich without doing hardly anything.

In his video presentations, Alen says that he has been making money online for many years and has discovered a secret that allows him to earn money in a very simple way, with little to no effort.

His goal now is to find fifty average, hard working people without any technical knowledge or previous experience earning money online to provide with a website that will make them $10,000 each month, just so he can have the bragging rights.

The Claims

Alen says that, unlike other online money making opportunities, he does not ask his clients to put their trust in him. In fact, he will set up a money making website just for you, so you can see for yourself how it works before you become too invested.

He will then take it upon himself to create the entire website, get it up and running, and he will undertake all of the promotional efforts that need to be done in order to get visitors to the site so that you can earn $10,000 within your first 30 days.

The only thing that is expected from you is to contribute a minimal fee toward the maintenance costs of running the website, which he says is $97, an extremely steep discount off of the $15,500 he has charged in the past.

The Problems

There are many, many problems with the claims being made by Alen’s Success Plan. The first is that you never have any idea the type of business you are getting into – there are literally no details given on what this website will be doing until after you have already submitted your credit card number and paid $97.

Then there are the outrageous claims made concerning the amount of money you will earn – $10,000 each month and sometimes more – along with the fact that you are told you literally don’t need to do anything to earn this money. The video presentation literally says that after the website is set up, that you can “go to sleep” and just let the money roll in.

Finally, many of the claims made in the video presentations contradict each other – in the first video he says that he’s not going to ask his clients to trust him, he’s just going to give them a money making website. But then you’re asked to pay a $97 fee without really understanding what you’re getting – that is definitely being asked to trust someone.

The website says they have a money back guarantee, but there is no place where this guarantee is detailed enough for customers to feel comfortable – before making a purchase, it would be important to get the details on this policy so that you are protected.

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Average Rating for " Alen's Success Plan " is 1.33 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
  • scam for MONEY h claim it was FREE then say he needs 50 people then charge he

    himself with the inconsistency of his offer nor what is it your selling it is to evasive is sign of un-secure program has no rate consumers whom earn 10 k that is real not snapshot student testimony anyone can create see them on programs all the time same game just new player beaware of these type easy quick schemes ......
  • Thanks for the review. Your review is great. The program is a scam, as usual. GIVE isn't $97.00. This is why ClickSure has been outlawed in some other developed countries.
  • I am not going to give them anything....that's my review... I want to know someone who has tried it.
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