Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a company that offers independent contractor job opportunities to people looking for work from home positions.  An independent contractor is not a traditional employee.

ICs are contracted to work for a specific company, performing designated duties in exchange for a pre-determined hourly pay rate.  However, taxes will not be taken out of your paycheck, though the company you work for will be claiming you on their taxes, so make sure to put aside enough money from your checks to pay your dues at the end of the year.

Now, you will not actually be contracted to work with Arise. acts as a middle man between you and the companies who will hire you. does a background check on you, trains you, and then connects you with the company you will be working with. connects you with online retailers who need people to do telephone customer service, online customer chat services, and email technical support.  You determine in advance what hours you will be willing to work, and once you are contracted to a company, you must be willing and able to honor those hours.

You will generally be required to have specialized training for many different companies, however, once you’ve gotten your specialized training for a couple different companies, you’ll usually maintain working with them for extended contracts.

Positions acquired through tend to begin at $10/hr and then move up the scale to $14/hr once you have a job that requires further training.

So What’s the Deal with

While Arise is a legitimate company, the most complaints come from users who are upset at the technical issues and required costs.

First, the software uses to track your working time and officially pay you only functions with Internet Explorer and certain types of anti-virus software.  In addition, their software hasn’t been updated to work with versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, so you must have earlier versions to work with.

But the costs of working with Arise seem to generate the most complaints.  Of course you must have a home computer and high speed internet, but you must also have a landline designated for business purposes only and a set of headphones.  If you don’t have one of the few anti-virus programs that Arise software works with, you’ll need to purchase that as well.

You must have a national background check performed, which you have to pay for, and can run around $30.  Also, the actual training provided by will run you $99 initially, and you will be charged various costs whenever you require further specialized training, which almost every job will require.

Finally, the software that Arise provides you with to connect you with your employer and track your working hours – in addition to the 24/7 support they offer you – will cost you $40 each month.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • The same thing happened to my son. I paid for his opportunity to work for Airbnb in May of this year. His class started July 1st. A week before his class, they removed it from the platform. When he inquired about it, they said they would investigate and put in a ticket. This was on June 24th. A few days before the start date he received a welcome email for the class. However, none of the links worked. We later found out that the class was canceled because they said he did not complete some type of equipment form. When they took my $199 they said everything was completed. How did a whole month go by without letting us know that he had something missing. The ticket is still open and every time we do an online chat, they tell us that it was escalated and to wait until we hear something back. This is now over three weeks. Do anyone know how to contact upper management. I cannot let this go. Does anyone know of an attorney that would handle this for us?
    • How did a whole month go by without any accountability from your son or, since you want to be involved, yourself? It's not Arise's responsibility to check what does or does not need completion, it is your son's responsibility to do that. Before you even enroll in a class, it advises you to read that companies "Opportunity Announcement." In that announcement, you will find the things that need full completion before the 1st day of class as well as many other things (Affidavit submission, background check, identity verification, signing of the SOW, TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS AND PC CHECK!) . So I ask, how did an entire month go by without your son being responsible enough to go read the companies Opportunity Announcement and finish all required tasks? Be responsible, that's all Arise asks of you; accountability of self.
  • I wish there were a review of all of all of the companies so that people will know what opportunities they should avoid.

    The bottom line is, if you want a full time job, this is not it. This is for people who want to supplement their income.
  • Went through training for Worked for 217 intervals within a month and a half, and must have received 3 dozen 'complaints' each week ranging from not offering enough to a customer to buy (understandable I guess) to not sounding friendly enough. Keeping in mind its a business to business corporation. Also that training never had us listen to a single call that was made. And in the end my SOW was terminated, by IBO refuses to pay my back wages and I have to file a lawsuit now. Arise will belittle you, threaten you, and then refuse help if you ask for it. Working for the client was difficult even before my SOW was cut without reason.
    • Are you considering suing Arise or the IBO? Arise needs to be sued as well. I have been with them for a while and they have done some unethical stuff and I have compiled some info for a lawsuit.

      They take your money for a class before you are in the class and if you don't have everything completed on time, when the class starts, you are not allowed in the class and they keep the money you paid for the class. Although the fault is not on your end. That is illegal.
  • There are other AHA to work for such as Conduet, Convergys, Kelly Connect, TeleTech etc......
  • right now I am an IBO who hasn't received one ounce of help or advice on how to start my LLC company from Arise. You ask one question and they give you 10 answers that doesn't help you at all. Their website is forever with issues. I am stuck on the 500 fortune company page and no way to go to another page. I can't certify myself because I don't want to be a call agent but an IBO that hires others to do the calling but nothing in their FAQ to help with this dilemma. I am beginning to feel that I have been scammed....with money that I don't have to be scammed for....
  • Been doing resort reservations for about 9 months. Absolute joke. You are constantly setup for failure. You are just a body and when you have outlived your usefullness your sow will be terminated and a new employee hired on. Its a constant wheel. You will never see any bonuses from the way the system is setup. You generate thousands of dollars in revenue fkr disney and barely make 8.50 a hour.

    My major complaints come arise will find reasons to get you in trouble to keep from paying you the bonuses. Just another example of a company taking advantage of people who need a different way of working.....

    As far as the Disney Resort reservations. Be prepared to deal with nothing but shower privileged guest every person who calls is going to complain because they feel like they should have to pay less and get more because they've been at Disney for 20 years like that makes him something special. Be prepared to be treated like a second-class citizen with a I spend money so shut up and do your job attitude.

    Definitely looking for something else to do too much stress for work-at-home job
    • I have not worked Disney, but I did get bonuses for the client I worked. The pay is a joke and I do believe what you are saying. Arise treats people who continue to service for them as losers who have not made real money. I have made so much more working at a business. I now will welcome the horrible traffic.

      Everyone is calling out men for sexual harassment. Maybe it is time to go to the media on Arise, for it is an unethical company and they need to be investigated. A class-action lawsuit should be the next thing.
  • Does anyone work for Disney dining? If so, can you tell me if you like it or not and why?
  • Get an IBO like me and your CSPs will be happy.
  • Was doing comcast and Disney customer service / sales and it was just horrible, the hours was shaky, to many system problems and sometimes the max cap for both is just 20 hours. If anyone is looking to service please don't pick these
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