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Transcription Jobs


Work at home transcriptionists are usually independent contractors who create typewritten copies of recorded material and edit these reports on their home computers. Due to the nature of this job, it naturally lends itself to many legitimate work at home opportunities.

While legal transcriptionists generally need no formal training, they do need to understand standard legal terminology and have a good command of the English language.

When evaluating different transcriptionist jobs, you should realize in advance that you will likely have to buy specialized equipment. It is a good idea to check out multiple job postings to see what kind of equipment is routinely required. That way, when you go to invest in specific equipment, you’ll know what equipment will best serve you for a variety of jobs, giving you more options for work at home opportunities.

Finally, when applying for transcriptionist jobs, you’ll need to know both your ten key typing speed and your standard typing speed. There are free tests you can take online to check these speeds: Ten Key Typing Speed and Standard Typing Speed are just some options. Most transcriptionist jobs will require a minimum typing speed of around 75 words per minute.

At Home Transcription Jobs & Companies (Updated 2018):

American High-Tech Transcription, Inc. – Transcriptionists

Outsources work to independent contractors who may live anywhere in the U.S.  Must have previous experience and excellent English skills. Check the website for current openings.

Cambridge Transcriptions – Corporate and Legal Transcriptionists

Constantly looking for intelligent and capable people to join their staff. Requirements include a strong grasp of English grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. See the website for more information about working for this company. – Transcriptionists

Cyber Dictate is continually recruiting US-based transcriptionists. Minimum requirements include a typing speed of 65 wpm and at least 2 years of recent word processing or transcripton experience. Check the website for further requirements and information.

E-Typist Transcription – Legal Transcriptionists

Must have a minimum of three years experience in a law office as well as a minimum of 60 wpm typing speed and an excellent command of English language and legal terminology. See website for further information.

Mass Transcription – Transcriptionists

Mass Transcription is always looking for skilled transcription professionals (this includes proofreaders) with a proven record of experience. Visit the website for further information and online application form.

ASC Services LLC (f/k/a Morningside Partners) – Transcribers

Experienced transcribers sought for at-home financial transcription. Also seeking qualified applicants to produce verbatim transcripts for media clients. Visit the website for further details.

Mulberry Studio – Transcription Jobs

Full-time and part-time transcription positions available. Requirements include a minimum of 2 years experience in transcription and word processing, typing speed of 75 wpm, and excellent grammar and language skills. See the website for further information.

Net Transcripts – Transcription Work

Word Processors required to transcribe audio content of various corporate communications, video productions, web casts and other conferences. Must type 80 words per minute, have excellent grammar and proofreading skills and have experience with MS Word and Excel. See the Employment page for more information.

On the Record Reporting and Transcription – Transcriptionists – TX Only

This position requires excellent spelling and grammar, an extensive vocabulary, proficiency in WordPerfect, and a typing speed of 80-90 WPM. Further details at the website.

Production Transcripts – Transcribers

Transcribers must be highly proficient and experienced. Only transcribers with experience transcribing from digital files will be hired. There is a test prior to employment. See the website for online application.

SpeakWrite – Legal and General Transcription Jobs

Transcriptionists must have a minimum typing speed of 65 wpm. and must have Microsoft Word 2000 or newer. To be accepted as an Independent Contractor you must complete an evaluation quiz and testing jobs to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. Read through the website for more information and to get started.

Tigerfish – Transcribers

If you are a quick typist with a good ear for language and a strong sense of written English, transcribing for Tigerfish can be a way to earn money while working at home. See the website for further information and to get started.

Transcription 2000 – Transcriptionists

Currently hiring independent contractor transcriptionists. Must have Minimum 5 years experience, DSL and/or Cable connection, and own your own equipment. See the website for online application.

TASK Transcription Services, Inc. – General and Legal Transcriptionists

Weekday, weeknight and weekend work is available. Previous transcription experience is required. Seeking a minimum level of commitment from contractors to transcribe about 6-8 hours per day, 5 days per week. See the website for more information and online application. U.S. Contractors Only.

Verbal Ink – Transcriptionists is now Verbal Ink. All their transcriptionists are United States citizens as they refuse to outsource work overseas. Verbal Ink is always looking for highly skilled transcriptionists to add to their growing team. See the website for further information about the company.

VOBA – Transcriptionists

Looking for professional, experienced, self-employed transcriptionists with 5+ years transcription or related experience and a minimum typing speed of 60 wpm. Interested in transcriptionists from North America, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Visit the website to find out more about joining their freelance transcription team.

Way With Words – Transcribers

International transcription firm Way With Words has an ongoing requirement for home-based transcribers with an excellent standard of English. Way With Words maintains a network of home-based transcribers (independent contractors) spread across various countries. See the website for more information.

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