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AyuWage, found online at AyuWage.com, is a paid-to-click website which promises people a way to earn money from home, just by completing small tasks or doing basic internet activities.

AyuWage.com says that they were frustrated with all the other online websites which promised their members easy pay-to-click earning opportunities when really they were just taking advantage of their members. AyuWage wanted to provide their members with a real way to earn money.

This company also promises that all new members are able to join completely for free, as they don’t believe that you should have to pay money in order to earn money.

How Does AyuWage Work?

Like most other PTC websites, members of AyuWage will sign into their membership account and see what websites and tasks are available for you to easily and quickly complete, and what the associated payments will be.

Their members will be asked to go to various websites, click on advertisements, complete short surveys, and other basic activities in order to earn their money. You are also able to create a downline of earnings when you invite new members to join and they continue working earning money with this company as well.

Finally, AyuWage says that they provide their customers with an easily achievable minimum payout of just $5.00 in order to withdraw. They say that they keep their minimum payout low so that members know that they are dedicated to compensating you for your work.

The Bottom Line

Pay-to-click websites are legitimate ways to easily earn money online with very little effort, but people should always be aware that the money they earn from these programs will be minimal at best, simply because of the easy, effortless nature of this work.

AyuWage does have some issues however, one of which has been pointed out by many different PTC review websites: click fraud. Their Regular Ads section specifically requires members to visit required websites and then click on “interesting content” while on that website, and if they do not do this, they will receive a formal warning. After three warnings, this company will suspend your account and refuse to pay out your earnings.

The problem is that requiring members to click ads on other websites is click fraud. It is a fraudulent way of increasing the payable clicks on that website, and is considered an internet crime.

The bottom line with evaluating PTC websites, however, is always whether or not they actually pay their members and have a low minimum payout that can reasonably be reached by most members. While AyuWage does have a small minimum payout, it seems as though their payouts are often delayed as long as three weeks. This can be an early sign that a company will eventually discontinue payments all together.

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  • I used to earn $30-40 a month in the year 2016-17 but the site suddenly stopped paying. A lot of people are even saying that it still pays to a few selected members. I just wish they pay my hard earned money.
  • Ayuwage is not a good site: the payment delays persist even after they said they hired additional staff (yeah, right). Still waiting for a $5 and $10 gift card codes since I personally ain't interested in Paypal cash, then I am done using them or any other PTC/GPT site. It is bad enough that sites like this are time-consuming with poor pay, there is usually no guarantee you will even receive the money you've earned.

    But I will still remember how fast it was to reach the $5 tier when I started using the site some six-and-a-half years ago...
    • Its April, 2019 and I made a cashout for $80 in August, 2018 and haven't received the money till now.
  • Ayuwage = SCAM
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