Ben and Dave’s Program Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Ben and Dave’s Program, located at, is a new work at home opportunity offered by Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux that they promise will help anyone make money from home.

Ben and Dave claim that they each earn over one million dollars from their web based business each year, and that they currently have students that are earning over $15,000 each month from this same business.

For a one time fee of only $27.00, you will receive Ben and Dave’s Program, which consists of video tutorials, a program quick start DVD, a 30 minute coaching session with Ben and Dave, and bonus materials, which will all help you get started successfully with an online link posting business.

The Opportunity

Link posting is a form of affiliate marketing, which is one of the most popular and most widely known ways of making money online in today’s industry.

This method of making money requires you to partner with other companies to promote their goods and services by placing a link to them on your website. If someone visits your website, clicks that link, and purchases something from your partner company, you will earn a commission on that sale.

The Ben and Dave Program promises that they will make your website for you, and that will only “a few hours of your time” dedicated to their system each week, you will not only earn money online, but receive your first pay check within a week.

Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most legit methods of making money online. However, there are a couple issues with the Ben and Dave Program.

First, while it seems like a good idea to have them provide you with the website, it isn’t. If they provide you with the website, they own your website, and will likely charge you more money for hosting and maintenance than you would pay through another independent company.

Second, saying that you can make thousands of dollars a month from just “a few hours of your time” each week is simply false advertising. People who earn large amounts of money through affiliate marketing work put in as much time at home as they would at a day job.

Ben and Dave already have a questionable reputation from their previous program, Six Figure Kit, which many customers called a scam because they felt they were mislead on the amount of work required to be successful.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, it is always a good idea to do your own independent, free research online before you decide to invest any of your money into the opportunity.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Ben and Dave's Program " is 1.19 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.
  • This is a scam! I got scammed out my money and never made a penny!!
  • The Ben and Dave Program is a RIP-OFF! They referred me to this business called the Global Education Program they signed me up for this Level 4 package, they have coaches that help you which didn't do me any good I put down $5,000 down for this failed investment! And they have a policy which is only for get this for 3 days if your not happy with the coaching session, you have to send a letter of resignation after the 3rd day which is BULLSHIT! The new clients have to have a little time to see if their going like it or not and I was not given the chance! I couldn't a full refund of it. I reported them to the BBB and took to small claims court and they told me (Global Education) that we can give you only a partial refund if you re start your program again and I said NO to them at 10 times and I told them the program was not working out for me. I reported them to the Consumer Complaint Agency (CCA) The Ben and Dave Program is BULLSHIT just like the Global Education Program!!
  • You pay for a subscription for $27. You get access to training videos. The training was good however I have learned after that the info they teach is all over the net for free. Then you must get a website through the so-called web hosting site Smart Puppy. You need to pay for a domain. They build your site for you and you add affiliate links to. Also there is s section where you get paid to complete offers. I NEVER got paid or credit for any offer I completed. NEVER. Soon after all access to the training site and your web site are cut off. Their web site no longer exits and your website is useless. All emails are ignored or you get a run around. If you call them or Smart Puppy you never get a real person and no one ever responds to you. These two are frauds at their best. They are very believable and once your in your caught. They use certain schemes such as "limited time" or "limited new members." Once they have those members they shut down their site and everything else, go create a whole new system, get more people, shut that down, and repeat the process. They are true con artists at their best. STAY AWAY!
    • Yes, everything that Mike said about Ben and Dave's business is true. Ben and Dave shut down their site and I lost mine. I worked so hard on my site, I was excited about it just to find out one day that my site was gone, without any warning. Shame on you Ben and Dave!
  • Okay all of you investors, watch your e-mail. They are at it again selling a program where you connect (of course you have to buy in to find out how) with a big company and do phone business for them, they name Allstate for one. I think Allstate would be happy to know they use them in all of their marketing. If any of you have Allstate Insurance, call your agent and let them know.

    The e-mail started yesterday, January 26, 2013, and the second was in my inbox this morning stating the old "you only have 72 hours" to act.

    Please do not think these guys are your friends. If you put your charges on a credit card, call the company and get the forms to fill out so they can try to recoup your money and credit your account.
  • Total Scam - Got the site - paid more than I felt I should but took the chance - They uploaded some links and information and I felt skeptical because there was no way I could be sure all the credits would not go directly to them. I tried to upload my own links, but was not able to. The entire setup was not legitiment

    Now their site is down - my site is down and I can't reach the folks who now have my domain - that I paid for. Checked "whois" and found someone in Washington state - Called the number and got a recorded message telling me to email a very questionable address. I did that and am waiting for a response. My advice to anyone is DO NOT BITE ON ANY ON-LINE PROGRAM CLAIMING TO MAKE YOU MONEY AT HOME - IT IS PROBABLY A SCAM.
  • These guys suck I bought the dvd, never got the business cards and then was even more stupid and got this package deal for $1,000 and it didn't do a damn thing. I did make $1.47 through commission junction. But still If I ever seen these 2 out on the street I would really let them know how I feel. I want all my money back!!!!!!
  • I was totally unaware of the reputation of Ben and Dave. I purchased the program and paid for the year website. They tried to get me to sign up for additional lessons at an additional rate but I did not have time to sit and do the class or want to spend any more money until I saw some proof of income. Now the company website seems not to work and the phone numbers I have for them and their customer support ring and ring. They did provide business cards but what good are they if the website is something I can't do anything with? Supposedly the website belongs to me and I can sell it. Any takers?
  • I see that everyone here is concerned about the so called "Ben and Dave's Program (Formerly: "Six Figure Income") If any of you noticed, the name change (to Ben and dave's program) came about as a result of the first loss of web hosting access to your accounts. Were they (Ben and Dave) in fiancial trouble then? Who knows what was going on? But the key point that most of you are missing....sure you lost the twenty seven bucks you spent for the program and most of you were able to utilize your site for a period of time, say twenty bucks worth? Forget that....focus on your real loss, the big cash you spent with "Smart Puppy?" Why is no one complaining about them? Ben and Dave may or may not be prosecuted for what they've done, but smart puppy hosting ultimately got more of your money. Let's hear some complaints about them here too. Neither orgabization is answering emails or phone calls, but let's keep the pressure up equally. It may even turn out that Ben and Dave own Smart Puppy. Some say they are out of Kirkland, in the State of Washington, but I think they may be closer to home....(Ben and Dave's home) somewhere in New Jersey. After all, Ben and dave's mailing address is just a Post Office drop box.
    • dennis - I agree with you - Smart Pully Hosting is as bad or worse than Ban and Dave. Their site is down - I have tried to reach them, still waiting for a response - They are in Washington State. I am trying to get transfer information to move my domain name to my hosting company - Knew better but bit anyway - Thought they might have some better info than I had on affiliate marketing so I could learn and make money doing it. Both entities ripped me off and both are a total SCAM.
  • Ben and Dave is the biggest scam you can imagine! i spent countless hours trying to setup this worthless program trying to make money and before i can get done with it the website with smartpuppy was down. i paid $ 27.00 for the program and $165.00 for smartpuppy hosting. DO NOT get scam by these crooks, i hope that they are caught and thrown in prison !
  • i do not have as much in this scam as some do.i am out about $194.i make less then 50 grand a year.i earn my money,and wish i could get my hands on either one of those crooks.i followed their program as best i could.after emailing jessica to complain,it seems i was put on do not call list.if i expressed my anger as i feel it,i would probably have police coming to my house.
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