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Bigger Bidder
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Bigger Bidder


Bigger Bidder is a new penny auction website. You may register at, though they also hold the URL

A penny auction site, as most of you, auctions off new and in demand items at deeply discounted prices. Each bid you place raises the price of the item by 1 cent, or in the case of Bigger Bidder, 5 cents or 10 cents depending on the particular auction you are bidding in. If you win the auction, you must pay the final auction price in order to receive your prize.

The trick with penny auctions is that you must pay for the bids you place. Most penny auction sites charge you 60 cents for each bid that you place, but Bigger Bidder charges 68 cents on average for bids. Interestingly, though, the site offers many different promotional bid packages, so the price you pay for bids will vary.

Is Bigger Bidder Worth It?

Like all penny auctions, Bigger Bidder has been the target of a lot of criticism. Unlike traditional auction houses, like eBay, Bigger Bidder is both the seller of items and the auctioneer, which has made it very difficult for people to trust them. They are accused of using bots and scripts to bid on the auctions, as well as having a group of employees bid on the auctions as well.

None of these accusations have been proven or verified in any way, and these types of accusations befall all penny auctions.

As far as how Bigger Bidder compares to other penny auction sites, the truth is not well. Their bids are more expensive, at an average of 68 cents per bid instead of 60 cents, and depending on how in demand an item is, their bids can be in increments as high as 10 cents. This means higher auction prices the winners must pay.

In addition, many of their auction items have something called a Reserve Price. This is the minimum price they will allow that item to auction for. If you win an auction with a winning price that falls under the Reserve Price, you will required to pay the Reserve Price instead.

Finally, they do have a version of the Buy It Now feature called “Second Chance,” but these items routinely retail for much higher than regular stores’ discounted prices.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Bigger Bidder " is 1 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.
  • This website is definitely a scam. What bidding site keeps raising the time Everytime someone bids. The point of bidding is bid at the countdown then win then its automated bc they bid at every 3 seconds left on the clock. Total scam
  • I won a five hundred dollar amazon gift card to Walmart and when the e-mail came through on purchase

    Instructions the reserve was also five hundred dollars. Bigger bidder offered to pay around fifteen dollars

    But I had to pay the auction price of $4.18 plus the rest of the reserve. So after 20 minutes of bidding

    I would have the choice of buying the card at a savings of about three percent.

    This is a ripoff. However, if you choose to reject a purchase all of your bids are returned to you. They

    Have a feature called the "second chance mall" and if you make a purchase from the mall, you do get a discount.

    The discount is related to the number of bids you have won, and the savings is competitive to other sites.

    However, there are easier and surer ways to get a discount.
  • Agree with everyone else. I signed up and didn't realize they automatically charge you 39$ just for signing up. I couldn't get them to refund the charge or respond to my inquiries.
  • This is soooo stupid. I agree with everything that's stated above. I should have checked out the reviews before I wasted 50 bugs. I hope you read this before you register. DON'T DO IT!!!!
  • What a joke dont do it.
  • Sounds like another fraudulent business ... Just like the Somalian scam that asks you to put up 5k to rescue 5M....They should be shut down along with their American naive cronies who have been talked into getting rich fast!!! Who built their website? They too are part of this fraud....?! NO ACCOUNTABILITY ! The principles are off shore..... They will milk this for as long as Greed rules ... Their are enough dummies with money that will exercise their free will to lose money over and over again
  • Got on BS Bidder 6 months ago , what a giant waste of my $$. Don't do it! The same overpriced junk has been on 2nd chance mall as long as I've going on site. Don't buy into their hype. If you are interested in anything on the net. BBB and read reviews. I made the mistake of not doing either. Save your hard earned $$ and don't do it....submitted with respect and concern for my hard working fellow Americans
  • Most appealing items have a reserve price on it. I signed up for it and got 25 free bids..i am glad i did not spend money on buying bids. I was 'lucky' enough to win an Ipad for about four dollars plus 20 bids, only to find out that the reserve price with the shipping was the same as retail or any other website. Meanwhile, the item got 400 clicks (4dollars) and even if you average each click to be fifty cents, biggerbidder made 200 dollars without selling the item. Stay away. It seems very tempting but it is nothing but a waste of money. Either believe it, or lose your money to find out for yourself.
  • Absolute scam. This website is an absolute scam. Please do not register with this company.
  • After 3 e-mails to biggerbidder they finally admitted the "reserve" price was almost always the full price. SO... if you win a $400 item for $2 you must pay the "reserve" of $380. How stupid is that? Plus almost every item including a $10 gift certificate has a "reserve". Since a one penny bid costs 68 cents you end up paying more for the item than it is worth. Do not be takeninbythis site.They are very dishonest in their presentation of their site.
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